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List extensive product information of Basketball & Volleyball (include Basketball Stand, Basketball Board, Volleyball Net), provided by Basketball & Volleyball manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Chrono Pro-ex Volleyball
Professional 18-panel volleyball ; Soft touch balanced flight ; Both for indoor and outdoor use ; Handswen fitted with latex bladder.
Company: Bj Sports    Pakistan

Features: 1) High class PVC or PU cover, leather 2) Cork or latex core 3) Lined with strong fabric 4) Diameter: 7.3cm Inner packing: Polybag. Outer packing: 100pcs/ctn Carton. Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 31cm N.W.: 14kg G.W.: 16kg.
Company: Nanjing VIKIN Gifts & Home Products Inc.    China

Leather Basketball
Material: leather. price: competitve. Features: 1) Laminated high quality PU. 2) leather. 3) Butyl bladder. 4) Indoor / outdoor usage. 5) Nylon wound. 6) Sizes: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7
Company: Ningbo Vicball Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Basketball Stand
Specifications: 1) Material: PS. 2) 28 x 21.5cm. 3) Curved or square. 4) PVC or sponge ball. 5) Can stick to wall.

1) Material: PU leather. 2) Size: 7, standard weight. 3) Bladder: butyl bladder. 4) 12 panels constructions. 5) Optional designs
Company: Ningbo Vicball Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Basketball Middle Bladder
1) B7 (B6, B5, B3, B1.5). 2) 30% butyl bladder. 3) 1,850M (1N+2T) winding. 4) Circumference: 742 - 750mm. 5) Rebound: 72" / 49 - 59". 6) Impact test: 10,000+ times

Basketball Board
1) Our products have many different sizes: 180 x 105 x 3cm, 180 x 120 x 3cm. 2) Our products made with many different material (MDF, organic glass, strong glass). 3) We can make products with your logo. 4) As manufacturer, our products with first grade quality and best price

Basketball Stand
Basketball Frame. Backboard size: 1800*1050*30mm. Basket ring size: 450mm (diameter). Pedestal size: 2000*1000mm. Basketball Backboard is made of fibre glass.
Product Group: Basketball Stand

1) Can supply hand sewn and glued footballs, basketballs and volleyballs. 2) Various styles and superior quality. 3) Size: standard 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#
Company: Ningbo Vicball Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

PVC/PU Basketball
1) Materials: PVC/PU of high quality. 2) Official size and weight. 3) Lined with strong fabric. 4) Wearable surface and high density. 5) Strong elasticity. 6) 100% for export.

Basketball Stand
1.The adjustable height is from 2.05-2.85m or 2.25-3.05m. 2.Base can be filled with 110kg water or 120kg sand. 3.The backboard size is 110X70cm and the rim dia. is 44.2cm. 4.The net is three colors (red, white and blue). 5.The steel tube is round, the backboard and base is made of PE. 6.The backboard can be printed no more than three colors design.
Product Group: Basketball Stand

Machine Stitch Volleyball
Machine stitch volleyball. Description: machine-stitch volleyball. Size 5, size 4, size 3, size 2, and size 1 available. Material: PVC, PU, TPU synthetic leather, real leather, metallic shine, laser shine. machine-stitch volleyball for promotion training match sports toys.

Basketball Frame
Basketball Frame. Fixed single arm basketball frame. Spec: Stretching 2.25m. With high-intensity safe glass backboard

Basketball Cage
1) Product size: 605 * 500 * 896mm. 2) Made of steel. 3) Suitable for basketballs. 4) We can also produce according to your drawings and design. 5) Various specifications available according to customers' different needs. 5) Surface treatment: plastic spray

Basketball Stand
Backboard size: 900 * 600mm. Basket ring size: 450mm. Pedestal size: 900 * 600 * 150mm. Bracket size: 50* 50mm (high quality trinodal steel tube). Alterable height: Max. 3.15m, min. 1.00m. Basket ring is made of plastic spray-painted steel tube(hollow or solid) the pedestal can be filled with water or sand to keep stabilization Easy to split, assemble and schlep.
Product Group: Basketball Stand

Plywood Basketball Game Set
1) Basketball game set for junior at home and outdoors. 2) Material: Plywood board, cotton net, Iron. 3) Product dimensions: 42x34cm. 4) Diameter for ring: 25cm. 5) Accept customers' styles, colors, and sizes. 6) Carton size: 4pcs/ctn, Carton dimensions: 45x38x44cm. 7) Packing in window display box

We can supply you all size basketballs (7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1), PVC synthetic leather laminated, PU synthetic leather laminated or rubber moulded, rubber bladder or butyl bladder from china.

