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List extensive product information of Safe (include Electronic Safe, Digital Safe, Fingerprint Safe, Security Box, Laptop Safe, Gun Safe), provided by Safe manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

We export various kinds of safes from china. They are wall safe, floor safe, file safe, disc safe, gun safe, key safe, bank deposit safe, office safe, home and hotel safe, fire-proof safe, etc. Good quality with reasonable prices is the superiority of the safes.
Company: Ningbo Evertop Security Products Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Safe
1. Blue wide display, intelligent operation, materialized high technology. 2. Historical date memory function. 3. Steel thickness of body is 6mm while 10mm of the door. 4. Armor protection mechanism, multi-point safety system installation. 5. Free adjustable shelf, key hooks with numbers.
Product Group: Electronic Safe
Company: Ningbo Evertop Security Products Co., Ltd.    China

Hotel/Personal Safe
Solid steel structure, double bolts. 2mm body, 5mm door. Code combination: 1-10 digits. LED display (MA, MB, ME and TGG series). Motorized opening/locking (MA, MB and ME series). Code hiding function (LED display models). Override emergency key/master code equipped. Rust-proof surface with quality powder coating finished, various colors available. CEU audit trailing function (MB series).
Company: Ningbo Evertop Security Products Co., Ltd.    China

Laptop Safe
1) With 3-6 Digit personal codes and 6 digit master codes. 2) 4 incorrect entries auto locking system. 3) LED display. 4) Option: 100 times last locking/unlocking record. 5) Override: electronic CEU. 6) With mechanical emergency key. 7) Pre-drilled fixing holes. 8) External dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 435 x 365mm

IB Plus Digital Safes
1) With LED display and blue background light. 2) Digital code with iB key double management. 3) 3-time wrong code alarm. 4) Low voltage warning. 5) Key override. 6) Pre-drilled holes inside with fixing bolts for fixing use. 7) External emergency power back up

Fingerprint Briefcase
1) Used to store confidential documents and valuables. 2) System management function can be used on-line or off-line. 3) Convenient to carry: contour design is compact and novel. 4) High security: box controller features secure design without exposed lock-holes and has effective tamper-proof design. 5) Multi-level management: user level functions set up by administrator to prevent unauthorized operation and increase security. 6) System can work with on-line software to manage 1 - 12 user ...

All Touch Screen Safe
Practicability: storage for all kinds of cards, jewelries and valuable staff; Use fashionably: big touch screen with blue background light, even can use in the dark; Use conveniently: Automatic opening driven by micro motor, with mechanical key also can open and close; Two level management system: master code and user code can be set for security staff High security: three times wrong code inputting will cause five minutes' dead lock.

Fingerprint Gun Safe
1) Horse-shoe rifle rack. 2) Info display: LED window. 3) Including internal reset and key bypass. 4) Five steel live-locking bolts. 5) Four adjustable shelves. 6) A 3-spoke type handle. 7) External hinges. 8) Hardened steel plate for protecting lock from drill attack. 9) Carpeted interior. 10) Door back organizational system. 11) A FP module featuring as: a) Fingerprint sensor: 500DPI Sealed Optical Sensor ; b) Password length (optional): 6 -14 digits ; c) Infrared Standby Sensor Activity: ...

Hotel Safe
1. Professional hotel version with 6 digits bright LED display. With electronic lock which is simple to operate and can be programmed with any combination of 3 to 6 personal numbers. 2. The code imputing to close the door and the same code to open the door next time. 3. Intruder tampering. 4. Motorized driving. 5. Master code available. 6. Low battery warning. 7. With high secure manual override key system, 2 keys supplied. 8. Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts. 9. Powder coated interior ...

Security Boxes
1) Substantial construction from 1.6-2.0mm sheet steel. 2) Twin double throw deadlocks. 3) Anti-jimmy bars all round twin hydraulic arms. 4) Drop down handles. 5) Different powder coated finish. 6) 4 keys per box. 7) Dimensions: 96 x 49 x 45cm, 1,310 x 49 x 45cm, 1,830 x 60 x 60cm

Free Stand Safe
Solid steel, fully welded body construction; Anti-pry solid steel door; Strong vault hinges; One way 4x32mm bolts; Chrome plated handle; Stainless steel/acrylic decoration plate; Auto detent & re-locking device on door; Anti-drill hard plate behind the lock; Combination lock equipped; One adjustable shelf; Pre-drilled bottom anchor holes; Rust-proof surface with quality powder coating finished.

