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List extensive product information of Soccer Tables, provided by Soccer Table manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Children Soccer Tables
We produce the soccer tables, children soccer tables, game tables and air hockey tables. Our products have colorful printing and various types from china.
Company: Shanghai Xizhan Sports Goods Company Limited    China

5' Snooker Table
5' Snooker Table: 1) Table size: 60" x 30" x 31". 2) Playfield size: 56" x 26". 3) Material: MDF/PVC. Soccer Table: 1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 54'' x 29'' x 32''. 2) Material: flakeboard / fibreboard/ PVC/ pontil/ plastic

Soccer Table
1) Table size: 55' x 29' x 34'. 2) Material: MDF, PB, PVC. 3) Series available: children's series, young people's series, adults' series. 4) Different designs and colors available
Company: Shanghai Xizhan Sports Goods Company Limited    China

Air Hockey Table
1) Table dimension (L x W x H): 84 x 42 x 31". 2) Materials: MDF, PB and PVC laminate. 3) Transparent red / blue scorer. 4) Motor: 1 each
Company: Shanghai Xizhan Sports Goods Company Limited    China

Soccer Game
Soccer Game, Brings up your athletic interest. There are two sides for the game: one side is the soccer, 20 players, the product size is 53.5x49x8.5cm. the other side is the billiards. And, it also attach 16 kinds game series by paper, such as I-go, golf, baseball, maze, etc. and attach all the game fittings. We can supply a wide range of soccer.

Mini Soccer Table
Supply 32" mini soccer table from china. Affordable entertainment suitable for home, office, and low places.

5' Air Hockey Table
1) Article: 5' air hockey table. 2) Table size: 60" x 30" x 32". 3) Playfield size: 59" x 29". 4) Material: MDF/PVC. 5) Additional information: 110V small fan; 6.5' wire; digital markers. 6) Accessories: 2pcs pushers/red pucks; straight ball-gather board

Soccer Table
MDF soccer table: 1) 1,397 x 736 x 864mm, 320 sets/40' GP. 2) with electronic display, 1,400 x 740 x 895mm, 320 sets/40' GP. 3) 1,372 x 736 x 882mm, 268 sets/40' GP. Solid steel playing rods, 22pcs players

Soccer Table

Soccer Table
1) Table Size: 48 x 24 x 32(inch). 2) Material: MDF, PB, PVC laminated. 3) Stainless steel playing bars. 4) ABS Player and 2 soccer balls. 5) Available color,and will add as clients request. 6) All accessories included

4' Soccer Table with Removable Handles
Specifications: 1) Table size: 48" x 24" x 32". 2) Playfield size: 41-1/2" x 22-7/8". 3) Material: MDF/PB/PVC. Features: 1) Handles can be removed when table leave unused, the table can be covered and placed against the wall to save more space. 2) More suitable for making a football table as a table base for multifunctional use (handles stretching out can be ignored, when set other games on top of this football table). 3) To make the packing and assembly easier, easy ...

Soccer Table
1) MDF soccer table. 2) Color: wooden, black, mahogany. 3) Solid steel playing rods. 4) 22pcs players in men's shape, white and blue. 5) English/Germany/French/Spanish manuals. Also supply material: plastic Soccer Table. Dimensions (L x W x H): 536 x 474 x 77mm.

Soccer / Football Table
Can be supplied in basic wooden color and other coating color you like. Side aprons: 16mm laminated PB, 15cm wide. End aprons: 9mm laminated MDF. Player rods: 13mm strong chromium steel. Goalie rods: Choice between one and three man goalie. Bearings: Slide bearings. Scorers: Plastic manual slide scorers. Balls: 3pcs included. Ball insert: At each side apron. Ball return: internal at each and apron. Legs: Square shaped hollow legs, 7. 5 x 7. 5 cm, 12mm PB. Feets: Anti-slide rubber

4' Soccer Table
1) Table size: 48" x 24" x 32". 2) Playfield size: 41-1/2" x 22-7/8". 3) Material: MDF/PB/PVC. 4) Packing size: 45-5/8" x 27" x 6-1/4". 5) G.W/N.W: 27.2/23kg. 6) Load quality: 490 sets/40' GP. 7) Additional information: 1/2" silver hollow iron pipe; 3-2-4-3 lineup; red/blue dolls with sleeve

Multifunction Table
1) Table dimensions (L x W x H): 84-1/4" x 46-1/4" x 31-1/2". 2) Material: MDF, PVC laminate. 3) 3 in 1 game table. 4) Games include: billiard table, table tennis, dining

Foldable Soccer Table/Coin Operated Soccer Table
Foldable Soccer Table/Coin Operated Soccer Table: 1) MDF foldable soccer table, 1,400 x 720 x 860mm. 2) MDF mini tabletop soccer game table, 940 x 505 x 305mm. 3) MDF coin operated soccer game table, 1500 x 736 x 865mm. 4) Playing bars: solid or hollow steel rods. 5) 22 players in men's shape or robot. 6) English/Germany/French assembly instructions

Air Hockey Table, Soccer Table, Billiard Table
We are an expert in producing various air hockey tables, soccer tables, poker tables, poker chips sets, game table, gambling table, billiard table, pool table, cards dealer ,cards shuffler and other products. At the same time ,we spare our efforts to develop and research up-to-date items to handle our customers' requirements.

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