Volley Ball
Volleyball, professional/official size, circumference 65-67 cm, weight 250-280 g. Hand sewn, outer casing: Synthetic leather. Supplied with two plastic inflating needles. Suitable for all types of playground surfaces.

Sports Volleyball
We produce volleyballs in size 5 with official weight Rubber volleyballs, machine stitching volleyballs, hand sewn volleyballs and laminated volleyballs for toys, training and promotion

Basketball Backboard
Tempered glass backboard. Size: 120 x 105 x 1. 2cm. Other basketball series products: Fan shape backboard ; Size: 120 x 90 x 3cm ; Composite backboard ; Size: 180 x 105 x 3cm ; PMMA backboard ; Size: 180 x 105 x 3cm ; Simple rim / goal / ring ; Fixed rim / goal / ring ; Elastic rim / goal / ring ; NBA rim / goal / ring ; Common Padding ; NBA and FIBA padding

PU Laminated Basketball
1) Laminated high quality PU leather. 2) Butyl bladder. 3) Indoor or outdoor usage. 4) Nylon wound. 5) Sizes: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7

Beach Volleyballs
Designed for long hours of hard play advance level game ball. 1. PU material soft touch feeling. 2. Polyester laminations. 3. Latex bladder for extra bounce. 4. Entirely hand stitched. 5. Recommended for all weather. 6. Water proof external covering

Basket Ball, Volley Ball
Rubber Basketball: Made of natural rubber, nylon wound bladder, official size 7 and official weight 600-650grs. Volley ball leatherite dull material,2 ply lamination, durable laminated, fitted with rubber latex bladder.

Volleyball Net
1) Net: PE, 32' x 3' x 4" mesh. 2) Top and side tape: 3.25" nylon tarpaulin. 3) Bottom tape: 2" nylon tarpaulin. 4) Top cable: 4mm steel cable. 5) Wooden stick: 2pcs 1" thickness, 33" length

Basketball Net
12 loop construction. Handmade. 6mm durable braided nylon. Official size. Internationally recognized hand recommended. Colors: white, white and red, bright yellow, white, dark blue

Cheering Basketball
Cheering basketball is a perfect gift for basketball fans all over the world. The Cheering Basketball is a basketball hoop that clips easily to any waste paper basket. Whenever you need to throw something in the bin, will be rewarded with a satisfying cheer. At Home: Feel part of the basketball action at home. Shoot with your Cheering Basketball, it will reward you with the roar of a stadium full of cheering fans. At Work: Feel part of the basketball action at work. When you've finished ...

Multi-Position Basketball Stand
1) Extension: adjustable from 450 to 640mm. 2) Ground clearance of ring: adjustable from 2,400 to 3,050mm. 3) Backboard size: 1,200 x 900mm, fibreglass reinforced backboard. 4) The pedestal size (L x W): 1,150 x 800mm

1) Material: PVC. 2) Weight: 60g to 230g. 3) Color: red, yellow, blue, white, black. 4) Used in gardens, parks and games. 5) Can cultivate children's interest in playing basketball. 6) Can exercise children's body and enhance their health

Basketball Rim
We can offer Basketball Series from china: Basketball backboard, Basketball rim, Basketball ring, Basketball hoop, Basketball net, Basketball stand.

volleyball net
MWN's volleyball net products could be used in indoor and outdoor sport. Two kinds of the net are popular: knotted and knotless. Specification of volleyball net: Official size: 32' length x 39" width Available in other widths for special court needs. (30', 20', 15', etc...) Material: Nylon, Polyester,Polypropylene,Polyethylene Color: Black,green,white,etc Rope diameter:3mm,3.5mm Rope type: Braided woven and twisted woven Opening ...
Product Group: Volleyball Net
Company: Mesh Wire Netting Group Co., Limited    China

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