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List extensive product information of Others Security & Protection, provided by Others Security & Protection manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Security Luminary
1) Die cast aluminum housing. 2) Black finish. 3) Polycarbonate cover. 4) Anodized aluminum reflector. 5) Good quality light and low maintenance. 6) For all-night security and amenity lighting. 7) Corrosion and vandal resistant, dust proof

Doted Cotton Gloves
Material: Bleached white string, PVC dots on the plam. Cuff: Knitted cuff. Characteristic: Non-slip, provide extra grip and longer wear. Applications: Ideal for general puepose applications such as packaging, assembly, maintenance, farming, and construction.
Product Group: Cotton Glove
Company: Wuhan Kinglong Safety Products Co., Ltd.    China

Emergency Phone Dialers
4 wired and 8 wireless defend zones. Alarm for thief, fire and emergency. Edited and save 8 groups of phone number by key board, display with LCD. Voice record to illuminate the operation or report the emergency situation and the position. Sending the emergency messages by telephone line. Can contact with the local police office. Compatibility: ADEMCO CONTACT ID. P. I. R. , remote control and so on can read the code automatically. Emergency message receiver: phone, mobile phone, BP. Arm and ...

Monitor Pole
This product is made of high quality steel plate that is bent and shaped by large-scale equipment and made through processes of auto welding, hot galvanizing, and alignment. With our modern equipment, we can manufacture various steel poles. Features: 1) Shape of section: round, prismatic. 2) Length: within 16 meters. 3) Thickness of bending plate: 1 - 3mm. 4) Bending angle: Φ50 - Φ2,500mm. 5) Short construction cycle, less land occupation, low overall cost and easy maintenance. 6) Widely ...

Safety Ear Plugs
This re-usable ear plugs provide excellent protection in high frequency noise enviroment different types available. 1. Place smaller flange in ear canal, push and twist rear center or bead until a snug firm seal is made. 2. Wear ear plug all the times on noise enviroment. 3. Cleaning with warm soapy water. Do not use organic solvents of alcohol

Guard Tour Reader
1) Durable design: Stainless steel body, molded rubber shell. Silicone gel filling and epoxy resin protect the internal electronics against shocks. 2) Completely waterproof: Sealed against liquids, works under water. 3) Automatic card reading: Detects and reads signal cards without button pressing, making the unit easy to use. Specifications: 1) Memory Capacity: 28,671 records. 2) Energy usage (during stand-by): 0.06mA. 3) Battery Life: over one year with a single battery. 4) Reading ...

Reflective LED Armband
Reflective LED armband, it is with LED on the armband, as walking in dark night, turn on the LED light, the whole armband will be light for safety.

Access Controller
1) One door two way access control system. 2) No software is needed for authorization. 3) Output for two reader, one lock. 4) Used with Anviz access control reader. 5) Security and easy in operation. 6) Two TCP/IP modules optional for more convenient connection.

Counterfeit Detector Pen
Our Counterfeit Detector Pen uses a specially formulated chemical. That detects fake currency instantly. Simply press the tip of the pen to the bill. A fade dot indicates a real bill, while a dark brown or black dot Means that the bill is suspect.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
1) Detect for carbon monoxide special. 2) Motorola IC control, reliable without false alarming. 3) Field audio and visible alarming. 4) 9V battery power supply. 5) Loud, piercing 85dB horn. 6) Response time: 20min. 7) Alarming level: 150ppm CO±30%. 8) CE approval. 9) Self- testing fault. 10) Simple installation. 11) Excellent reliability and high stability. 12) Self test function. 13) Durable sensor head. 14) Less affected by other organic solvent. 15) High accuracy

Waist High Turnstile
Features and specifications: 1) Booth dimensions (L x W x H): 1,200 x 280 x 1,000mm. 2) Booth materials: polished stainless steel. 3) Power supply: AC 220V > 1.5A. 4) Trigger pipe. 5) Weight: about 45kg. 6) Pole barrier length: 530mm. 7) Passage width: 530mm. 8) Top pole height: 820mm. 9) Relative humidity: ≤ 95%. 10) Passive switching signal trigger: 50-100ms. 11) During power failure turnstile may freely move. 12) One-way or two-way passing through. 13) Reads and writes a variety of ...

Improvised Explosives Device Detector
We would like to introduce new product. Advanced IED detector, Please review this Detector then you can find out. Big differences from other previous Detectors. It detects all kinds of IED made by Both Analog and Digital method.

