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List extensive product information of Musical Instrument (include Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, Drum, Piano, Harmonica, Violin, Zither), provided by Musical Instrument manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

30" Electric Guitar with Trumpet
1) This electric guitar is 30" long. 2) Neck: maple. 3) Fingerboard: maple. 4) String length is 18.70" / 475mm. 5) The pickups is single coil X1, and the regulator is volume X1 with trumpet
Company: Opus Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.    China

Tenor Saxophone
We can supply wind instruments (trumpet, flute, saxophone, clarinet, French horn, trombone and tuba), piano, accordion, harmonica, string instruments (violin and cello), mini musical instruments, musical instruments accessories.

1) Material: bamboo. 2) Size: 32 x 2.5cm. 3) 8 holes. Creative Bamboo supplies bamboo series music instrument. At present, we supply professional bamboo flute. We also supply all kinds of raw materials of bamboo instruments. Our specialists will give you nice tune and size of bamboo instrument if you are in this line.

Electric Guitar
1) Scale: 648mm. 2) Neck: maple. 3) Body: solid. 4) Rets: 22. 5) Fingerboard: rosewood. 6) Control: 2V/2T, 3Way switches. 7) Pickups: three single
Company: Opus Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.    China

Light Up Maracas
1) Light up maracas. 2) Light up clapper. 3) Light up instrument. 4) Blinking light. 5) Push button on/off switch. 6) Different casing color optional

Percussion Instrument
1) wooden maraca: 68mm, 370mm ; 2) shake single blocks: 40mm, L195mm ; 3) 1pr maraca: 77.50mm, L260mm ; 4) 2pcs tube shakers: 41mm, L85mm ; 5) 1pc hand-clapper ; 6) 1pr shake bell ; 7) 1pc double tone block: 34mm, L185mm

Drum Set
1) Drum: 22" x 16", 16" x 16", 14" x 6.5", 13" x 11", 12" x 10". 2) Cymbal: 14" x 2, 16" x 1. Different drum sets have different colors. Generally, different drum sets have different snare drum and hoops.

Alto Saxophone and Bb Sax
Gold lacquered finish, Italian pad and spring. Gold lacquered finish, nickel plated keys. Nickel plated. Silver plated. Gold plated. Silver plated finish, gold plated keys. Matte gold plated. Matte nickel plated. Nickel plated finish, gold plated keys. Phosphor brass plated nickel plated keys. Phosphor brass gold lacquered finish. Archaized. Black nickel finish, gold plated keys. Color lacquer

Suzuki Digital Grand Piano
Suzuki Digital Grand Piano Concert Grande Ensemble HG-550ex Excellent condition. Key Features: high gloss black cabinet. weighted, hammer action keyboard. 128 sound sampled general MIDI voices & 8 drum kits. PCM w / wavetable synthesis. 64 note polyphony. 320x240 graphic LCD. 3 way, 6 deluxe speaker stereo sound system. karoke and built in music teacher program. 16 track sequencer. piano bench [padded upholstered seat and storage. assorted sheet music and lesson books included

Musical Instrument
We can offer maracas, tambourines, bells, drums, triangles, cabasas, blocks, shakers, xylophones and other musical instruments in china.

Electronic Keyboard
1) 61 standard keys. 2) 20 timbres. 3) 20 rhythms. 4) 5 percussions. 5) Rising descending tone (6-speed). 6) Rhythm programming, record, playback. 7) 5 demonstration songs. 8) 32-stage tempo speed. 9) 16-stage volume adjustable. 10) Large scale integration. 11) Auto bass-chord function, single finger and fingered chords. (sync, fill-in, vibrato, sustain, fill-in). 12) External speaker. 13) AC power. 14) Double-channel output. 15) Tone area: C2-C7. 16) Output power: 4W. 17) Rated voltage: DC9 ...

Microphone Stand
Microphone Stand. Material: Iron and nylon. Height:95-160cm. Moving Tube: 5mm. Center Tube:1mm. Color: black

Magic Foldable Piano
1) The hand-roll piano keyboard is small and can be hand carried. It can also be rolled up for easy storage in your hand bag or carrying cases. 2) You can select 49-key models (4 octaves + 1 key) for beginners, or 61-key models (5 octaves + 1 key) for more advanced students. 3) The hand-roll piano keyboard has many functions which you can select on the control box a) 128-tone function ; b) 100 rhythm options ; c) Adds 001-100 control keyboard ; d) 20 demo songs ; e) MIDI out 16 output ...

This is a 24-hole harmonica with copper board and aluminum board available. We can also supply many kinds of musical instruments such as harmonicas, melodicas, flutes, and guitars.

Frame Drums
1) Frame drum with wooden frame, natural head and beater: a) 6" / 15cm ; b) 8" / 20cm ; c) 10" / 25cm ; d) 12" / 30cm. 2) Frame drum with wooden frame, plastic head and beater, tunable: a) 8" / 20cm ; b) 10" / 25cm ; c) 12"/ 30cm. 3) a) Frame drum ; b) With tunable snare effect, wooden frame, natural head, with handle, beater ; c) Diameter: 8" / 20cm ; d) Colors: NA-natural, RD-red, YE-yellow, PU-purple, BL-blue

Electric Guitar
1) 39" electric guitar. 2) Length: 39 inches. 3) Neck: maple. 4) Fingerplate: rosewood. 5) Span: 648mm . 6) Pick-up: 3 separate type P-B. 7) Adjustment system: 1 volume button, 2-tone button, 5-grade tamber change. 8) Color: nacre red
Product Group: Electric Guitar

