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List extensive product information of Baseball (include Baseball Gloves, Baseball Bat, Batting Ball), provided by Baseball manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PU Base Ball
1) PU baseball stress ball. 2) material: polyurethane foam. 3) different shapes and styles and sizes available. 4) ODE and OEM are welcome
Company: Dongguan Taoan Sport Goods Plant    China

Baseball Practice Set
Supply Baseball Set in china. 2) Steel pole size: 48" x 68" x 39". 3) 30 ply PE rope, 1-3/4", 35 x 24.

Baseball Soft Bat
Soft bat (baseball): 1. The rod all to be produced with rubber foam stuff and insert plastic tube in it. 2. The products with softy game parts so available for child or person to outdoor sporting.
Company: Dongguan Taoan Sport Goods Plant    China

Baseball Set
1) Baseballs: a) Material: PVC or PU, cotton yard and cork center ; b) Size: 9". 2) Baseball gloves' material: PVC and pigskin

Baseballs And Gloves
We are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of base balls including Base balls and soft balls and all kinds of gloves including batting/Fielding and catcher gloves.
Company: Dongguan Taoan Sport Goods Plant    China

Baseball and Baseball Bat
1) Baseball: a) Size: 9" ; b) Hand-sewn, cotton and wool wound natural cork or rubber foamed core inside ; c) Outer cover: PVC, PU, genuine leather cover silk screen or photo printing ; d) Raised heavy stitching ; e) Cover thickness: 1.0mm/1.5mm ; f) Double cushioned cork center ; g) White/gray wool windings or three-part wool, wool content of 10 - 100%. 2) Baseball bat: a) Wooden or aluminum alloy baseball bat available ; b) Size: 12", 26", 31", 32", 34" ; c) ...

We ca supply the baseball gloves in different material, such as cow leather, pig skin leather and PVC, which provide for adult professional & children training purose in china. we can supply various baseball, football, ruby, volley ball, baseball bat etc...

Baseball: 1) High class PVC or PU cover, leather. 2) Cork or latex core. 3) Lined with strong fabric. 4) Diameter: 7.3cm

Baseball Bat
BAMBOO. FINISH: Natural. LENGTH: 18"~34". HANDLE: 15 / 16" or 31 / 32". BARREL: 2. 5". We have recently introduced bamboo baseball bats. Since bamboo chutes are hollow, unlike a standard tree that a wood bat is made of, bamboo bats are made by pressing bamboo "strips" into billets, and then turning these billets into bats. Bamboo is an extremely strong wood, with a tensile strength greater than that of steel

Practice Baseball
Raw material: BASF, Bayer, DuPont etc. it is used in practice and playing. Size: 70mm, 75mm. Colour: white, yellow, red, black, blue etc.. Weight:110g,115g. Other: We can produce the baseball according to your order.

Batting Glove
Batting Glove - Baseball. Color - Black & White. Sizes - S M L XL. Genuine Leather Palm. Adjustable Velcro Wristband. Moisture Control Sweatband. Lightweight Palmlock Flex Fit. Fingertip Grip Control

Baseball Set
1) Baseball gloves: a) Material: leather / leather + PU / PU / PVC ; b) Sizes: 8-1/2" - 13" ; c) Available in various colors and patterns ; d) Artificial wool strap lining makes hand back feel comfortable. 2) Bat: a) Sizes: 24 - 34" ; b) Transfer printing is available ; c) Fumigation/disinfection certificate available. 3) Various assorted baseball sets available

Baseball Helmet
We can supply baseball helmets. Withstand hit PC+ABS plastic and resist impact sparkle EVA protect materials inside from china. The clients can choose to black, red and blue.

Baseball / Softball Swing Trainer Bat
Our One Handed Swing Trainer Bat can be made out of aluminum or wood. Our most common size is 16" long (16 ounces) with a 2" diameter barrel. The total imprint area is 4.5" x 5.9". Softball/baseball teams are using this small bat to use as a one handed swing training aid, to teach kids the proper swing through procedure. It could be sold through team sales, college book stores and baseball stadiums, etc...

Bamboo Bat
Created with the strongest bamboo to come from China, bamboo bats are much more durable than oak, ash, or maple ones. With a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch, bamboo easily surpasses the strength of steel, which is roughly 23,000 per square inch. The bamboo bat will give you unparalleled strength, flexibility, and performance.

Baseball Pitching Machine
Speed 25-100 mph. Weight 98 lbs. Built-in Transports Wheels. Throws real baseballs or dimpled. Throws all types of pitches. Throws grounders and flies 3-way swivel head. Runs on 110 AC. May be used with BATA Feeder. Available for Baseball/Softball

Bamboo Baseball Bat
We can supply bamboo flooring. Features: Material: Bamboo. Four style: a) Horizontal - Natural ; b) Horizontal - Carbonized ; c) Vertical - Natural ; d) Vertical - Carbonized. Size: 920 x 92 x 15mm ; 1850 x 92 x 15mm. Top face finished: Matt ; Sub-gloss ; Gloss ; Non-toxic glue.

