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List extensive product information of Sport, provided by Sport Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) High class PVC or PU cover, leather. 2) Cork or latex core. 3) Lined with strong fabric. 4) Diameter: 7.3cm
Company: Nanjing Kingbo Sports Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

EVA Gym Mats
1) New design, elastic, durable, lightweight, skid-proof and waterproof, easy to wash. 2) Widely used in professional competition gyms, training gyms, indoor pools, school and amusement grounds. 3) Low price and high quality.

1) High class rubber, PU or PVC. 2) Weight: 650g or as requested. 3) Size: 7#, 5#, and other styles available
Company: Nanjing Kingbo Sports Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Badminton Rackets
We can supply badminton rackets of different materials, such as completely iron, iron alloy and aluminum alloy from china. The bag of rackets is PVC 1/2, 3/4 or full PVC bag.

Sea Scooter
1) Max. speed: 3km/h. 2) Carrying capacity: 90kg. 3) Use time one charge 50-70 minutes. 4) charge time 5-8 hours. 5) Product size (L x W): 150 x 85cm. 6) Type of motor: 250watt, rare earth permanent magnet brushed DC motor. 7) Input of charger: AC 220V or AC110V optional. 8) Output of charger DC 24V
Product Group: Sea Scooter

Compound Bow
We can supply sport bow, arrow, compound bow, blow gun, slingshot, shooting arrow, shooting steel ball, shooting fish, wood riser match, camping tool, entertainment projects, etc...

Racing Car
1) Engine: 163cc. 2) Max. load capacity: 150kg. 3) Max. front speed: 100km/h. 4) Running mode: sprocket wheel. 5) Skid: front and rear disc. 6) Average travel distance: 50 miles. 7) Wheel: 11 x 7.10 - 5 (F), 10 x 4.50 - 5 (L). 8) Starting method: hand start. 9) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 1,750 x 1,250 x 530mm. 10) Axletree space: 920. 11) Oil box: 3.6L

Golf Net
Size: 10' (width) x 9' (frontal high) x 8' (back high) x 6' (depth). Frame material: fiberglass pole. Net material: polypropylene. Target available. Net weight: 6.2kg. Gross weight: 7kg

Hand Clapper, Plastic Clapper, Noise Maker
A noisemaker for any event. Perfect for take-home favors from meeting or parties, Hand clappers also make a fun giveaway at trade shows. Assorted colors

Grooming Kit
Grooming kits containing all the grooming tools needed plus a PVC carry bag. Ideal for children grooming. Features: 1) 1pc small oval body brush. 2) 1pc small dandy brush. 3) 1pc plastic curry comb. 4) 1pc plastic mane comb. 5) 1pc small rubber curry comb. 6) 1pc hoof pick w/brush with horse head. 7) 1pc aluminum mane comb. 8) 1pc horse shape sponge. 9) 50g rubber elastics.

Ski Goggles
Ski Goggles: 1) Frame material: PC. 2) Lens: PC with UV400 protection. 3) Cord: Diving cloth. 4) Various colors available

Cross-Country Ski Pole
1) Material of tube: aluminum alloy 6061/7075 or carbon metal. 2) Length: various sizes from 100cm to 165cm, one size for each 5cm. 3) One section for metal tube. 4) Suitable for cross-county people: kids and adults

Plastic Bowling Bottle
1. Plastic bowling bottle. 2. With plastic flip-up spout lid. 3. With hook for easy carry

Fitness Boxing Set
Fitness boxing set: 1) 5kg punch bag size: 20 x 60cm 2) 1 pair of boxing gloves 3) 1 pair of inner gloves 4) 1 practical pack sack with outer net pocket

Handsewn Volleyball
1) PU or PVC leather handsewn volleyball. 2) Butyl bladder. 3) Three or two layers of polyester or cotton. 4) For official game. 5) Size:5
Company: Nanjing Kingbo Sports Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Fun Boat
1) Portable, comfortable, and durable. 2) Designed for lakes and moderate white water. 3) Lightweight and compact. 4) Removable inflatable seats. 5) Color: According to the customer's requirement. 6) Strakes at the bottom for better tracking and speed.. 7) Easy to inflate and deflate. 8) D-rings at bow and stern for securing gears. 9) Grab handles for easy put-ins and pull-outs. 10) Including repair kit

Billiard Table
1) Table size: 98' x 53' x 32'. 2) Material: MDF with PVC. 3) Different designs and colors available. 4) Can also produce according to customers' samples

Swimming Cap
1) Swimming cap. 2) Material: nature pure silicone. 3) Logo: silk screen print, according to the clients' request. 4) Color: multicolor, any color can be available

AC Frequency adjustable speed fashion commercial power step: 1) House power: Continuous 4.0HP. Max. Power 6HP. 2) Motor: Low-noise AC motor. 3) Input voltage:220V,50/60HZ. 4) Speed scope:1.6-20km/h. 5) Elevation by motor from 0 to 15. 6) With negative oxygen ion generator oxygen anion generator. 7) With kinds of sound source conversion and high-fidelity sound box. 8) Dot matrix displsy of human screen and crawling title. 9) With 5 different speed programs and 5 elevation programs to select. ...

