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List extensive product information of Roadway Safety (include Traffic Cone, Traffic Light, Road Stud, Barricade, Road Sign), provided by Traffic products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Warning Triangle
1) Material: plastic. 2) Life protection. 3) Guard-all purposes. 4) No battery required. 5) Economical. 6) Easy to handle
Company: Shishi Tianyu Photoelectrical Technology Company Ltd.    China

Roadway Safety Products
We can supply: 1) Safety gloves ; 2) Safety shoes ; 3) Signal lamps ; 4) Alarm lights ; 5) Traffic cones ; 6) Rubber speed humps ; 7) Warning bands ; 8) Reflection vests ; 9) Warning triangles ; 10) Series of road studs.
Company: Shishi Tianyu Photoelectrical Technology Company Ltd.    China

Safety Reflective Vests
1) Fabric material: 100% polyester 130g/m⊃2 in either fluorescent yellow or fluorescent orange. 2) Reflective tapes: either made in China or imported. 3) Logo: available with screen-printing, with heat-transfer printing or with woven label stitching. 4) Washing cycle: 25 times. 5) Reflective tape: made in China (CE-EN-471 class 2). 6) Reflective tape: made in Italy (CE-EN-471 class 2)
Product Group: Safety Vest

Parking Barrier
1) Voltage of working motor: 12V DC. 2) Power consumption (running position): 30W. 3) Power consumption (standing position): 30mW. 4) Distance of remote control: >20m. 5) Time of lying down the controller: 810 seconds. 6) Time of standing up the controller: 9-11 seconds. 7) Dimensions of the controller (up): 500 x 350 x 450mm. 8) Dimensions of the controller (down): 900 x 350 x 90mm

Protective Fence
Features: 1) Height: 914.4mm. 2) Flange dimensions: 203.2 x 203.2 x 9.52mm. 3) Cannulation size: 114.3mm. 4) Weight: 27.24kg

Traffic Cone
1) Material: rubber / PE. 2) Spec.: 250mm, 300mm, 370mm, 500mm, 700mm, 750mm, 760mm, 1,000mm. 3) Use: used for requiring compact vehicle temporarily, guiding traffic, directing vehicle crossing this dangerous, protect facilities and person in construction. This product should be installed a warning lights if used in darkness. 4) Characteristic: lightfast (the highest) is 8.5 grades. It will be not rupture under -40~ 70°C, durable exceed 2 years. For plastic cone, this superstructure and ...
Company: Shishi Tianyu Photoelectrical Technology Company Ltd.    China

Retractable Elastic Barricades
1) Materials: waterproof cloth and ABS. 2) Reflecting material: reflecting cloth. 3) Height: 450mm, (weight 0.8kg / 1.0kg). 4) Height: 550mm (weight 1.3kg). 5) More security and protective tools available
Product Group: Barricade

LED Traffic Lights
Shape:200mm or 300mm in round. High brightness LEDs with integrated optics. Moisture and dust tight seal(IP54). Total Harmonic Distortion =30' Down>=5'. Operating voltage Range:80V to 265VAC. Insulation Resistance:>=2M. Life:50,000H.
Product Group: Traffic Light

Direction-Guiding Sign
1) This product is used for showing traffic directions. 2) Using the auto carrying power as the power supply, safe and easy. 3) Lower waste, long time working. 4) The board body is solid, firm and light. 5) The signal is obvious and visual from very far away

Reflective Sheeting
Features: 1) easy operation. 2) easy to tear, good stretch ideal for screen and inkjet printing and computer cutting. 3) Applications: a) Advertisement signs ; b) Temporary work zone signs ; c) City traffic guide map. Specifications: 1) Sizes: 1.24 x 45.7m, 1 x 50m. 2) Available in assorted colors

Road Sign Plate
1) Lettering: SYMBOL - SHARP LEFT CURVE. 2) Material: aluminum plate with reflective. Yellow background, black arrow. 3) Sizes are variable according to customer's requirements. 4) Thickness are variable according to customer's requirements. 5) OEM and ODM are available. 6) Fast sample supply and standard export packing. 7) Reasonable price and high quality