Fireproof Electronic Safe
1) Fireproof electronic safe (SD-600D). 2) External: (H)600 x (W)480 x (D)470mm. 3) Internal: (H)460 x (W)340 x (D)330mm. 4) Accessories (inside body): 1 shelf + 1 drawer. 5) Open/close: 4 - 8 digital code, emergency key or emergency battery unit

Biology Safety Cabinet
1) Biology safety cabinet is used for operation of the animalcule, special deleterious animalcule and gene project. Its purpose is to protect health of operator and security of sample and environment. It is one of the most important safety equipment and main protection barrier in lab. 2) Static spray paint on the cabinet. The appearance is beautiful and is prone to clean. 3) Ultraviolet radiation light owns the remote control and delay time function. 4) Negative pressure vertical laminar ...

Fingerprint Safe
1) No need for keys or passwords. 2) Unlock the door instantly with your fingerprint. 3) Motorized Open/Lock, convenient for practical use. 4) One to many (1:N) mode, speedy verification. 5) Up to 30 fingerprints fingerprint capacity. 6) Battery power, low consumption, supporting over 2000 Open/Lock operations. 7) Low power alarm. 8) Stand-by power supply socket and emergency key available. 9) Various sizes or dimensions of safe bodies for customizing
Product Group: Fingerprint Safe

Electronic Safe
1) Fine powder coated finish. 2) Complimentary mounting bolts and floor carpet. 3) Concealed emergency manual key lock. 4) Good for hotel, office and family use. External size (H x W x D): 500 x 350 x 310mm
Product Group: Electronic Safe

Portable Car Electronic Cipher Coffer
1) The product is made by extended high-quality cold-rolling steel plate. 2) The product is specially designed for car and whose occupation space is small. 3) The product's control system is an integration both electronics and mechanics. Technical parameters products: 1) The dimension: 240 (W) *350 (D) *108 (H). 2) G. W / N. W: 7. 3 / 6. 8kg. 3) Rated Voltage: 4*5th Battery. 4) Working temperature: -20 temperature 80 temperature. 5) Working humidity: 20% ~92%. 6) Shizuta current: ...

Fingerprint Safe Box
Fingerprint sensor: optical. FRR: <0.1%. FAR: < 0.00001%. Response time: 0.5-1sec. Working current: ≤250mA. Capacity: 25 prints. Operating humidity: 10-90%. Operating temperature: -20~+80°C. Battery power supply supports 5000 operations. Color: available
Product Group: Fingerprint Safe

Business / House Safe
1) Easy operation in the dark with blue background light. 2) High quality touch screen, stable and durable. 3) One-wall hotel room and home safe in high-quality execution. 4) Wide LCD screen display with user menu guidance. 5) Non visible hinges. 6) The most modern micro electronic controller. 7) Color: suitable powder coated in dark grey and white grey

Gun Safe
1) mechanical combination lock. 2) golden dial-plate. 3) titanium plated -five prong spindle wheel. 4) two fireproof plasterboards (2 x 15mm)on body. 5)three fireproof plasterboards (3 x 15mm)on top and bottom. 6) one fireproof plasterboard (1 x 15 mm) on door. 7) internal adorn fabrics. 8) material:12ga steel board on body ;double 12 ga steel boards on door. 9) dimensions:35"w x 72"h x 29-1/2"d. 10)bolts: Chrome plated diametre1.5'x length 1.9' 14pcs. 11) fully ...

Safe Box
The safe is suitable for hotel, ideal for storing laptop, certificate and other valuables. Master code and user code can be ste for security staff, knowing the last 250 Safe's entres, keyset examines entries directly, the entries can be printed by micro-hand-printer easily, period of lease can be set. External Dimensions (mm) 4420*225*380. Package Dimensions (mm) : 445*225*445. Wall Thickness: 2mm. Door Thickness: 5mm

Digital Electronic Safes
1) With 4-digit high-brightness LED screen and a 12-button standard keyboard. 2) Easy to operate. 3) Uses highly secure and reliable, fully automatic motor-driven locking mechanism. 4) Users can set cipher codes with 1 - 8 digits. 5) With a highly secure administrators' encoding system which requires 2 administrators' codes inputted concurrently before the safe can be unlocked. 6) With a highly secure and convenient decoding system. When all the cipher codes are lost, the ...
Product Group: Electronic Safe

