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List extensive product information of Police & Military Supplies (include Traffic Baton, Military Tent, Army Boot, Lightbar, Military Glove, Metal Detector), provided by Police & Military Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Military Emblem
Die struck process or die casting process. Material: Copper, Zinc alloy, pewter. With soft cloisonne(poly hard enamel), soft enamel. Gold plating, Nickel plating, Antique plating and Dual plating. Attachment: Military clutch, safety pin.
Company: Hsianteh Emblem Co.    Taiwan

Combat Helmet, Tactical Helmet
All the Combat Helmet, tactical helmets are produced by large state-owned military factories. The prices and quality are very attractive. Level I: resist 64 pattern 7.62MM ammunition(lead core) shot by the national made 64 pattern 7.62MM pistol, muzzle velocity300-320M/S. Level II: resist 51 pattern 7.62MM ammunition(lead core) shot by the national made 54 pattern 7.62MM pistol, muzzle velocity420-450M/S Level : resist the 51 pattern 7.62MM ammunition(lead core) shot by the ...
Product Group: Combat Helmet
Company: Well Succeed Embroidery    China

Safety reflective vest
Fabric: High Visibility Nylon , EN471 ; Style: As per customer request ; Colour: Any colour ; Size: Any size ; Detail: 2 lines reflective straps in front and back.a nylon zipper in front.
Company: Wuhan Lianli Fashion Co., Ltd.    China

Steel Handcuff
1. Type A: Weight 0. 4 KG, minimum diameter of the locked ring: 5. 5 cm. 2. Type B: Weight 0. 35kg, minimum diameter of locked ring: 5 cm. 3. Type C & Type D & Type F: Weight 0. 30kg, minimum diameter of locked ring: 5. 8cm. 4. Type I: One-off plastic handcuffs pull resistance: 95kg

Multi-Function Traffic Baton
Specifications: 1) Size: 51.5cm. 2) Length: 3) Diameter 4cm. 4) 4.6cm torch light. 5) N.W.: 0.465 (baton), 1.0kg full set. 6) Sound pressure of whistle: > 90DB/M. 7) Brilliance of spot light: 1,000 LUX/M. 8) Material: AS, ABS. 9) Re-charger: a) 220V AC-DC re-charger ; b) 12V DC (car power)-DC re-charger.
Product Group: Traffic Baton

Military Sleeping Bags
1) Dimensions: (200+40) x 80 x 55cm. 2) Shell: 240T ripstop nylon W/R W/P. 3) Lining: 240T ripstop nylon W/R CIRE. 4) Filling: 150gsm silk fiber. 5) Stuff sack: 210T oxford PU coating W/R. 6) Weight: 1.2kg

Revolving Warning Light
This series warning light can be set in place to alert others of work areas, and any emergency situation. This revolving modes, clearly differentiates this signal from the common "flashing" products. It is ideal for drawing attention to special activities or operations such as command centers at emergency sites or special operation personnel. a. Environmental protection and anti-shake Die casting aluminum base and PC housing, which houses the electronics and super brightness bulb, ...

Aluminum Camp Bed
Made of quality aluminum alloy and a waterproof oxford leather bed face; this light, foldable and easy to carry stretcher bed is ideal for outdoor medical or general use. Specifications: 1) Product dimensions: 1,880 x 640 x 410mm 2) Folded dimensions: 900 x 110 x 210mm 3) Net weight: 6kg 4) Load capacity: 159kg.

High Leg Boots
Cover: chrome tanned leather. Lining: cotton. Insole: NON WOVEN, GEOX. Sole: wear-resistant rubber-caoutchouc. Sole-fastening: hot volcanization. Under toe: TEP. Back: leather-cardboard. Shoe height: 242-244 mm. Accessories: blocks, laces, tack and burr pocket reinforcement, arch supporter, zipper. Sizes: 39-47

Interphone Pouch
1) Material: genuine leather. 2) Color: black or any other color is available. 3) Size: as per your request. 4) Function: to secure the interphone in place
Company: Quanzhou Orient Handbag Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

Desert Camouflage Net
Made of synthetic film materials similar to natural surroundings in spectrum parameters. Gives full foliage camouflage (for summer) or snow field (for winter). Conceals shapes, dimensions of subjects as well as their shadows Durable and resistant to atmosphere effects. Does not fade in sun rays, rotten proof. Camouflage net can be linked with several others to create as big protection as it is required. Sizes and specifications can be offered, up to customer's requirements.