1) Can be made of steel or aluminum. 2) All shapes and sizes can be made to order. 3) Can be fully galvanized or painted. 4) Color can be chosen as you like. 5) High quality, good looking and competitive price
Product Group: Barricade

LED Traffic Lights
1) LED shape: cylinder bulb, bullet-head bulb. 2) Water and weather proof, UV resistant. 3) Hyper-bright LED source, auto brightness adjustment according to environment shift. 4) Cold lamp, long life-span. 5) High energy efficiency, low-tension DC. 6) Lighten immediately (less than 100ns). 7) Easy to assembly, disassembly and repair, low maintenance. 8) Diameter: 8" (200mm), 12" (300mm), 16" (400mm)
Product Group: Traffic Light

Plastic Road Stud
Plastic road studs: Size: 104 x 104 x 20mm. Color: yellow and white. Almost indestructible, made from high impact engineering plastic with compression resistance over 16MT. Large footprint gives maximum surface area for adhesion. This also makes it less prone to sinking during hot weather. Will withstand the most arduous traffic conditions and durable. With good character of reflectivity equal to the intensity of diamond grade. Resistant to corrosive effects of salt and grit. Suitable for ...

Trench Cover
Features: 1) Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel. 2) Bearing bar specification: 20 x 3mm to 90 x 7mm. 3) Bearing bar pitch: 12.5mm x N (N=1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), also according to client's requirement (30, 40, 60mm are recommended). 4) Cross bar pitch: 50, 100mm. 5) Maximum length of black panel: 7,100mm. 6) Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel. 7) Surface treatment: Untreated, paint or hot dip galvanized. 8) Steel grating standards: A) China: YB/T4001-1998 ; B) USA: ...

Snow Chain
Features: 1) Perfect temporary winter aid for passenger vehicles. 2) It is easy to mount and dismount even in cold and dirty weather. 3) Comfortable while driving, maximum speed 50km/h. The fabric snow chain does not cause noise, vibration or wear and tear of the road surface. 4) Light weight and easy to store. 5) The fabric snow chain is self-centering. 6) The space requirements of the sock are similar to those of an ordinary raincoat. 7) Reusable and machine washable. 8) Environmental and ...

Safety Vest
1) Body material: 100% polyester tricot or oxford fabric. 2) Reflective material: reflective polyester, T/C, EN471. 3) Colors available: orange red, fluorescent yellow, green
Product Group: Safety Vest

Flat-Legs Road Barrier
Specifications: 1) Sizes: 42"H x 90"W. 2) Hot dipped galvanized finish. 3) Frame thickness: 1.5mm. 4) Frame diameter: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 41mm. 5) Picket:19mm O.D. x 1.2mm thickness. 6) F-stand style, and Y-stand style available. 7) Net weight: 24kg. We can supply hot dipped galvanized barrier, as well as powder coating (UV proof) barrier. Barriers have variety of O.D. diameter with variety of gauge pipe thickness.

Road Signal Light Caution System
With full frenquency access, and conformity with relevant standard. The main machine has 5 linght, each light has different function, details are below: 1. Green light glitterring means. 2. Ka light shining means full frequency receiving.(strongly receiving). 3. X light shining means multiplicate frequency receiving. 4. K light shining means dual frequency receiving. 5. When feel the signal, the five light will shine together, and remind in voice. 6. User can choose the receiving way.

Safety Island
1) Suitable for the road sections of big streams. 2) Keeps pedestrians safe when they walk across streets. 3) Standard designed, easily fixed, widely used. 4) Flexible composed according to clients' demands. 5) Accessories including: a) Anti-impact rubber blocks: 1,000 x 700 x 300mm. b) Rubber boards: 1,000 x 700 x 50mm (optional). c) Warning posts: dia. 76 x 800mm. d) Reflective parts and hardware parts

Caution Tape (Red and White)
1) First aid and accident roadway safety. 2) Long usage life. 3) Cold and ultraviolet radiation resistance. 4) Highly bright. 5) Not sticky. 6) Length: 50 - 100m / 200m / 300m / 400m. 7) Thickness: 0.02 - 0.10mm. 8) Colors: red / white / yellow / black / green

