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List extensive product information of Billiards (include Pool Table, Billiard Table, Snooker Table, Pool Cue, Pool ball), provided by Billiard manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pool Table, Billiard Table
1) Pool Table, Billiard Table. 2) Table size: 9ft (291 x 164 x 80cm). 3) Includes: table frames, rails, natural slate (95 x 51 x 1"), table cloth (65% wool and 35% nylon). 4) Real leather pockets
Company: Nanhai Riley Wiraka Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Billiard Cloth For Carom
1) worsted. 2) width: 155cm 165cm 195cm. 3) weight: 320g / s. Q. M. 4) composition: 90% wool, 10% nylon.

Billiard Table
Our main products includes solid wood and mdf billiard table, pool table, 3-in-1 bumper pool table, soccer table, air hockey table, game / coffee table, poker / card table, gambling table, pub bar, barstool, dartboard cabinet, billiard room lamp, cue rack, billiard clocks, triangle, etc.
Company: Nanhai Riley Wiraka Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Pool Cue
1) Pool cues can be made according to your design. 2) Material: hardwood, maple wood, ramie wood or other wood. 3) Irish linen wraps, pressed nylon wraps, quick-released joint, wood joint are available. 4) Length and diameter of tip: according to customers' needs
Company: Nanhai Riley Wiraka Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Billiard Table
1) Hand carved wholly with antique pattern. 2) Elegant aprons and legs. 3) Selected solid wood. 4) Aniline dyed leather pockets. 5) Playing area size:2,540 x 1,270mm (8'). 6) Overall dimensions:2,830 x 1,550 x 840mm (8'). 7) Slate thickness:25mm (1")

American Tournament Snooker
Made from mahogany with leather rail pockets, 4.5cm high quality slate bed. This top quality snooker table comes with lovely turned fluted leg. Table Size: 290*163*85 cm 114"*64"*33" 9'. Accessories: One set of TaiWan American style balls,4 cues,1 bridge cue.

Snooker Cues Case
Aluminum Snooker Cues. Features: 1) Diamension: 786 x 81 x 65mm. 2) Smooth Aluminum Panel, Aluminum Frame. 3). Metal handle. 4). Metal locks with keys. 5). Inside with EVA lining and velco

Outdoor Pool Table
Complete new designed outdoor pool table. 8 foot. This is fully weatherproof and comes complete with cover, kevlar cues etc. Perfect for campings, outdoor places etc.. Available in several cloth colors. Solid packing in crates. This is professional quality. Weight per table is 480KG.

Billiards Sticks
Shaft: 29" long, Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Tip: K. F# 11 Layered Leather Tip. Ferrule: Linen Based Melamine. Joint: Flat-Faced 3 / 8-10" Stainless steel. Forearm & Sleeve: Solid Ebony (a type) / Padauk (b type) with 6 Green. Stone points outlined with melamine. Wrap: Irish linen, W/ brown (a type) / W/ green (b type). Specs: Kaofa's own super precise bolt system.

Snooker Tables, Pool Tables, Wooden Billiards
Our company is a professional company in producing Billiards, Snooker Tables, Pool Tables, Wooden Billiards, and we have much lower cost raw materials as we are located in a mountain areas in China, also the laboring services here are cheap, while we also have the most experienced workers here in China. So we can provide you the best quality Billiards, Snooker Tables, Pool Tables, Wooden Billiards with cheapest prices.

Pool Table
1) Main frame: 2,540 x 1,3397x 830mm. 2) Slate: 1 feet thickness, 3pcs of slates. 3) Table comes with complete accessories and felt. 4) Table felt: wool

Cue Case
1. Size: 48", holding 3 / 4-piece cues. 2. Material available of Aluminum, Latex Leather, Artificial Leather etc.