Camouflage Shirt & Trouser
Camouflage Uniform highly recomended for Military, Fashion clothes & Hunting purpose. Our Camou Uniform is highly patrenized product with strong inside stitches for durability. Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL. Camouflage fabric is also available in some more color shades.

Handcuffs Features: 1) Material: steel. 2) Weight: 300g. 3) Length: 19.0cm. 4) Min. diameter: 5.0cm. 5) Max. diameter: 7.8cm

V-Shape Lightbars
1) Composed of high brightness rotating lights, rear direction signal lightbars, or with speakers. 2) Using high quality halogen-tungsten bulbs. 3) Fadeless PC lens, color optional. 4) Gear driving mechanism. 5) Excellent seal ability

Super Scanner Metal Detector
Application: 1. electronic detection inspection at airports, railway stations and wharfs. 2. security inspection of customs, public securities. 3. quality inspection of medicine and food commercial systems. 4. security inspection of important sites and playgrounds. 5. noble metal detection, such as gold or silver jewelry manufacturing plants. Detection distance: 1. Pin 30-60mm. 2. 64 model handgun 150mm. 3. 6 inch long knife 160mm. 4. Diameter 20mm. 5. Steel Ball 90mm. Method to use: 1. turn ...

Police Pistol Lanyard
Introduction: 1. This steel karabiner can resist 30 kgs. of pulling force. 2. The lanyard can resist 500 kgs. of pulling force. 3. The belt ring diameter is 6cm, and the intersection point can resist 80 kgs. of pulling force. Specifications: Lanyard for police pistol (Fits most gun models especially for Glock 17&19). Place of Origin: China / Holland. Inner Material:100% Kevlar. Outer Material (Shell): PU (polyurethane)

Day Sight
We can supply high quality Day sight. This sight is fitted on 5.56mm automatic rifle and used for aiming within 400 meters to fire or view battlefield. when the width of target is about 0.5m,it can be used for roughly ranging and has the function of illuminating reticule.

Police & Military Gloves
Police & Military Gloves. Made of cowhide finished leather. Colour black. Rubber protection pading. Adjustable velcro wrist. Inside thinsulate 3m. Air mesh ventilation. Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL (According to American & European Sizes).

1) Voltage: 12V standard (24V available). 2) Clear and unique shape. 3) Made with anti-impact, high strength aluminum alloy. 4) Waterproof and dustproof. 5) Lexan lens easily maintained. 6) Strobe, LED and combination bars available. 7) 2 - 5 rotating halogen modules plus diamond mirrors. 8) Rotating modules, precise double ball-bearing design. 9) Red, blue, amber and white LED modules available. 10) 55W standard off-the-shelf halogen bulb for replacement (rotator). 11) 6 strobe modules for ...

Police Tape
Police tape, as well as caution tape, Safety barricade caution tape is non-adhesive and lead-free PE (polyethylene) tape. It provides a fast and effective way to restrict entry into hazardous areas. It can be printed with such bold type words as "Caution", "Danger" and "Police Line Do Not Cross" on yellow or red background and is clearly visible. The standard size is 3" x 300' and various thicknesses are available. Color availabe: Yellow, Red, Orange, etc.
Company: Quanzhou Orient Handbag Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

Military Tent
1) Military Tent. 2) Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 x 3.2m / 1.6m. 3) Materials: a) Fly roof: cotton canvas 8N, F/R, water proof ; b) Pole: dia. 25.4mm + dia. 22mm / 0.8mm steel tube

Military Holster
We are large supplier and exporter of military equipment like: Military elite holster Made in nylon cordura. With left and right hands users. Complie with automatic hand guns and pistol belt. Basic color: Black. Other colors in option: desert camouflage-olive green

Electronic Whistle For Military And Police
1) 3 in 1 whistle: standard blown out whistle sound, police alarm siren sound and LED flash light (Red/Blue). 2) Use for direction, alarm, Rescue, Accident, Self-Protector, Training, military excercise, outdoor activities. 3) Super high decibels up to 130dB. 4) Police warning signal flashing signal (Red & Blue light). 5) Easy to operate by hand, hygienic, compact and stylish, strong housing design. 6) With adjustable wrist lanyard. 7) With clip can held on the pocket.

