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List extensive product information of Lifesaving (include Life Vest, Life Jacket, Life Buoy, Gas Mask), provided by Lifesaving products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Life Jacket Lights
1) Operation time: at lest 8 hours 2) Luminosity intensity: at lest 0.75cd 3) Chromaticity: white 4) Flash frequency: 50 - 70 times/min 5) Used in sea and river life jackets 6) Validity: 3/5 years 7) Battery: lithium battery ( PH2703B is using seawater abttery) 8) The lights are flash, expect YD2

Life Vest
1) Materials: ultra durable neoprene outer shell and lining, beveled soft 100% PVC foam inside. 2) With adjustable quick release front buckles. 3) Sizes: S/ 33" - 37", M/37" - 41", L/41" - 45", XL/45" - 49", XXL/49" - 53".
Product Group: Life Vest
Company: Shaoxing Guanneng Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

LED Safety Vest
LED vest has an active warning function, the flashing light from the light emitting diode (LED) attached to the vest can be seen within 100 meters. its safety function been increased greatly. Also, it has multiple color options and easy to wear, suitable for different shape of body and water proofed. Fabric: 100% polyester mesh. Reflecting tape: microprism 3M U.S.A or made in China. Color: FLUO yellow, orange-red, dark-blue. Size: M, L, XL
Product Group: Safety Vest

Traffic Safety Kit
Driver Alert. Size:5.2*6cm. Packing: card paper. Type: Vibration, Music, Beep mode. The nap zapper is an anti-drowsy alarm designed to raise driver awareness of momentary of lapses caused by sleepiness and tiredness. Worn behind the right ear it works on the principle electronic balance. As the driver's head nods below a preset angle it emits a loud alarm signal alerting the driver to take corrective action, take a break or even take a nap. The nap zapper is not only designed for ...

Kids' Life Vest
1) Main materials: a) Foam: all CE approved PE foam. b) Fabric: CE approved nylon or polyester (300D x 300D). c) With 25mm side release front buckles, reflective tape. d) With the polyester triangle for baby. 2) Sizes: a) Kids sizes: infant, child and youth. b) Adult size: S, M, L, XL (user weight: 40 - 70kg)
Product Group: Life Vest
Company: Shaoxing Guanneng Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Rescue Tent
1) Rescue Tent. 2) Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 2.6m / 1.7m. 3) Material: a) Fly roof: 420D oxford PVC coated water-proof. b) Inner tent: N/A. c) Pole: dia. 25.4 x 0.8mm steel tube

Life Vest Series
We take this opportunity of supplying you with our marine lifesaving equipment and lifesaving products as well. Our series products are: Life vest, life buoy, lamps and lanterns for life, marine fittings, etc. We also have Water sports wear series, Fishing vest series(for adult and children), Self-lighting buoyant dry battery lanp of lifebuoy, self-lighting buoyant lamp of lifebuoy in the sea, Lithium battery lamp of life vest, Self-lighting buoyant lamp of lifebuoy, dry battery light for ...

Maskito Escape Mask
Cembayo is a personal emergency mask for short-term respiratory protection during escape from an area of low concentration of chemical or biological agents. Pocket-sized, dons within seconds. No adjustments straps. One size fits all. Strong, fire-resistant, elastic rubber hood, protects the entire head and seals comfortably at the neck. High-efficiency, electrostatic particle filter, with extremely low pressure-drop to allow easy breathing. Layers of activated charcoal with special ...

