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List extensive product information of Video Door Phone (include Audio Door Phone, Video Intercom System), provided by Video Door Phone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Video Door Phone
7" TFT-LCD color display. Ideal for home security. Complete video door phone system. DIY assembly. Enclosed 15m connection cable and one transformer 230V/15V AC. Night workable with infrared. Electricity-controlled unlock. Anti-theft alarm
Company: Guangzhou Video-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

4" Video Intercom Doorbell
Features: 1) Display component: color screen. 2) Screen size: 4". 3) Audio, video standard output jack. 4) Power:. a) Working: 10.5W. b) Waiting: 8mW. 5) Video transfer: 75. 6) Camera: 1/3 B/W camera. 7) Lamp-house in dark: 6 infrared ray LED. 8) Automatic shutdown. 9) Power: DC 12V.
Company: Guangzhou Video-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Video Doorphone
Specifications: 1) Luminosity: 0.1 lux. 2) Brightness discrimination rate: 6 scale. 3) Angle: 92 deg. (CCD), 78 deg. (CMOS). 4) CRT resolution: 350 TVL (CMOS), 400 TVL (CCD). 5) Sources voltage: DC 18V. 6) Dimensions of indoor section: 228 x 192 x 70mm. 7) 4 wires of CCD and CMOS are available. 8) Weight: 3.5kg (outdoor section included

Building Intercom System
Functions: 1) Applied to high-rise and multi-storied buildings. 2) Supports doorbell, intercom, door releasing by indoor unit, call administrator and exigency alarm to the administration center functions. 3) System can be assorted with several outdoor units to control different entrances or exits. 4) The system may set up a connection computer in the administration center to control the neighborhood in a comprehensive way. The administration software supports an electronic map. 5) The ...
Company: Guangzhou Video-Tech Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Audio Handset
1. Fashionable design. 2. High quality circuit. 3. Clear audio communication. 4. Door release function. 5. 3+1 wiring, model HW-ME-10, for direct-call type system, e.g. HW-ES-12S series, HW-ES-13AS series, HW-ES-13BS series. 6. Or Bus-5 wires connection, model HW-ME-10C, for digital type outdoor panel, e.g.HW-ES-6A, HW-ES-6/BW, HW-ES-6/CL (compatible with video system). 7. Centralized power supply, ensure safety in use. 8. Easy installation.

Straight Way Intercom System
Functions: 1) Back lit display for night time visibility. 2) Can intercom with the indoor unit, and indoor unit can unlock outdoor unit. 3) Press the room number key on the outdoor unit to call the indoor unit, easy to operate. 4) The door set is equipped with infrared diodes to ensure clear pictures in the night. Components: 1) Straight-way outdoor unit. 2) Straight-way indoor unit. 3) Power

Intercom Color Video Door Phone
1. Door station. Power source: Dc14v. Camera: CMOS/CCD. Lens: F3.6,78 adjustable. Illumination:0.1lux. Light source:6 infrared LED. Power consumption:2.5w. Operating temperature(celsius degree): -10~+50. Installation: Wall-mount. 2. Inter phone. Power source: AC 100v~270v. Power consumption:10w. Resolution:420 TV line. Chime: Chime ding dong. CRT:4 flat or 4.5 table tube. Operating temperature (celsius degree): -5~+40. Installation: Wall-mount.

Video Door Phone
Monitor: 1) Power in: DC18V by adaptor. 2) CRT: 4" color TFT LCD. 3) Resolution: 420TV line. 4) Calling tone: Ding-Dong tone. 5) Display time: 30 seconds. 6) Wire-cut-off alarm function: Yes. 7) Power consumption: stand-by: 2W; operating: 10W. 8) Wiring: 4-wired in polarity. 9) Wiring distance: 1.0mmD - 50m/165ft. 10) Work temp: -10 ~ -40°C. 11) Dimensions: 210 x 209 x 46mm. 12) Weight: 1,200g. Camera: 1) Resolution: 380TV line. 2) Lens: f=3.8mm; f=1.892°. 3) CCD: 1/3" color CCD. ...

