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List extensive product information of Scooters (include Electric Scooter, Gas Scooter, Kick Scooter, Handicapped Scooter, Mobility Scooter), provided by Scooter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Swing Scooters
We are swing scooter,Tri scooter,Frog scooter,Three wheel scooter,Foot scooter,kick scooter,Tri-scooter,Trikes exporter and trader. Detailed Product Description: 1. Quick release, Folding style. 2. Easy use, very funny, safe toy, suitable for kids and adults. 3. With a brake, make rider to be able to control speed easily. 4. Material: PU wheel, steel tube, Plastic. 5. Color available: red, black, green, blue. Usage: This swing scooter works like a swing car. Put the feet on the pedals, ...
Product Group: Swing Scooter
Company: Yongkang Hopo Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Dirt Bike Part
We can supply you with all kinds of excellent dirt bike parts and ATV parts. such as alloy frame, wheel hub, CNC dirt bike part from china.

Kick Scooter
1) Whole solid aluminum steel frame. 2)Adjustable height from 62cm to 83cm with soft sponge hand grip. 3)New fashion ,10cm PU wheels. 4)Rear friction brake for greater safety. 5)Color available in Yellow, Red, Pink, Yellow and Green.
Product Group: Kick Scooter
Company: Jinhua Justime Scooter Co., Ltd.    China

Mobility Scooter / Golf Cart
Specifications: 1) Overall dimensions: 1,440 x 670 x 1,330mm. 2) Max. speed: 12km/h. 3) Range: 40 - 48km (55Ah). 4) Max. load: 250kg. 5) Max. climbing grade: 15° 6) Turning radius: 1.65m. 7) Motor power: 800W (max. power: 1,940W). 8) Charger (onboard): 110 - 220V (AC); 24V / 5.0A. 9) Battery: 12V / 55Ah x 2 (18.4kg x 2). 10) Brake type: electric regenerative braking, hand brake. 11) Speed adjustment: step-less speed control. 12) Braking distance: 1.8m (dry surface). 13) N.W.: 110kg
Company: Jinhua Justime Scooter Co., Ltd.    China

1) Product size: 1,250 x 540 x 750mm. 2) Product weight: 37Kg. 3) Standard power: 1.6hp/3,000rpm, 1.8hp/3,600rpm. 4) Max. power: 2.4hp/4,000rpm. 5) Fuel model #NO plumbum: 90#. 6) Fuel capability: 1.5L. 7) Turning diameter: 2,700mm. 8) Max. speed: 20km/h

500W Electric Racing Scooter
Max. speed : 20km/h. Rated load: 110kg. Rated voltage: 24V. Rated power : 500W. Net weight : 34KG. Battery: 12V x 2, 17AH. Lowest protection: 20.5V. Over-current protection: 28A. Recharge time: 6-8H. Distance per charge: 26km. Carton size: 1275x330x500 (mm). Tire size: Fr. 9X3.50-4(9"); Re.9X3.50-4(9")
Product Group: Electric Scooter
Company: Jinhua Justime Scooter Co., Ltd.    China

Water-Cooled Pocket Bike
Specifications: 1) Product dimensions: 960 x 550 x 630cm. 2) Seat height: 55cm. 3) Engine: 39.5cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, liquid cooling. 4) Starting: pull start. 5) Max. power: 5kW/12,000rpm. 6) Max. torque: 4.5N.m/15,000rpm. 7) Compression ratio: 10.0:1. 8) Tank: 2.0L. 9) Transmission: chain. 10) Wheel size: 90/65-6.5 (F), 110/50-6.5 (R), tubeless. 11) Brake (front/rear): dual disc brake (F), disc brake (R), tubeless. 12) Max. speed: 90km/h. 13) Max. load: 100kg. 14) Range: 60km

49cc Gas Scooter (Aluminium Deck)
Displacement: 49cc. Material of scooter: Aluminum. Brake: Handle brake. Start method (option): Pull & Electric. Max. Speed: 23km/h. Run distance with full tank; >50km. Product size (mm): 1065x460x1010. Container loading:. 20' FCL 230 units. 40' FCL 484 units

Gas Kick Scooter
1) Engine: 33cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke. 2) Max speed: 20km/h. 3) Rated load: 90kg. 4) Fuel tank volume: 1.4L. 5) Net weight: 19kg. 6) Tire size: front 9 x 3.5-4 (9"), rear: 9 x 3.5-4 (9"). 7) Start: pull start. 8) Brakes: front and rear disk brake. 9) Power: 0.75kW. 10) Sprocket: 19/55. 11) Core distance: 6.35.