Swat Gloves Rappel Gloves Sap Defence Gloves
Swat rappel / roit control: Designed for use in tactical operations, they are ultimate rappelling, tactical entry, and shooting gloves. They are also very effective for disturbance control / roit control. Thick foam padding on the backs is ergonomically split to improve dexterity 0. 8-9mm thick cowhide leather construction makes. Them extremely strong and durable. An additional layer of leather in the palms provides added protection during rapid rappels and unpadded index fingers allow ...

Army Boots
1) Direct molded sole construction (DMS). 2) Rubber sole: Panama design, high traction, mud-shedding. 3) Upper: water-proof leather and cotton with reinforced nylon webbing. 4) Padded collar. 5) Eyelet lacing. 6) Insole contains steel protective plate. 7) Inserted cushion for comfort

Walk-Through Metal Detector
Function features: Its exterior is made of high strength synthetic materials. It consists of 6 display areas with single or multiple areas showing the metal position. The built-in high brightness diode indicator light can accurately indicate the alarm area. The sensitivity of each area can be adjusted alone. The adjustable sensitivity range is 0 - 99. The automatically winded "emitting-receiving" loop features accurate and firm design, with superior detecting capacity. Automatic ...

Military Tent
The tent is designed for group camping, storage or performing activities demanding protection against unfavourable weather conditions. The tent resembles half of a cylinder having front walls consisting of two parts conected by loops. In the side walls there are window openings with round windows made of celluloid or hard foi. Two more openings are to be used for connecting reheaters. The tent construction enables connecting a few tents in a row. The tent is made from polyester and cotton ...

Traffic Batons
1) Function: flash-steady-closed with red, green, blue or white light. 2) Batteries: a) three D batteries ; b) three C batteries. 3) Various colors available
Product Group: Traffic Baton

High Sensitivity Walk Through Metal Detector
Walk-through metal detectors (wtmd) are concealed weapons detector. A walk-through detector which uses advanced magnetic technology to accurately pinpoint the location, size, and number of concealed weapons, such as knives and guns. Personal artifacts such as coins, keys or belt buckles will not set off the alarm. With strong looking the walk through metal detector nyd combined the latest technology and innovation and its appealing design adapts to even the hardest environments like strong ...

Military Nylon Belts
Military web pistol belts 57mm/35mm. 1) made of heavy duty nylon/PP. 2) adjustable size. 3) easy fasten buckles. 4) export quality metal fittings. 5) heated holes available. 6) available in black, beige, olive green and camouflage colours.
Company: Quanzhou Orient Handbag Manufacturer Co., Ltd.    China

LED Light Bar Modules for Sign Backlighting
Features: 1) Low wattage, energy efficient and major reduction in power costs. 2) Virtually no maintenance. 3) Low heat, high brightness, and works well under harsh conditions. 4) Including 3m adhesive tape for convenient mounting. 5) Full range of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and white. 6) Input voltage: 12V DC, professionally designed to be fully waterproof. 7) IP 67 protection degree can be normally operated even in cloudy, rainy and snowy weather. 8) Solid-state, high shock or ...

Handheld Metal Detector
1. Can detect medium size of pistol at 9", pocket knife at 6", steel key chain at 5", razor blade at 3" and hat pin at 1". 2. Automatic retuning. 3. Vibration/voice switchable detection. 4. LED battery check. 5. No tools required to replace battery. 6.12 months of warranty under normal operation. SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Sensitivity: For needle 1.5cm, for coil 8.0cm. 2. Power source: One 9V alkaline battery or one 9V Ni-MH rechargable battery,110V or 220V adaptor. 3. ...

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