Video Door Phone
Video Doorphone for Villa: Single household system video inter-phone, Dual talking, supervising, Intercom and remote unlocking, Camera in door station can provide clear picture even in nighttime. Power input: 220V plus or subtract 10%. Power supply for indoor phone: 12DV. Power consumption: static 0.5 W; working less than 14W. Working temperature: -20-+50 degree centigrade. Humidity: Less than 90%

Villa Video Door Phone & Parts
Product Base Function: 1. One outdoor unit can connect with 1 to 6 indoor units. 2. To be able to watch and talk with the visitor through the screen of the extensions and unlock the outdoor. 3. The door set is equipped with the infrared diode. It has a contrary light compensating automatically to ensure the clear picture of the visitor. 4. To press the MONITOR key or raise handlebar to keep watch on the outside. 5. The ringing is produced by one chip set with the sound pleasing to the ear. ...

High Frequency Interphone
1) Output power 2W further communication range and better penetrati. 2) 16 memory channels. 3) Power save function. 4) Low battery alert. 5) TOT (time out timer). 6) Wired replication function

TFT Color Video Door Phone
Display:3.5-inch TFT LCD Monitor. Resolution:420 TV Lines. Extension:3 monitors(or up) capability with one camera. 4 wire polarity or 2 wire polarity. Warning intrusion alarm, Door opening, two-way speaking function. IR LED for low light condition and automatic light compensation function

Hands-Free Video Door Phone
Features: 1) Direct calling and dual talking. 2) Real time monitoring door station. 3) Remote control electrical lock. 4) Handsfree talking for indoor monitor. 5) Ding~Dong~ ring. 6) Al-alloyed door station and handsfree monitor. 7) CCD / CMOS, Black-white / Color available. Specifications (outdoor camera): 1) Resolution: CCD 420 TV Line, CMOS 380 TV Line. 2) View angle: CCD 92o, CMOS 78o. 3) Lowest luminance: 0.02Lux. 4) Power Source: From Monitor. 5) Power consumption: 2W. 6) Appearance ...

Wireless Intercom Hot Line
Wireless hotline intercom: You can communicate between two stations without any wiring. Just plug ac power cord into 110 / 230 volt AC outlet, then your system is ready for communication. Also transfer telephone call with extra cost. Ideal for: Multistory building, House, hotels, lodges, offices, shops, hospitals, banks, factories, etc. Product features: Full duplex communication like a telephone. Long range (up to 2km in same phase only on rural area). Cordless operation. Easy installation. ...

Color CMOS
1) Image device: 1/3"Omni Vision CMOS image sensor. 2) Standard system: PAL/NTSC. 3) Number of pixels: a) PAL: 628 x 582 ; b) NTSC: 510 x 492. 5) Sync. system: internal sync. 6) Horizontal resolution: 420 TV line. 7) S/N ratio: >40dB. 8) Minimum illumination: 0.1 LUX. 9) Backlight compensation: auto. 10) Shutter: 1/60-1/1500s. 11) White balance: auto. 12) Gamma correction: >0.45. 13) Video output: 1Vp-p, 75ohm. 14) Micro output: 350mV, 4.7kohm. 15) Voltage input: DC 12V, 55mA. 16) ...

Wired Color Video Door Phone
Features: 1) Screen: 4" TFT. 2) Two indoor units. 3) Full duplex conversation. 4) Screen auto turn off. 5) Door release operation (electric door strike required). 6) Built-in 6 infrared LED for low light observation. 7) Weatherproof camera with aesthetic housing. 8) 4-wire non-polarity system

B / W Wired Hand-Free Video Door Phone
1) 4" flat B/W CRT. 2) View the visitors at the door. 3) Full duplex hand-free conversation. 4) Screen auto turn off. 5) Door release operation (electric door strike required). 6) Door chime. 7) Minimum illumination 0.1 lux on object up to 19 feet away. 8) Built-in 6 infrared LED for low light observation. 9) Weatherproof camera with aesthetic housing. 10) 2-wire system and non-polarity