Lifesaving Waist Bag
1) Life saving waist bag 2) Self inflating 3) Universal application in industrial sector, high seas and inland waterways 4) Easy to do like waist bag with back buckle 5) Retardant self inflating application inside vest 6) Will eject with inflating after drawing when it falls into water

Self Inflatable Flood Sandbag
1) Material: jute specially treated with SAP. 2) Inflatable when immerged into water. 3) Can be used as sandbags to block flood from overflowing. 4) Can be used to protect homes, warehouses, public buildings from flood. 5) Have special advantages in areas where there is a lack of such resources as sands and rocks. 6) Environment friendly, can be reused for two or three times. 7) Can be burned or buried with the least damage to the environment

Lifesaving Vest
1) Life saving vest 2) Retardant self inflating 3) Universal applications in industrial sector, sea and inland waterways 4) Easy to wear, like vest with front buckle 5) Retardant self inflating application inside vest 6) Will eject with inflating when it falls into water

SOS/Help Sign
Put it in your bag when you go hiking, exploring, climbing and even you are in the car. The yellow background sets off the black words which can save your life. Help sign size: 81cm x 30cm; material: PE; color: yellow background with black words. SOS sign (with sticking strips on the edges) size: 33cm x 34cm; material: PE; color: yellow background with black words

Life Buoy
1) Normally made from polyethylene outer skin and polyurethane foam inner core. 2) Type: a) Weight: over 2.5kg (general purpose). b) Weight: over 4.0kg (for quick-release arrangement).

Life Jacket
1) Outside material: neoprene layer. 2) Inside material: PVC foam. 3) Ultra durable neoprene outer shell and lining. 4) Adjustable quick release front buckles (more than 1.5 meters). 5) Size: all-purpose. 6) Float more than 7.5kg
Company: Shaoxing Guanneng Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Life Descent Control Device High Up In The Air
Specifications: 1) Structure: this mechanism consists of gear reduction system; the cordage is made. of soft steel wire wrapped with nylon thread. 2) Load carrying weight: 8 - 100kg. 3) Working height: 10 - 120m

Life-Saving Device
The product is used for escapers to flee for their lives with a descent from a height in the emergency of fire and earthquake. It is a to-and-fro descent control device for escapers to fall to the ground safely from a height at a speed with his or her weight. It can be furnished with ropes with different length (15m to 100m).

MF14 Type Gas Mask
Single-piece glass mask. 1) Service life: depending on the selected canister. 2) Penetration: ≤0.005%. 3) Leakage coefficient: ≤0.005%. 4) Inhalation resistance, dapa <20. 5) Total field of vision: 75%. 6) Binocular field of vision: 60%

Emergency Blanket
A compact, lightweight blanket; aluminized, non-stretch polyester Stays flexible in freezing temperatures; reflects body heat back to body Wind and waterproof.

Wound Care First Aid Kit
This first aid kit is designed for use at home, the office and in the car. Contents: 1) Elastic gauze bandage: 3rolls. 2) Deluxe tape: 1roll. 3) Cleansing tissue: 2pcs. 4) Soft compress: 2pcs. 5) High absorbent compress: 2pcs. 6) Disposable gloves: 1pr. 7) Scissors: 1pc. 8) Metal forceps: 1pc. 9) Adhesive plaster: 10pcs. 10) Round strip: 4pcs. 11) Finger strip: 4pcs. 12) Knuckle strip: 4pcs. 13) Adhesive island dressing: 2pcs. 14) Semi-permeable dressing: 2pcs. 15) PP plastic box: 1pc. 16) ...

Pet Life Preserver
Pet Life Preserver: Made with U. S. Coast Guard approved materials and specifications. Designed to hold your pet's head up and allow free breathing. Includes a grab strap, plus two quick-release straps that easily adjust for fit. Also comes with a "D" ring for lead attachment. Available in sizes XS, and two colors: Bright Yellow, Bright Red.

Compass and Survival Tool
1) 5-in-1 super travel tool: compass, thermometer, whistle, match box, mirror and flint. 2) Body material: plastic. 3) Diameter: 25mm

Working Life Jacket
Working Life Jacket for adult. Buoyancy: more than or equal to 7.5kg Applicable range: for crew working & lifesaving. Packing: 20pcs/bale. Measurement: 80x50x60cm. Net weight: 7kg

High Speed Semi - Feudal Lifeboat
High speed up-down lifeboat with grp structure, polyurethane foam is used. Diesel or petrol, according to buyer's option; speed: >3knot--40knot; carrying 6---25 persons in lifeboat; designed and built in accordance, and international life-saving appliance code; prototype test and production test are carried out according to imo msc.81(70) and its amendments; tanker version and cargo version are available. Both of them are certified as combined lifeboat/rescue boat

Breathing Apparatus
Diablo breathing apparatus: Compressed air breathing apparatus complete with full face masks equipped with m45x3 threaded connector and neoprene rubber. Ergonomically designed. 200, 250 and 300-bar cylinders.