Baseball Products
Experienced in making OEM products for famous brand. PVC/PU baseball glove. PVC/PU baseball. All sorts of baseball bats

Baseball Stick
We aply the petent of this products. This baseball is made from carbo mix material. We are the first manufacturer by using this material in China

Baseball Bat, Baseball
Baseball Bat: 1) Material: aluminum alloy. 2) Dimensions: 52mm x 1.8mm x 25" (25 - 34"). 3) Dimensions: 57mm x 2mm x 28" (28 - 34"). Baseball: 1) PVC leather ; 2) Rubber foam inner ; 3) Sizes: 8.5" or 9"

Professional Baseball Bat
1) Length: 28"-34". 2) Diameter: 57-66mm. 3) Thickness:2-2.5mm. 4) Material: superhard aluminum alloy 7075, 7050, 7046. 5) Colors: yellow, black, argent, blueness, red

Baseball Equipments And Accessories
Specially designed for long hours of hard play. Baseball equipments & accessories. 1. Bats made of special selected willow. 2. Balls made of cork and rubber mixture. 3. Fielding gloves made of leather & PU.

Baseball Bats
1) Material: aluminum alloy. 2) Dimensions: 52mm x 1.8mm x 25" (25 - 34"). 3) Dimensions: 57mm x 2mm x 28" (28 - 34")

Baseball Glove
Baseball Glove: 3.0mm double nylon neoprene (100% CR). Kevlar palm reiforcement. Kevlar finger reinforcement. Velcro wrist strap.
Product Group: Baseball Glove

Wooden Bats
1) Materials: maple, ash. 2) Length: 28 - 34". 34) Model: 271, 243, 271C, 243C, 110. 4) We can do every size if you supple us the size of barrel, knob and handle. 5) Finish: long spray-painting and short spray-painting available, brush-painting. 6) Logo: watermark or laser. 7) Best use for training, playing

9" Professional PU Batting Ball
1) 9" baseball. 2) 11", 12" softballs. 3) Color: white, optic yellow, yellow, green, red, blue. 4) Standard yellow pitching machine balls. 5) Official size and weight. 6) Multiple uses: fly balls, grounders, batting practice. 7) Easier on bats and hands. 8) 15% compression prevents denting. 9) Weatherproof. 10) Increase accuracy in pitching machines over real balls

Baseball Batting Gloves
White goat leather on front side, leather on front side for good grip, Black stretched 4-way fabric designing on back, strap & velcro for good closer on elastic wristband

We are reliable manufacturer of BASEBALLS & BATS. Features: 1) Baseball: a) Size: 9" ; b) Hand-sewn, cotton and wool wound natural cork or rubber foamed core inside ; c) Outer cover: PVC, PU, genuine leather cover silk screen or photo printing ; d) Raised heavy stitching ; e) Cover thickness: 1.0mm/1.5mm ; f) Double cushioned cork center ; g) White/gray wool windings or three-part wool, wool content of 10 - 100%

Grain Leather Baseball and Softball Gloves
Common PVC baseball and softball gloves: 1) 1.2mm common. 2) PVC synthetic leather. 3) 1.4mm patch cotton. Advanced PVC synthetic baseball gloves: 1) Material: 1.4mm sparkle, nice handle, low toxicity, PVC synthetic leather. 2) 1.8mm Strong PU string of the rope. 3) 1.8mm embroidered brand. 4) Inner palming is PU bound. 5) Inner of the palming is nap. Baseball and softball tannage PU gloves: 1) Palming and ball's wide is 2.2mm. 2) The cover is tannage 3) The back of a hand is 1.8mm PU ...
Product Group: Baseball Glove

baseball net
Baseball NET Protect your pitcher or pitching machine during batting practice with MWN's top of the line durable pitchers'L type baseball nets system or 7' x 7' square baseball nets system. Deluxe frames are HD 1", 1 1/4", 1-1/2"galvanized steel with swaged joints for easy assembly. Light weight and easy to move around the field. Comes with #42 netting, so these baseball nets system are built to last. Baseball Nets System Feature: *Push-button ...
Company: Mesh Wire Netting Group Co., Limited    China

baseball glove
Product:baseball glove Item:BG-1 Size:11-15 inch Color:red,blue,green,white,black other color Packing:1pairs/bag,30 pairs/carton Material Shell:kip leather Lining:leather Lacing:rawhide Welting:Top grain cowhide leather Binding:cowhide MOQ:200 pairs FOB price:USD 20-30/pairs Delivery time:whitin 30 days after get deposit Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union Paypal The price always change,please contact us for accurate price.
Company: Hongtu Sports Equipment Co.,ltd    China

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