Video Door Phone Outdoor Unit
1) Lens and angle: F1.8 92 wide angle lens 2) Working power: 12 ±1v, 0.5A 3) Min illumination: 3lux (CMOS), 1lux (CCD) 4) Power consumption: 2.8W 5) Microphone sensitivity: 62dB 6) Distortion: ≤5% 7) Environment temperature range: -30°C - 50°C 8) Relative humidity: 85% 9) Video output: 1.0Vp - p compound video signal, 75ohm impedance 10) Dimensions: 147 x 119 x 33mm

Video Door Phone
INDOOR UNIT: Voltage Of Power: AC110V-230V. Power Consumption:standby: 0.3W. Work: 10W. Display: 4 INCH FLAT CRT/TFT. Auto Shut down: 60sec. Definition: 380LINES. Input Impedance: 75ohm. Size: 200*220*65mm. OUTDOOR UNIT: Video Camera:1/3 CCD/CMOS. Lens: F1.8. Illuminant: Infrared of LED. Angle Of View: 92. Power Consumption: standby: 50mW. Work: 2W. Size: appearance: 120*170*55mm Installition: 94*148*37mm

Building Video Intercom System
Specification (outdoor station): 1) Power supply: DC 18V/ 2000MA. 2) Power consumption: 50MA/ 300MA. 3) Distortion: ≤8%. 4) SNR: ≥50dB. 5) Resolution: 380 Line. 6) Capacity: 800 houses. 7) Lens: F1.8, 78 degrees or 92 degrees. 8) Min. illumination: 0.2 Lux. 9) System: CCIR. 10) Image output: 75Ω/1V(P-P). 11) Operation temperature: -35~+75oC. 12) Dimensions: 413 x 117 x 45mm (G6IC), 370 x 121 x 53mm. 13) Installation: embedded on a wall or fixed on an iron door. Specifications (video ...

Video Phone
Door-Phone: Resolution:330 Tv wire. Camera: 1/4" Black and White. Lens and Angle: F3.6 ,about 90 degree. The lowest degree of: 1.5 LUX. Light Source:6 pcs of Infrared LED. Size: 125*93*32mm. Inter-Phone: Power Supply: Type A:DC18V Type B:AC 220V. Camera Tube:4"flat kinescope. Resolution:420TVL. Ring type: Ding dong. Power Consumption: Power. Consumption: Standby :130mW Working :14w. Size:220*195*50mm

Video Indoor Phone
Basic parameter: 1) Display screen: 4 inch B/W flat CRT or TFT color. 2) Resolution: ≥400TV lines. 3) Video signal: 75V 1Vp-p(CCIR OR NTSC ). 4) Power voltage: DC 16V-18V. 5) Power consumption: standby state 0.5W; working state 12.3W. 6) Audio frequency: 0.5W. 7) Dimension: 190(W) x 225(H) x 72(D). Function: 1) Hands free style indoor phone with function of dual talking with outdoor station, intercom and remote unlocking. 2) Visitor image can be display on the screen. 3) Can supervise the ...

Digital Motion Detection Video Record Door Phone
1) With a 4" high-clear color LCD. 2) Can detect moving objects; take photos and shoot automatically and manually. 3) With an internal memory and can store 230 images / 50 video clips. 4) Can insert a SD card to expand the memory capacity. 5) Supports outputting the video signal of NTSC / PAL. 6) The images / video clips stored won't lose when power off. 7) Has a simple operation screen, no need to install the software. 8) Supports playback images on TV / monitor / computer. 9) ...

Single Villa Video Door Phones
Main functions: 1) One door station can link up to five indoor phones. 2) Surveillance, intercom and remote unlocking. 3) B/W or color available. 4) LED in the door station provides a clear picture even in nighttime. 5) 30s ring tones are available, 120s intercom. 6) Connected by 6-core (polarity) wire. 7) Dimensions: a) Door station (MY-C11): 190 x 90 x 25mm ; b) Indoor phone (MY-606): 210 x 200 x 50mm. Technical parameters: Door station: 1) Working voltage: DC 18V. 2) Working current: ...