Guitar Tuner, Metronome Tuner
Backlight Tuner. Display mode: LCD backlight display. Tuning mode: MIC, CLIP. Tuning items: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass and Violin. Top power saving for tuner with backlight. 3 colours backlight: Yello--flat tone; Green-in tune; Red-sharp tone. Tune perfect under any circumstance as ambiant noise or darkness. 360 degree turnable for a better tuning view angle. Extrem sensitive and stable; accurate tuning

Electronic Organs
Specifications: 1) 25-key electronic keyboard 2) Functions of volume adjustment, choice of self-play, and one programmed melody. 3) Use 2 x AA batteries

We supply mediant archaize saxophones, mediant saxophones and tenor saxophones from china.
Company: Opus Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.    China

Zither and Urheen
Colamusic specializes in Zither and Urheen, electronic guitar and amplifier, piano, violin, saxophone, mandolin, Jazz drum and other musical accessories.

Electric Silent Violin
1) Electronic violin. 2) Laminated body with sandal veneer. 3) Headstock with flower. 4) Wood fingerboard. 5) With bow, string, adjuster and bridge. 6) Natural color. 7) Glossy surface. 8) With thick bag, headphone, rosin, cable and shoulder rest. 9) Patented

Looking almost as beautiful as it sounds, this Seed Pods Shaker is a must have for any percussionist! Shake this percussion instrument to create a unique percussive sound. The seed pods are hard and hollow with each one varying in size and sound. The hollow handle features a unique pattern and is made from sturdy bamboo. If you are insterested, please ask me for sample book. This is some stickers such as Bar chime, Guiro, Mallets, Metallophone, Multi-tone tank, Plastic kokiriko, Plastic ...

Flute 17 Open Holes with E Mechanism
There are 3 characteristics of this kind of flute, which are beautiful appearance, melodious timbre and great popularization. It has 17 open holes with E mechanism, with cupronickel tube. Silver plated and nickel plated finishes are available. It is applicable for all kinds of people. Our flutes have been selling well in the American, Japanese, Korean and European markets, and enjoying great reputation.

Jazz Drum
1) Colors: black, blue, maroon 2) Sizes: a) Bass drum: 16" x 22" b) DI drum: 16" x 16" c) Tom-tom: 11" x 13" d) Tom-tom: 10" x 12" e) Little metal drum: 6.5" x 14"

Broadest tonal range with a powerful, beautiful sound which is complemented nicely with a very attractive varnish. Top: Hand crafted solid aged select spruce. Back and sides: Flamed hand carved solid aged maple. Parts: Boxwood. Bridge: Aubert. Strings: Evah pirazzi (medium)

Digital Piano
. Keyboard: 88-note progressive hammer-action keyboard. 2. Keyboard controls: whole, dual (volume balance adjustable), split (split point adjustable). 3. Touch sensitivity: 5 grade of touch sensitivity level and fixed. 4. Display: multi function liquid crystal display. 5. Polyphony: 64 notes. 6. Demo songs: 21. 7. Timbre: 153 kinds of tones (128 kinds of GM standard tones+25 kinds of national musical instruments). 8. Voice control: dual voices, sustain, transpose, and tune sound. 9. Style: ...

Musical Instruments
1. Wind instruments: saxophone, flute, piccolo, oboes, trumpets, clarinet, various horns, etc. 2. Drum sets and percussions. 3. Guitars\electric guitars\electric bass\Mandolin & accessories. 4. Violin\violas\cellos and accessories. 5. Piano accordions\ button accordion\ concertina. 6. Piano\electric piano. 7. Music stands, bags & cases and various accessories. 8. One piece / plastic case or wooden case. 9. Material: yellow brass for sax. Trumpet, etc. / Cupronickel body for flute ...

Amplifier: Power output: 50W RMS @ 1.0% THD into 8. Controls: Gain (drive) Volume Drive S/W. Volume Treble Middle Bass Power S/W. Jacks:Input1 Input2 phone. Pear panel: CD input (RCA),Power input, Pre-amp output, Foot Switch. Speaker 1*12 inches (lead). Dimension: 450(W) * 500(H) * 270(D)mm

Music Stand
1) Fashionable style. 2) Light weight and easy to use. We can offer photography stands and music stands for different musical instruments from china

Overdrive Effect Pedal
A transparent and warm sounding analog op amp overdrive .This pedal will drive and accentuate the nuances of your guitar and playing style .This is similar to a naturally overdriven amplifier.

Roland TD20 Compact Electronics Drum set
Roland TD20 Compact Electronics Drum set - 1500Euro Roland TD-20SXV-Drum kit gives you the feel of an acoustic kit, with hundreds of astounding sounds at your command! Imagine having a huge roomful of drum kits, all totally tweakable and ready for the studio or the stage. It's all inside the TD-20SX! But there's more; in addition to an incredible 920 drum sounds, you get an amazing 262 backing instruments. From the tunable, responsive mesh-headed pads to the great-sounding ...
Product Group: Drum Set
Company: Jas Musical Instruments    United Kingdom

Yamaha Tyros 3 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard
Yamaha Tyros 3 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard-----1500Euro Featuring the highest quality synthesizer keyboard Yamaha has ever made, the easy-to-use packed TYROS3 is the most expressive and musical keyboard in its class. By combining Super Articulation 2 technology and state of the art digital features you get stunning sound quality and musical versatility. Building on the impressive features of the TYROS2, this different, but better, 61 highly touch responsive Key 128 Note ...
Company: Jas Musical Instruments    United Kingdom

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