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We specialize in manufactured all kinds of safety items and personal safety products such as: 1) Flip up welding helmets (front-lift welding helmets). 2) Hand hold welding helmets. 3) Auto-darkening welding filters and welding filters. 4) Solar auto-darkening welding helmets. 5) Safety helmets (safety caps). 6) Netted safety masks. 7) Face shields with headgears. 8) Welding goggles. 9) Netted or clear safety goggles. 10) Dust goggles. 11) Dust masks. 12) Dust respirators. 13) Chemical respirators. 14) Earplugs. 15) Ear muffs. 16) All size of welding lenses and welding glasses (plastic and glass). 17) Hard capped knee pads. 18) Safety boots. 19) Welding gloves. 20) Face shields

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  • Post date: Aug 16, 2008
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Safety Product in china.

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