Safety Belt For Working High Above Ground
1) Always wear your seat belt when the vehicle is in operation. 2) Adjust and wear the lap belt portion low and snug across your hips. 3) Each belt is intended to restrain only one person at a time. Do not put two people under one belt. 4) Never attempt to restrain a child in your lap using the 3-point retractable seat belt around both you and the child. The child could be severely injured or even killed in the event of a collision. 5) Seat belts are matched sets. Do not mix or use this belt ...

Life Vest
1) Matereial: Neoprene with camouflag fabric (including: Four kinds of patented camouflag. Fabric and various of common camouflag fabric 2) Camouflage base with neoprene: Special for outdoor travel and hunting. Heating preservation, water Resististant. 3) Adjustable Velcro for a more comfortable fit. 4)Inner packing: Polybag

Cogo Smoke Escape Mask
A unique breathing device, enables rapid exhalation and improves the physiological conditions for the user, preventing built-up of heat or vapor inside the mask. A filtration unit containing low pressure electrostatic particle filter, impregnated charcoal cloth layers to absorb toxic gases and catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation. Training model available. The breathing device combines two valves for exhalation and inhalation + a soft mouthpiece, all in one unit.

Life Raft
Max. Storage height: 18-42 meter from water surface. Tested, manufactured, and inspected in comply with SOLAS, LSA, and MSC.81 (70) and other latest international regulations. We have obtained the type approval BV-EC certificate.

Car 5 in 1 LED Flashlight Alarm Emergency Hammer safety belt Cutter Multi-function Auto Tool Wholesale
This product is Multi-function Alarm/Flashlight for AUTO. Integration of five functions: High-Brightness LED Flashlight, High-frequency of red warning lights, Seat belt cutter, Safety Hammer, and Powerful magnet. Function:alarm and flee for trouble and emergency Power supply:2*AA batteries LED: red-lighted LED Brightness:3000-5000mcd Neon bulb:single bulb 2.5V 0.3A Longevity of batteries:LED only, about 36 hours continuously. Neon bulb only, about 4 hours continuously Weight ...
Company: China Sterling Import&Export Co.,Ltd    china

4 in 1 Car Emergency Utility Tools hammer
4 IN 1 car emergency utility tool: (1)Digital tire gauge (2)Flashlight (3)Emergency life hammer (4)Seatbelt cutter Pressure range:0-100psi,0-6.90bar 0-690kpa,0-7.00kgf/cm² Pressure unit: psi/bar, psi/bar/kpa Resoloution:0.5psi/0.05bar Power:CR2032 3V lithium coin cell(included) 2 AAA batteries ( not included) On/off key Auto shut off Accuracy:��plusmn;1.5psi FS Gauge size: 18.2 x 5.5 x 2.9 cm Gauge weight: 96g Each in colour box
Company: China Sterling Import&Export Co.,Ltd    china

RSCY-A4 life jacket
SOLAS Life Jacket Used for international & inland sea-going ships & offshore installation. Buoyancy: Provide the minimum 147N Standard: the latest SOLAS conventional Approval by: CCS & 96/98/EC SOLAS Life Jacket Description: Mainly application: For Sea-going ships & offshore installations. Outside Fabric: High Quality Polyester Oxford cloth, high-visible Orange color with stranger color fastness. It will not fade exposed under the sun. Buoyancy Material: High Quality ...
Company: China Century Marine Equipment Co., Ltd    China

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