Video Door Phone
Door Entry Access Controller: Door panel connects directly to intercom handset or a phone line through five wires adapter, With keypad or push button and allows door opening from any phone at the house including wireless, or through the intercom handset if connected without adapter. Silver or Bronze shade. Enter by codes. Open door by handset. Illuminate Keypad. Camera option

Video Door Phones & Parts
Villa type outdoor unit: Base function: 1) It can be mated with 1~6 indoor units. 2) It can call the indoor unit to make the intercom and unlock by the indoor unit. 3) The door set is equipped with the infrared diode to ensure the clear pictures in the night. Base technology parameter: 1) Power: DC18V (supported by the indoor unit). 2) Wiring: 4 wires (if includes unlock components then 5 wires). 3) Current: 4) Static state: 20mA. 5) Dynamic state: 160mA. 6) Communication time limit: 75 ...

Desktop Color Video Door Phone with Access Control
Features: ◎ Release the door lock with password or ID cards (RFID: 125KHz) and this unit can support up to 289 ID users; ◎ Optional to put on desktop or mounted on wall; ◎ Suitable to use at home & office; ◎ Option to install one extra camera-view a second area of your home. Specifications: Screen: High Resolution Display 5.6” TFT-LCD Effective Pixels: 320*240 Image Sensor: 1/4” Color CCD only Dimension: Monitor: 238 W × 172 H ×38 D (mm) ...
Company: Horner Electronic Co., Ltd    china

Two-Entry Door Station Video Door Phone System
By the special function of two door station with one monitor, you can view from both door like front door and back door. It provides you a good solution for your big house. Features: ◎ 1 indoor monitor is connected with 2 outdoor cameras, easy to monitor and remote unlock different doors; ◎ Repress the "monitor" button on the indoor monitor transfer to another monitor channel; ◎ Built-in power switch adaptor. Specifications: *Indoor Monitor: 1) Picture ...
Company: Horner Electronic Co., Ltd    china

Video Door Phone
Video Door Phone: intercom system, home security system. 1. Complete video door phone system for one family 2. Simple installation for D-I-Y 3. The outdoor unit is surface mounted . The front of the panel and the covering frame are made of aluminum alloy 4. Raincover for the outdoor is available . 5. Night vision 6. Waterpoof and damage-proof 7. The outdoor unit is with 4''b/w display. 8. Urgent calling function 9. Monitoring the outdoors 10.Electric- controlled ...
Product Group: Video Door Phone
Company: Supremevalue Intl Corporation Ltd.    China

Color Video Door Phone
Color Video Door Phone: 1. Sounds from two indoor units will be heard and image will be presented on the video indoor units when someone presses the button of outdoor unit. 2. Waterproof aluminum-alloyed panel of the outdoor unit. 3. Raincover for the outdoor unit is available. 4. Camera of outdoor unit is adjustable in four directions:up,down,left and right for best view. 5. Night vision. 6. 7-inch display is with high definition ,low power consumption ,no radiation 7. different ...
Product Group: Video Door Phone
Company: Supremevalue Intl Corporation Ltd.    China

Wireless Visualization Doorbell
① 2.4GHz lauch frequency , access remote control distance is between 120-180m; ② With micro-processing technology,auto-remote control , excellent performance and high reliability; ③ The TFT 2.4" digital color LCD for monitor; ④ CMOS 300,000 pixel for camera; ⑤ Clear night-viewing;24 hours monitoring , calling , speaking and unlocking remote controlling etc; ⑥ One monitor can support 6 pcs of cameras at most,for further information,please contact the salesman; ⑦The ...
Product Group: Wireless Video Doorphone
Company: HongZhao Innovative Electronic Co.,Ltd    China

Wireless video door phone
wireless video door phone,wireless intercom This system operates in the 2.4GHz radio band for wireless transmission of digital audio and video signals. It can be used in apartments, villas, hotels, offices, public buildings etc. With a fashionable and fresh outlook, the view is clear and sharp. The outdoor camera is easy to install while the indoor monitor does not require any communication wire. You can use the system where the wireless signal can reach, such as dining room, living room, ...
Product Group: Wireless Video Door Phone
Company: Shenzhen Correa Electronic Co.;Ltd    China

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