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List extensive product information of Locks (include Door Lock, PC Lock, Padlock, Handle Lock, Windows Lock, Electronic Lock, Cable Lock), provided by Lock manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) Material can be zinc alloy material, Iron, combination of metal, soft PVC, sturdy brass construction, chrome plated steel shackle, eye catching neon plastic case, stainless steel. 2) Dial resettable combination. 3) Ideal for all kinds of cases and luggage.
Company: Zhejiang Great Wall Lock Co., Ltd.    China

Door Pocket Lock
1) Combines two elongated flush pulls for the front and back door sides and a finger pull for the door edge. 2) Superior quality and favorable price. 3) Material: solid brass with iron fittings inside. 4) Finishes: satin nickel and black. 5) Packing: individually poly-bagged with metal screws.

Euro Profile Cylinder
Euro profile cylinder made from high quality brass. Workable with door handle and mortice lock. Entry, double entry and privacy functions are available. Standard key and master key are available
Company: Zhejiang Great Wall Lock Co., Ltd.    China

Key Hole Installation Concealed Hinge
1) ANSI/BHMA GRADE 2, KCMA. 2) Made under ISO 9001, quality assured. 3) Guarantee 50,000 times opening and closing. 4) Material: cold-rolled steel. 5) Antirust protection layer. 6) Opening angle: 105 degrees. 7) Key-hole feature. 8) One way. 9) With functions of height and side adjustments. 10) Full overlay, half overlay, inset models available. 11) Mounting plates of various designs available. 12) Mounting plate in different heights. 13) Optional dowel and Euro screw available. 14) Diameter ...

Security PC Lock
1) Push the number-adjusting rod of lock inward (The original number is O-0-0-0).. 2) Set your secret combination by turning the dials. 3) Decontrol number-adjusting red and let it to return to the original position. 4) Open the lock again now you new personal code set. 5) Make sure you note your code carefully and check that the lock functions correctly. 6) The product is also suit to a traveling bag.
Product Group: PC Lock

Electromechanical Flexible Lock
Let the innovated magnetic damping replace the traditional oil damping. 1) The speed of closing door is free of environment temperature that is same in season. 2) It has solved the problem of leaking oil that is green environmental protection. 3) It still has 2 shelves of stepless speed regulation after application of new technology so that is convenient to use.

1) Cast padlocks, black colour with cast type, three keys with color box, and outside is case packing. 2) Side opening padlocks, black or other different colour, this product is special to Nigeria market. With deep-red colour inner box or other colors. 3) All kinds of brass padlocks, thin type and heavy type

Cabinet Lock
1) Material: zinc alloy lock body 2) Shaft: zinc plated steel stopper and drive link 3) Plastic bottom cover and dust protective cap 4) Surface treatment: pocked black power coated (CS03) 5) Matt black powder coated (CS01) 6) Structure: assembled abnormity lock-core 7) Three specifications of lock core for selecting 8) The lock core of TC03 generally be used for single key fitting single lock 9) The driver can be singly separated from lock body 10) Having water tightness function 11) The ...

TM Card Lock
1) The elegant surface processed by special advanced techniques, making it durable. 2) The tongue designed according to international standard size. 3) TM cards German Siemens 442 coded cards, possessing high safety. 4) Recording 2000 unlocking messages. 5) Mechanical key for emergency. 6) Accessories: software, encoder, intelligent controller, energy saver and IC card.

Latch and Lock
Material: brass, zinc alloy, steel, SS steel, aluminum. Type: passage, privacy and dummy. Backset: BS 2-3/8" or 2-3/4". Throw: 1/2 inch for spring latch and 1.0 inch for dead latch. Finish: zinc plating or powder spraying. Function: used as decoration, connectors, and fixtures. Item: coat hook, kick plate, push plate, flush bolt, door stop, door bumper, door knocker, security door guard, surface bolt, flush ring pull, adjustable ball and roller catch, edge pull, bell button, and ...

Handle Lock
Security deadbolt of full 1"(25mm) throw with hardened steel insert to resist sawing. No exposed exterior fixings. 1/2" (13mm) latch bolt extension. Free turning cylinder ring prevents wrenching. Ease installation. Installs in standard 2" (51mm) cross bore, replaces most existing locksets. Both the latch and the deadbolt are adjustable for 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" (60mm or 70mm) backset. Non-handed can be installed on either left hand or right hand doors. Adjustable for ...
Company: Zhejiang Great Wall Lock Co., Ltd.    China

Aluminum Extrusion and Tension Lock
Our 8-way aluminum extrusions are used to create exhibition booths, stall, furniture and showcases. Furthermore, you can easy change the shape of your exhibition using our versatile extrusions. They confirm to the German standard with the reliable quality and easy installation. Specifications: 1) 8 system grooves. 2) Anodized aluminum. 3) 5,000mm or 6,000mm long. 4) 300 different shapes available. 5) 8 connecting locks available.

Windows Lock
1) Material: Zamak. 2) Surface treatments available: powder-coated (silver, white, black). 3) Plating: imitation gold, chrome, nickel. 4) For aluminum and PVC windows. We can supply both standard products and customized items manufactured in china.

Hotel Smart Card Lock
1) Hotel smart locks are available in different finishes and designs. 2) Status power consumption: 112mm
Product Group: Smart Card Lock

Fingerprint Lock
Unlock mode: password and fingerprint. Fingerprint acquisition sensor: optical. Resolution of fingerprint image: 500dpi. Time for fingerprint acquisition: less than 0.8s. Time for authentication: less than 1s. Authentication method: 1: n. Far: less than0.001. Frr: less than 1. Capacity of fingerprint: 32 pieces. Length of password: 8 digits. Capacity of password: 32 groups. Low voltage alarm by led indicating light: less than 4.2. Supply voltage: dc 6. Current consumption: peak currentless ...