Street Bike
Specifications: 1) Engine: 125cc, single-cylinder, plumb, four stroke, air-cooled. 2) Dimension (mm): 1970 x 760 x 1045. 3) Drive type: chain drive. 4) Front wheel /Rear wheel: 2.50-18/,2.75-18. 5) Seat high(mm): 775. 6) Net weight (kg): 107. 7) Max. speed (km/h): 85. 8) Ground clearance (mm): 165. 9) Max. power (KW/r/min): 8.2/9000. 10) Displacement(mL): 124. 11) Start-up system: electric / kick. 12) Max. torque (N.m/r/min): 8.5/7500. 13) Climb ability(degree): 18. 14) Bore x stroke (mm): ...

250W Water Scooter
1) Net weight: 9kg. 2) Gross weight: 14kg. 3) Single charge: 40 minutes. 4) Type of motor: DC Series motor. 5) Diving degree: 20km. 6) Motor power: 250W. 7) Diving depth: 25m. 8) Rated speed: <6km/h. 9) Battery type: sealed lead acid battery. 10) Max loading capacity: 90kg. 11) Battery: 12V, 12Ah. 12) Color: blue. 13) Input of charger: 220V / 110V. 14) Output of charger: 14V, 1.8A. 15) Under current voltage: 10.5 more or less 0.5V. 16) Material: PP. 17) Height x Length (hand bar ):65cm*38cm

1) Engine: 1P50FMG, 100cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled. 2) Transmission: auto transmission, two gears. 3) Crock diameter: 50cm stopcock journey: 49.5cm. 4) Cylinder work cubage: 97.0ml. 5) Nominal exhaust: 100mi; compression ratio: 8.6:1. 6) Max power output: 4.4/8000. 7) Standard power: 4.2-7500 X 500. 8) Max wrest distance: 6.0/5000 X 500. 9) Minimum fuel deplete rate: < 367. 10) Minimum racing tranquailization rotate speed: 1500 r/min. 11) Product dimession: 202 x 660 x 840cm. 12) Ignition: ...

Mobility Product Accessories
Mobility product accessories as oxygen tank holder, rear basket, cane caddy, crutch caddy, walker caddy, sun shade, scooter cover, safety flag, rear view mirror, electric scooter tyres, wheel chair tyres, scooter tubes, wheelchair tubes, electric scooter battries, electric scooter battery charger, cup holder for electric scooter, wheelchair use by different companies in Scooter mobility

Sea Scooter
1) Net weight: 9kg. 2) Gross weight: 14kg. 3) Single charge: 40 minutes. 4) Type of motor: DC series motor. 5) Diving degree: 20km. 6) Motor power: 250W. 7) Diving depth: 25m. 8) Rated speed: <6km/h. 9) Battery type: sealed lead acid battery. 10) Max loading capacity: 90kg. 11) Battery: 12V, 12Ah. 12) Color: blue. 13) Input of charger: 220V / 110V. 14) Carton size: 420 x 420 x 690mm. 15) Output of charger: 14V, 1.8A. 16) Loading capacity: 20GP-210. 17) Under current voltage: 10.5±0.5V

Medical Scooter
1) Dimensions (mm): 1360(overall length) 620(overall width) 1180(overall height). 2) Ground Clearance: 120mm. 3) N.W.: 98kg (including 2 Batteries: 27.6kg). 4) Max. Forward Speed: 6~10km/h. 5) Max. Backward Speed: 2.4~4.8km/h. 6) Climbing capability:12degree. 7) Max. load Capacity: 140k. 8) Turning Radius: 1.3m. 9) Motor: 24V450W. 10) Battery: 12V3AH x 2. 11) Running distance of run on 1 full charge: 32km. 12) Charger: 110VAC~230VAC(Optional)/24VDC-4A. 13) Charger time: 8-10h