Magnetic Knee Wrist Band Protector, Magnetic Wristband
Magnetic knee wrist support wrap band protector , magnetic wrist bands wrist protectors, sweatbands ( sweat bands), sports protectors, sportswear, caps, pads, elbow supports, thigh supports, angle guards, neck wormers. , knee & elbow pads, wrist guards, headbands ( head bands). The wrist / thumb supports are made of the highest grade neoprene, covered with stretch nylon on both sides for compression and heat retention, which helps improve bold circulation. This combination provides a ...
Company: Wuhan Kinglong Safety Products Co., Ltd.    China

Key Blank
We are the main manufacturer of key blanks in China Hong Kong. We have over 25 years experience in key blanks manufacture. We also have over 2, 500 items and various type of key blanks for different markets.

Guard Patrol System
Super metal case; Shock-absorbent internal design; Completely Waterproof, Sealed against liquids; Firm and durable; Auto prompt when working; Warning when low voltage working. Low-Power working, reading 160, 000 cycles without charge; Data storage safely, EEPROM Storage for 10yrs without power

Em Card
Proximity card is usually for acces control that is available with ISO card and clamshell card. The EM4100 (previously named H4100) is a CMOS integrated circuit for use in electronic Read Only RF transponders. Features: 64 bit memory array laser programmable. Operating frequency: 100-150KHz. On chip voltage limiter. Application: Logistics automation; Anti counterfeiting; Access control; Industrial transponder. Card Physics: Dimension: CR80, 1. 8mm PVC or PET material, be available with ...

Key Box
We has been the leader in key control and access monitoring products in china. Our key box products feature key storage safes for any applications you can think of at home, business or out on the road. You will never have to worry about locking yourself or family members out again. And you can provide a repair, delivery or service person with a combination which you can later change to lock them out.

Mini Vibration Alarm
1) Smart design vibration alarm. 2) Can be taken along with. 3) Operates conveniently. 4) Well-found functions. a) The password setup/recall ; b) The password can be set up arbitrarily, insuring operate safely ; c) Double keys alarm function to meet an emergency ; d) The early-warming time of entrance and withdraw can be selected arbitrarily ; e) Can examine the vibration signal which have no direction and from any angle ; f) Sound and light hint ; g) Alarm includes whistle ; h) Password ...

Super Scanner Handhold Metal Detector
Operate frequency 22khz. Operate current < 50ma. Operate voltage 7v-9v. Indicator visual: Red/green led sound: Speaker or earphone; (earphone not included). Control on/off switch; low sensitivity switch sensitivity adjuster. High sensitivity 15mm at pin; 45mm at usd 25 cent. Low sensitivity detector only respond to bigger metal. Objects such as a hand gun, knife, etc. Export packing:25 pcs/carton 0.089cbm. Dimension of unit:41(l) x 8.5(w) x 4.5(h)cm. Weight of unit:409g. Color: Black

Anti Slip Tape
Anti slip (non-slip) tape is for security purpose to stick this on floor or steps in case of slippy flooring. There are many color options for your choice. And the design of black/white hazard is specially for warning purpose. Please email us your preferred colors and tape size for pricing.
Company: Wuhan Kinglong Safety Products Co., Ltd.    China

Professional Scanner Gate
The sensitivity of digital metal detecting gate is adjustable. In the highest volume, articles as small as a paper clip can be detected and located. The user can configure the gate according to the size and weight of the article for detection to exclude error alarm for coins, keys, jewelries, belt buckles etc. It is applicable in the places such as factories, mines, banks, luxuries houses etc., where expensive metal articles may get lost easily; and places such as airport, customhouse, ...

Magnetic Reed Switch
1. Aesthetic appearance, flexible installation. 2. Compact elements which can speed up alarm Motion. 3. Features durability and high waterproofing, different From any equipments on the market. 4. Special design of longer detection range which can efficiently prevent false alarm. 5. Able to save equipment cost by parallel connection.

Waist High Turnstile / Pedestrian Barrier
In this intelligent parking management system, there are entrance devices, exit devices, management software and computers, camera and spotlight, vehicle tester, auto barrier, cables wires, and other accessorial devices. In the entrance, the driver who want to park can get one contactless ic card from the control device automatically in the entrance when the car pass the vehicle tester located under the ground, at the mean time, the camera take the car's photo, the barrier open to let ...