Door Latch
1) Commonly used as a lock for TV doors and cup holders. 2) Available with various sizes and strength. 3) Color: white, ivory, grey, brown, black; other colors available on requests. 4) RoHS compliant. 5) Special quantity packing available

1) Application: steering wheels, bicycles, gates. 2) Lock rings: made of cast steel. 3) Thickness: 8mm. 4) Diameters of inner rings: 30mm and 40mm. 5) Cable: made of steel. 6) Length: up to 400mm. 7) The length can be shortened or extended on requests

Singe and Double Cylinder Deadbolt
1) Singe and double cylinder deadbolt. 2) Function: Single & Double Deadbolt. 3) Door thickness: 1 3/8"--1 3/4" standard doors. 4) Keyway: 5-pin KW1 keyway. 5) Features: 1-piece Tylo style knobs. 6) Latch: Adjustable 2 3/8" and 2 3/4" mortise latch and 4-way latch available. 7) Faceplate: 1"x2 1/4",Available with round corner and Square corner. 8) Strike plate: 2 1/4" , Available with round corner and Square corner. 9) Mechanism: Tubular mechanism. 10) ...

We can supply various types of locks, such as cylinder locks, discuss locks, padlocks and disc padlocks in china.

Desk Lock
1) Zinc alloy die cast housing and cylinder. 2) Reversible double-bitted brass keys, nickel plated. 3) Key withdrawals in both positions only. 4) 400 combinations available

Square Type Wraped Beam Brass Padlock
1) Square-type, enclosed shackle brass padlock with vane keys 2) Outstanding quality and high security durable performance 3) Material: brass or iron lock body and vane keys, cut resistant shackle

Electronic Code Lock
RDV-6 electronic code lock as a stand alone use for all kinds of door in residential, apartment and building office. It is of more safety to use. Keypad dimensions: 99 x 87 x 30mm. Lockbody dimensions: 141 x 99 x 35mm. 1) Unique appearance. 2) Simple installation. 3) Open by code. 4) Code is 1 to 16 digits available. 5) If code is wrongly input three times, product will automatically lock for minutes. 6) Provided with automatic interlocking function, when user forgets to lock the door, it ...

Multipoint Door Lock for Wood Door and Garden
6P, 5P, 3P. Size (mm): 2,014/2,019. DM (mm): 40/28. Distance from handle to cylinder (mm): 70. In-line versions. Water- and wind-resistant. Cams move in different directions. Perfect anti-thief function. Traditional lock point or top and bottom bolts

Cam Lock
1) Material: zinc alloy. 2) Die cast cam locks. 3) Two installation slot for clip fixing. 4) KD700 key combinations are available. 5) Accessories: a) Two brass made keys with nickel-plated. b) One steel clip. c) One cam lever upon request

Laptop Lock
1.This one-piece security cable prevents the theft of laptop and notebook computers with password lock. 2.Effective, convenient and fast security in office, hotel, home and car. 3.Compatible with Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Apple, Gateway, Acer, Sharp laptops. 4.Resettable 4 digit lock (up to 10,000 combinations)

Armored Padlock
Size: 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm. Solider brass body covered by hardened armor, against corrosion "s" key way double eyelid cylinder, against picking. Two nickel plated brass keys, thousands of key form. Chrome plated hardened locking bolt, against sawing. Mushroom pins, against drilling. Ball bearing locking mechanism. Indelible concave logo. Chromed surface, brightness or satin are available. Boxed or blister card or double blister are available

Bicycle Cable Locks And Luggage Locks
Steel bicycle cable lock with small round head wire lock and central door lock five wire actuator and central lock with master actuators and latest handle lock with platinum pull wire surface and high performance and economical handle lock with antique bronze pull wire and self lock function and stainless steel wire keychain great as a luggage lock and other security locks.

Truck Toolbox Lock
Key-lock recessed T-handle lock. Materials: polished stainless steel and zinc alloy for lock and stop plate. Pan has four welding screws or four mounting holes optional (50020). Size: 121x125mm. Five disc tumbler mechanism. 2 single bitted keys. Available for 200 combinations. Comes with Z-bracket for reinforcement. Option: gasket and metal anti-water cap available. Cylinder rotation angle 180 degree CW. Ideal for use on steel, wood and fiber-glass doors, truck tool box. Water and dust ...

Exhibition Tension Lock
1) Applications: for linking aluminum materials, which are attractive for exhibition fairs. 2) Material: zinc alloy. 3) Locks employ double-hooked construction, which can stand stress with balance

Rim Lock
Specifications: 1) Material: brass and iron. 2) Size: 120mm or 140mm. 3) 3 bolts or 1 big square bolt. 4) Different colors available.

Sell 125Khz T5557 Smart reader
T5557 R/W Reader Parameter : 1.Type : R / W 2. Operationg currency : 30mA 3.Typical value : 5.0 V 4.Read range : 5-8cm 5.Communication Protocol : 9600,N,8,1 6.Dimension : L=141mm ,W=100mm, H=31mm 7.Connector : RS232
Product Group: Smart Reader
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

Sell RFID Smart button DS1990A1-F5
SMC1990A1-F5 Dimension:diameter 16.25MM,High 5.89mm Function: Anti-water,anti-shake,anti-rust,the shell is make by 304 stainless steel,never rust,the chip is made by new DS1990A1 Water,unique 64bit serial number of the world,full compatible with DS 1990A1-F5.
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

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