Mini Scooter
1) Many different style and color. 2) Product Origin: China. 3) Engine: 33cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke. 4)Start method: electric start, manual start

47cc Dirt Bike
1) Max. speed: 35km/h. 2) Max. loading: 110kg. 3) Engine: 47cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled. 4) Transmission: chain drive through automatic clutch. 5) Tank capacity: 1L. 6) Fuel / oil ratio: 25:1. 7) Max. range: 70km / full tank. 8) Start system: manual start. 9) Brake: front and rear disc brake. 10) Front suspension: shock absorption. 11) Available color: red, yellow, blue, green, black, silver, orange
Product Group: Dirt Bike

Foot Scooter
1) High strong PP and steel material made. 2) The height can be adjusted from 62cm to 73cm. 3) PP basket can put small object. 4) Quick delivery on sample within 2 days. 5) Pedal with music, gleaming function. Our factory supply kinds of scooters, such as scooters, kick scooters, folded scooters, push scooters, foot scooters, kid scooters, and children's scooters.

Handicapped Tricycle
Overall Dimension L*W*H (mm): 1950x790x1000. Net Weight (kg): 145. Max Load (kg): 80. Max Speed (km/h):30. Engine Type: Single Cylinder , 4 Stroke , Air cooling. Displacement (cc): 50 (100cc//110cc to be selected). Max. power: 2.0kW/7,500rpm. Brake mode: front disc/rear drum. Start: electric/hand start

Electric Wheelchair
1) Size (D x W x H): 360 x 950 x 850mm. 2) Weight, without batteries: 31kg,with batteries: 42kg. 3) Loading weight: max. 90kg. 4) Speed range: max. 6km/h. 5) Working hour (full charge): 4 hours. 6) Incline capability: less than 10°. 7) Max. obstacle height: less than an arc of 2cm. 8) Sliding distance (after brake): less than 1m. 9) Noise: less than 65dB. 10) Power supply: a pair of series storage battery 2 x 12V, 17V. 11) Motor power: 300W x 2

Electric Scooter
Motor power: 500W. Climbing angle: >13. Torque: 10N.m. Front brake type: disc. Rear brake type: hub. Speed: 45km/h. Battery capacity: 20Ah x 4. Other specifications. Body dimensions (L x W x H): 188 x 74 x 105cm. Wheel size: 10 x 3.0. Load capacity: 100kg. Seat height above ground: 92cm. Net Weight (without battery): 63kg. Weight of battery: 26kg. Gross weight: 97kg. Battery type: the high energy exempts the maintain. Run distance: 45-65km. Charge time: 7-8 hours. Charger input: 220V/50Hz

Swing Scooter
Swing Scooter: 1) Three PU wheels can roll smoothly and turn flexibly. 2) Made of 100% iron material. 3) Height: 85cm, length: 91.5cm, width range: 26 - 91cm. 4) Product surface dealt with painted plastic. 5) Three PU wheels' size 5"or 6" to user's option

Pocket Bike
1) Gas-powered pocket bikes with good performance. 2) Engine: 49cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled. 3) Max. load: 110kg. 4) User age: >14. 5) Max. speed: 45-50km/h. 6) Fuel: gasoline/engine oil mix (25:1 ratio). 7) Fuel tank capacity: 2.5L. 8) Start: pull start. 9) Tires: 11" (tubeless). 10) Brake: disc brakes. 11) Body cover: ABS
Product Group: Pocket Bike

Electric Scooter
1) Motor:350W brushless motor. 2) Battery: maintainable sealed lead-acid battery. 3) Battery capacity:48V/20AH. 4) Climbing angle:20 degrees. 5) Max. speed:40km/h. 6) Running distance:80km. 7) Loading:200kg. 8) Front brake: drum brake. 9) Rear brake: EABS (electric absorption braking system). 10) Charge time:4-8h
Product Group: Electric Scooter

