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Detailed Video Glasses Description:

It is a portable displayer to show you a virtual vision just like watching video from 2m distance after putting on the video glasses. It is suitable for TV tune machine, DVD player, MPEG-4player, PS2 or XBOX, V8, DV, and VCD compatible, Normal DVD and solid DVD, AVI computer video format. The PDP actually is better than normal portable displayer, 1) Seeing and hearing in-phase; you can enjoy your programs convenience only need To link to VCD, DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, and PDA; it can make a large virtual vision Of 30 to 60 inches, assort to double solid earphones, you can entertain yourself In anytime and anywhere. 2) Liquid crystal display in video eyewear displayer with display technology provide You a clearly view and harmless. 3) Facilitated design: the video eyewear weight about 80grams, combining The personal stereo and family theatre; fashion, innervate, and wear comfortable, Even some one short sight can use it, showing your larruping of the tech-fashion. 4) Private enjoyment: the user can adjust the light, volume and the program randomly And privately, do not worry about bothering anybody

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