Solar Road Stud
Specification: 1) Solar panel: 0.3W, voltage: 2.4V, current: 125mA. 2) Battery type: Ni-Mh 1.2V/2000mAh. 3) Light source: 4pcs super bright LED, 8,000MCD; color: yellow/red/white. 4) Changing time: 5 hours. 5) Operating model: turn on the day and turn off at night automatically. The flashing frequency is 60 times/min when LED is working

Plastic Traffic Facilities
Applications: 1) Compact for easy storage on any truck or in any vehicle trunk. 2) Quickly deployed spring cone delineates traffic at any scene. 3) Meets MUTCD requirements for 28" highway traffic cones. 4) Flexible spring cone spills wind for increased stability. 5) Cone is made of a durable, bright orange, flexible mesh material. 6) Flexible spring allows cone to automatically deploy. 7) Cones come standard with reflexite reflective cone collars

PE Warning Film
1) Backing: PE film. 2) Bright colors which help to strengthen the visual results and are designed for road traffic sign, safety warning

Road Safety Light
1) 6 super bright red LED. 2) Photoresistor design: automatically flashing when outer brightness is under 200 luxes in dark. 3) Uses 2 x D batteries for at least 3 months

Non-Slip Tapes
1) Dull polished surface, anti-slip, high adhesive strength. 2) Applied for pedal of scooters, preventing slip and fixed on electric tools as anti-slip patch. 3) Color: black, white, gray. 4) Size: 2" x 60', 1" x 60'

Taper Traffic Road Sign
Material: HDPE. Capability: it is not easy to breakdown with fine tenacity; it is durable. It is qualified for having the reflection of light film. It is red in the daytime and yellow for eye-striking. The white crystal lattice can reflect dazzling brilliant rays to make a driver be clear at a glance obviously in the evening. Use occasion: be set up in the need to divide a vehicle stream for a short time in homing traffic. It is suitable for a around place to protect construction site ...

Roadway Safety Product
We are specialized in manufactured all kinds of traffic products such as: a) Warning tapes, barricade tapes, caution tapes, hazard tapes. b) Warning posts, spars, bollards, speed bumpers, road studs, rubber vehicle stoppers. c) Traffic cones, delineators, poles. d) Road warning lamps, traffic warning lights, traffic signal batons, arrow signs. e) Parking barriers

FRP Barricade
The structure FRP barricade is made from pultruded FRP tubing. They possess the performance of anti-corrosion, light weight and high strength. They are conveniently installed. They have the bright colors. They can be used a long time. They are extensively applied in the fields of chemical industry, exploiting petroleum resources, dealing waste water ,mining and marine. Addition: The barricade specification and the profiles which are made into the barricade may be according to the ...
Product Group: Barricade

Traffic Cone
1) Works in barricade or separateness to hold up and compart traffic runoff. 2) Leads traffic, protects construction establishment and passerby. 3) Durable, good elasticity, glistening. 4) With impact on caution and insulation

Engineering Grade Reflective sheeting, reflective strip, reflective film
Engineering Grade Reflective sheeting, reflective strip, reflective tape, reflective film: Feature: tearable, good extensibility, long service life, can be screen printed and ink-jet, easy for computer cutting Main Application: road traffic signs, can be used in bad weather Feasible Operating Temperature: 18-28 Service Life: 7 years Specification: 1.24m x 45.7m Colour: white, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, brown, black
Product Group: Reflective Sheeting
Company: Drennan Shanghai Company Limited    China

High intensity reflective sheeting, reflective strip, reflective tape
DOT-C2 high intensity reflective sheeting, reflective strips, reflective tapes: Drennan supply high intensity reflective strips, reflective tapes meets DOT-C2, DIN67520 Teil 2, DIN6171 Teil 1, EN13422 Class R2B standard. Drennan can supply the strips with different width, different lengh, different pattern according to customers' requirement
Product Group: Reflective Sheeting
Company: Drennan Shanghai Company Limited    China

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