Gas Skateboard
Features: 1) User age:>14. 2) Weight capacity: 120kg. 3) Net weight: 21kg. 4) Foldable. 5) Motive power: 33CC, 2-strokes. 6) Starting method: by hand. 7) Max speed: 25km/h. 8) Tank volume: 1L. 9) Fuel: 25 gasoline: 1 oil. 10) Distance: 45km. 11) Tire: 9' x 4 charged air tires, aluminum wheel

Table Tennis Table
1) Table Tennis Table. 2) Specifications: 2740 x 1525 x 760mm. 3) Material: MDF, high intensity steel rim. 4) Frame: 20 x 38mm. 5) Table legs tube: 40 x 40 x 10mm. 6) Wheels: 8 x 2.5" wheels with brakes

Neoprene / Sports Support
We make all kinds of neoprene products. Features: 1) Material: neoprene. 2) Thickness: as per request. 3) High quality with lower price. 4) Thigh/ knee/ wrist/ calf/ ankle support

1) High class PVC or PU cover, foam PVC. 2) Butyl bladder, rubber bladder. 3) Lined with strong fabric. 4) Sizes: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 available. 5) Layers: 1, 2, 3, 4

Adjustable Inline Skate
Adjustable Inline Skate: 1) PE shoe shell. 2) Aluminum chassis. 3) ABEC-5 bearings. 4) PU wheels

Diving Gloves
Diving Gloves: 1) Adjustable Velcro around wrist. 2) Zig zag stitching. 3) Lycra, PU or elastic binding

Bungee Cords
1) Dimensions (D x L): 8, 10, 12 x 300 - 3,000mm (12 - 118"). 2) High quality Malaysian rubber strands covered with double braid. 3) Most sizes and shapes available. 4) Weatherproof. 5) Ideal for motorcycles, bicycles, surfboards, fishing rods and camping. 6) For general light loading only

Tennis Trainer Set
Specifications: 1) 23"ABS racket 2) Head: 9-1/2 x 13" 3) PE stringing 4) EVA handle 5) Water-filled PE base + 3" rubber ball

QM01 Bicycle MTB Handle Bar
HandleBar QM01 For MTB Monocoque Carbon, 12K, Integrated Type Providing Optimized Strength and Light Weight Design For Dural Direction Use, Providing 2 Different Slopes For Your Best Choice Size: 560, 580, 590, 600mmL Stem: 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140"
Product Group: Bicycle Handle Bar
Company: Qualita Co., Ltd.    Taiwan

cornhole board
Features: - Complies with ACA standards - 6" routed and sanded hole - Premium plywood surface - Collapsible legs for compact storage and transportation - Nailed and glued for durability -Each bag is 6 inches by 6 inches Specifications: - Size: 2'x4' -Front high: 4inch -Rear high: 12inch -Hole size: 6inch -Distance between the rear and center: 9inch ...
Company: Xiamen LEDA Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Fitness Equipment,Home Gym Equipment,Fitness Equipment Manufacturers
This series of equipment were made of high quality welded tube steel, The charge diameter to 140mm, Wall thickness to more 2.75-3.0mm. Moving parts are connected by high-quality bearings,.Shaft crafted from the steel car. In addition to welding parts, the other connecting parts are galvanized screw connections,covering the surface with a security buckle, no specialized tools can not remove. The appearance of equipment are electrostatic sprayed by imported polyester powder.Thickness is more ...
Company: Beijing Aibisheng Sports Facilities Co., Ltd    China

Leisure Chair Road Chair,Park Chair
Cast iron legs Road Chair This series of road chairs’ legs are made of high quality ductile iron casting. Handsome in appearance, atmosphere, artistic diversity, toughness, a shape, not broken.The wood is made of Indonesia iron wood, ash, camphor pine after repeated grinding and multi-layer anti-corrosion treatment . Smooth surface, no cracks, weathering resistance. Outdoor all venues can use, fixed with the expansion bolt directly Iron Leg Leisure Chair This kind of Leisure chair are ...
Company: Beijing Aibisheng Sports Facilities Co., Ltd    China

China Outdoor 2012
2011 China International Outdoor Supplies Trade Show attracted 317 exhibitors and the exhibits included outdoor clothes and shoes, barbecue supplies, water supplies, fishing supplies, tents, outdoor tools and so on. And it also attracted 25,629 professional visitors showing up, including 2,636 overseas visitors who come from Australia, America, Canada, Europe, Middle East and so on, which is expected to break a new record by 2012 and appeal to over 30000 visitors. Outdoor leisure, boundless ...
Company: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co. Ltd    China

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