Exit Device
1) Rod can be made into different length. 2) Material: lock body is zinc alloy, stainless steel rod as handle. 3) Function: can be used for double doors, wooden doors, steel doors and fire rated doors

2 Way Key And Wallet Locator
Misplace your keys again? With the 2-Way Key and Wallet Locator System, just press a button and your keys answer with a beeping alert - from up to 40 ft away. Keep the Card unit in your wallet and attach your keys to the Keychain unit. Two-way system works both ways - also use the Keychain to find your wallet or purse. Expand your system with as many as 36 locators. Track remote controls, PDAs, household tools, toys, backpacks - anything you need to find fast. Specification: Find any Locator ...

Visual card
Rewrite Card also named as Visual Card, Thermal Card, Rewritable Card and Thermal Rewrite Card.Rewrite Card print & erase data on card for 500 times with embedded magnetic strip. Product Specification: ID Technology: Magnetic Strip embedded Card-Base Material: PVC Card Thickness: 0.76mm Rewrite Text Color: Blue or Black Coating Material: Mitsubishi Leuco Number of Rewrite: 500 times Pre-Printing: 4C+4C Magnetic Rating: 300 Oe ...
Product Group: Visual Card
Company: Natec-China Technology Co.Ltd    China

Thermal rewritable card printer
Combine the Thermal Rewrite & Mifare technology to create the most advanced and secure card printer. Product Specification: Natec Thermal Rewritable POS Printer CI-1800 Series Printhead: Combo Read/Erase Thermal Printhead Magnetic Reader/Writer: Choice of JIS II (Japanese International Standard V.2) or ISO format Mifare Read/Writer: Philips ISO-14443 13.56MHz Card Thickness: 0.76mm Text Color: Blue or Black Coating Material: Mitsubishi Leuco Thermal Writing Speed: 6 or 3 ...
Product Group: Rewrite Card
Company: Natec-China Technology Co.Ltd    China

Sell rewrite card visual card
Specification of Rewritable Card: Card life can be extended as it is printed and erased using only one Thermal Print Head. It contributes for cost saving and protection of environment with more than 500 times of repeated use of printed contents with change. Competitive Advantages of the product 1. High contrast image 2.Color formation in Blue 3. Image with High Resolution 4. Excellent Design Suitability 5. More than 500 Times of Repeated Use 6.Transparent Film Material ...
Company: Natec-China Technology Co.Ltd    China

Sell 134.2kHZ Smart fixed reader
Fixed reader SMC-R134, is a long range contactless induction type reader which frequency is AM134.2 KHZ , it is a reader that designed to obtain the information that conforms to the ISO11784/11785 , can output through WEIGAN 42 , 50 or RS 232 directly .After got the information then outputing through DATAO, DATAI and RS 232 .
Product Group: Smart Fixed Reader
Company: taiwan smartchip limited company    guangdong

Mobile phone display stand, Camera display stand
JB-1838B Multi-functional Secure Display Stand - Mobile phone display stand JB-1838BF Multi-functional Secure Display Stand - Camera display stand With alarm function, this JB-1838 is mainly designed for secure displays of live merchandises such as mobile phones, cameras, mp3/mp4, PDA, GPS, and etc.. Secure & neat displays of these merchandises, interactions between consumers and merchandises are also realized with this product. And thus better promote sales of open merchandises. ...
Product Group: Display Stand
Company: Hangzhou Timing Technologies Co.,Ltd    China

Calmshell Card
125Khz clamshell card make of EM4001, it make of Non-Lead, Non-Toxic material. The whole production process confirms to ROHS standard, Plastic cover is made of which would not stimulate skin .It encode unique UID Code. Used in long read range requirement. It used for parking, access control, attendance. It is long read range and the function is very stable. For parking, access control. 125Khz Key card We supplier different key cards in various type and color, they are in high quality and ...
Product Group: Smart Card
Company: Shenzhen Smartchip Co. Ltd.,    China

Long-range reader
SMC-R125, is a long range contactless induction type reader which frequency is AM125 KHZ , it is a reader that designed to obtain the information, can output through WEIGAN 42 , 50 or RS 232 directly .After got the information then outputting through DATAO, DATAI and RS 232 . SMC-R134, is a long range contactless induction type reader which frequency is AM134.2 KHZ , it is a reader that designed to obtain the information that conforms to the ISO11784/11785 , can output through WEIGAN 42 , ...
Product Group: RFID Reader
Company: Shenzhen Smartchip Co. Ltd.,    China

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