4-Wheel Mobility Scooter
Specifications: 1) Dimensions: 1800 x 720 x 1160mm. 2) Ground clearance: 85mm. 3) N.W.: 130kg (including 2 batteries: 33kg). 4) Max. forward speed: 6-12km/h. 5) Max. backward speed: 2.4-4.8 km/h. 6) Climbing capability: 12 degree. 7) Turning radius: 2.5m. 8) Motors: 600W. 9) Battery: 12V 50Ah x 2. 10) Running distance of run on 1 full charge: 35km. 11) Charger: 110VAC-230VAC (optional) / 24VDC-4A. 12) Charge time: 11-13hrs

Electric Scooter
1) Motor power: 250W, permanent-magnet brushed DC motor. 2) Battery capacity: 7Ah, 12V x 3 / 12Ah, 12V x 3pcs. 3) Charging time: 4-6 hours. 4) Recharge times: > 280 times. 5) Load capacity: 113kg / 248.6Ibs. 6) Max. speed: 20km/h. 7) Range: 25km/h. 8) Input voltage of charger: 110-220V. 9) Power consumption: 1.1kWh/100km. 10) Output of charger: DC 43.5V 1.8A. 11) Frame material: aluminum. 12) Brake: hand brake. 13) Product size: 102 x 68 x 98cm

PU Scooter PU Wheel
Our products have all kinds of various and styles, Include Ordinary PU Wheels Light Wheels Laser Wheels, whose apply high-grade polyurethan material and have the characteristics of high transparency, high durability and high tensibility. The product mainly used in roller skate, electric scooter, scooter.

Handicapped Scooter
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,950 x 790 x 1,000mm. Axle distance: 1,415mm. Wheel distance: 690mm. Ground clearance: 120mm. Weight: 145kg. Max. speed: 30km/h. Max. load: 80kg. Brake mode: front disc/latter drum. Start: electric/hand start

Electric Scooter
1) Folding electric scooter with powerful 150W motor. 2) Motor: DC 150W, permanent rear-earth magnet. 3) Battery: 12V x 2pcs / 9Ah, lead-acid. 4) 110 - 240V smart charger, with 2-color LED status indicator. 5) Control board: standard. 6) Top speed: 15km/h. 7) Transmission: drive belt. 8) Brake: disc brake (front). 9) Wheel: PU, nylon rim. 10) Tires size: front 6.5", rear 5". 11) Handlebar: foldable. 12) Deck: aluminum board. 13) Frame: high-density steel. 14) Colors: silver, gold, ...
Product Group: Electric Scooter

1200W Electric Motorcycle
1) Motor: 1200w brushless. 2) Battery: 12V/38Ah x 4pcs, silicone power. 3) Rated voltage: 48V. 4) Wheel size: 3.00/10. 5) Brake: front disc brake and rear drum brake. 6) Loading capacity: 100kg. 7) Top speed: 55km/h. 8) Climbing gradient: 15degree. 9) Running distance per full charge: 80km 10) Operating temperature range: -50 to +60centigrade. 11) Charging time: 6hours. 12) Recharging times: over 400 times

Warrior Gas Scooter
1) L x W x H: 1880 x 670 x 1160mm. 2) Wheel base: 1330mm. 3) Dry mass: 102kg. 4) Ground clearance: 125mm. 5) Engine style: single cylinder, 4 strokes, air-cooled. 6) Engine type: 139QMB. 7) Bore x stroke: 39.0 x 41.5mm. 8) Compression ratio: 10.5:1. 9) Max. power: 2.5kW/6000r/min. 10) Ignition: CDI. 11) Starting mode: electric and kick starter. 12) Front tire: 120/70-12. 13) Rear tire: 120/70-12. 14) Break system: F: disc; R: drum. 15) Battery: 12V 7Ah. 16) Max. speed: 50km/h. 17) Economic ...

Yamaha Scooter TMAX
Yamaha Scooter TMAX Fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, four-valve-per-cylinder engine boasts forged pistons, carburized connecting rods, and ceramic-composite plated cylinders. The TMAX has a 11.0:1 compression ratio; upswept muffler canister; Controlled-fill die-cast aluminum frame; 43mm front forks; 4-piston mono-block caliper dual front disc brakes; rear disc brake; aluminum die cast wheels with radial H-rated tires; fully featured multifunction instrumentation with speedometer and ...
Company: Yamaha Autosport Indonesia    Indonesia

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