Safe, Cash Box And Key Box
1. electronic safe: 1) Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 25cm (many other sizes available). 3) Steel type: A3. 3) Coating: powder. 4) Thickness of door: 6mm. 5) Thickness of wall: 3mm. 6) Battery included. 7) With CE approval. 2. cash box: 1) Dimensions: 200 x 160 x 90cm. 2) Material: steel. 3) With plastic inner box. 4) Surface: plate coated. 5) With 2 keys. 3. key box: 1) Box size: 250 x 200 x 75mm. 2) Net weight: about 1.65kg. 3) With 48pcs key hooks

Steel Pistol Box
1) All steel construction with key coded double bitted lock. 2) Locking mechanism passes through steel door and is secured behind the steel door frame for added security. 3) Removable steel shelf provides more storage possibilities. 4) Units can be stacked vertically or horizontally for multiple unit applications. 5) Foam lining on the bottom. 6) Full length staked piano type hinge. 7) Durable charcoal gray baked epoxy finish. 8) Fasten to wall, ceiling, floor or counter. 9) Fastening ...

Fingerprint Laptop Safe
Anviz optical sensor: reliable performance. Elegant and stylish design. Ripeness circuit system, good stabilization. Power-saving function: dormancy if fingerprint fail for 5 times or no operation for 5s. Automatic door opening function. External battery available if internal battery runs out. Emergency mechanical key in case of malfunction. Box material: S45C. Size: 195mm x 400mm x 410mm (can be customized). Fingerprint storage capacity 8 (extendable)
Product Group: Fingerprint Safe

Electric Safe Box
1) combination of 3-8 digits. 2) digital keypad like smile face. 3) two sets of independent codes. 4) number memory even without batteries. 5) inside battery compartment. 6) with manual override key. 7) constructed of solid steel and mould pressing at once. 8) plastic powder coating

Fingerprint Safe
Specifications: 1) Operating voltage: 4 x 1.5V AA battery. 2) Max power: 1W, 0.5W average. 3) Operating temperature: (out ) -10oC - 75oC; (inner) 0oC - 60oC. 4) Identify speed: less than 2 seconds. 5) False rejection rate: 1/1000. 6) False acceptance rate: 1/1000000. 7) Capacity: 100 fingerprints. 8) Dimensions: W370 x D342 x H530mm. 9) Package: one shelf, 1 drawer, 1 hidden storehouse
Product Group: Fingerprint Safe

Hotel Electronic Safe
Most compact electronic safe Ideal for cruise line and motel, office, hotel; Electromagnetic lock with manual opening of the bolts through closing the knob. User code from 3- 8 digits combination. 20" second keyboard block after 3 faulty code entries. Finish: Epoxy power coating. Color: Off-white, light grey, dark grey olive grey, Beige, black, red wine, dark green. Power through 4 Batteries AA size. Solid steel construction. Removable shelves available upon request
Product Group: Electronic Safe

Hidden Wall Safe
Hidden Wall Safe. Looks Like An Ordinary Outlet. Designed To Fool The Smartest Thief. Instruction Manual.

Fireproof Gun Safe
Specifications: 1) Dimensions (H x W x D): 1,520 x 760 x 610mm. 2) Door thickness: double. 3) Net weight: 315kg. 4) Allocation: removable shelf, can hold 15 guns

Pull box for cell phone anti-shoplifting
Quadrate Recoiler, This reel can be broadly applied for various POP security displays for electronic articles / electricity appliances etc, such as mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, MP3/MP4, PDA, electric tools and computers etc. This reel can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us. The box can be fixed on the back of display cabinet by screw or adhesive tape. Box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto ...
Product Group: Pull Box
Company: Nanchang RuiWor Technology Co., LTD.    china

Fingerprint Access Control & Time attendance ZKS-A2
New version of North Korean algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, no matter good or poor, within 0. 7 second. Built in embedded standalone module (ZKS700) with high performance SAMSUNG 32 bit X-scale CPU, big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips, it is easy to integrate with various systems. Can storage 3000 templates and 80000 transactions TCP/IP, serial port and Weigand interfaces
Product Group: Access Control
Company: ZKS Group Co., Ltd    China

Fingerprint door lock- ZKS-L1
Product Introduction L1 is a standalone fingerprint door lock, reasonable price with good performance, designed specially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could store 100 fingerprint templates. It is very suitable for home, villa, slap-up dwelling house because of its delicacy appearance and stronger security of stainless steel mold.
Product Group: Fingerprint Lock
Company: ZKS Group Co., Ltd    China

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