Rubber Cushions
1) Rubber cushions: made of fine rebound flexibility. 2) Hardness: about 43 - 45 degrees. 3) Length of rubber: according to customers' needs. 4) Different colors available

Jaguar Pool Coin Operated Table
1) Body finishing: spraying. 2) Color: mahogany, silver, grey black, black grey. 3) Coin operated mechanism which greatly reduces supervision and increases billiard owners' revenues. 4) Rail complete with K55 Master speed rubber cushion & 980 wiraka superior cloth (75% wool 25% nylon cloth). 5) Come with 1" slate. 6) Table main specifications inclusive pocket size, height of table and rubber cushion, inner playing area and slate measurements are all conformed to WORLD POOL ...

Pool Table Cloth
1) woolen blended. 2) width: 155cm 165cm 195cm. 3) weight: 410g / s. Q. M. 4) composition: 75% wool, 25% nylon

Leather Billiard Pocket
1) Pocket for billiard table. 2) Material: iron, simulation leather. 3) Accept customers' styles, colors, and sizes

Pool Cues
Material: Ebony Butt, Pro Tapered Maple Shaft. Tip: 12 Layers. Grip: Irish Linen. Length: 58 Inch. Weight: 18, 19, 20, 21 OZ. Ferrule: Smart Ferrule. Joint: Titanium

Aluminium Pool / Billiard Table
Table Dimensions: 99" L x 55" W x 31" H. Playing Field: 88" L x 44" W. Accessories: 2PCS cue. 1SET Polyball. 1PC Plastic triangle. 2PCS CHALK. 1PC brush

High quality handmade snooker cues. superb designs and features. solid ebony hand spliced butt. top grade North American straight grained ash shaft

Pool Table
1) Material: fiberboard MDF, PVC, wood. 2) Products available: billiard tables, game tables for children, family billiard tables, international standard billiard tables. 3) Sizes available: 6', 7', 8', 9'. 4) Can also produce according to customers' samples

Air Hockey Table
Side / End Apron: 15mm thick MDF with silver PVC laminate. Legs: 18mm thick MDF legs with black PVC laminate. Leg Panels: 15mm thick MDF leg panels with black PVC laminate. Corners: 25mm MDF with black PVC laminate. Playfield: 4. 75mm thick MDF with small wholes (black). Airflow System: High output electric motor. Power: Can be supplied with 110V and 240V motor; 1Pcs. Puck Return: Internal at each side. Puck Catchers: 2Pcs
Product Group: Air Hockey Table

Billiards Cues
Material: Fiberglass and Graphite. Tip: 12 Layers. Grip: Black & Red Bump. Length: 58 Inch. Weight: 18, 19, 20, 21 OZ. Ferrule: Titanium. Joint: Titanium

Pool Table
We are a manufacture specialize in American pool tables (7ft, 8ft, 9ft), snooker tables (12ft) and billiard carom tables (3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft) as well as mini pool tables and accessory

Billiard Slate
1) Pool table slate, snooker table salet. 2) In compliance with the standards of BCA & WPA. 3) Sizes: 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10'-12ft. 4) 8ft dimensions: 2413 x 1295 x 25mm. 5) 12ft dimensions: 3660 x 1867 x 45mm. 6) BCA certification

Billiard Accessories
This accessory kit includes: 1) One set of 2 1/4'' balls. 2) 1pc of wooden triangle rack. 3) 1pc of wooden pool ball rack. 4) 1pc of brush. 5) 1pc of rail brush. 6) 4pcs of cues. 7) 1pc of cross stand. 8) 1doz of chalk. 9) 1pc of special glue. 10) 10pcs of cue tips. 11) 1pc of ball tray

Billiards Tables
1) Body finishing: spraying or lamination with metal trimming, apron miters, metal legs, metal and wooden corner plate. 2) Colors available: light brown, mahogany, black, white. 3) Unique designs that users have never come across. It can have a ball return system or a pick up pocket. 4) Convert into an English pool table by using 2" CB 2" balls. 5) With a small pocket cutting

Billiard Slate
1) Natural slates for all specifications. 2) Pool table slate: 6' feet pool table slate 8' feet. 3) Dimensions: a) 72 x 36 x 1'', 95 x 51 x 1" ; b) 1,828.9 x 914.4 x 25.4mm, 2,413 x 1,295 x 25.4mm. 4) Pool table slate: 7' feet pool table slate 9' feet. 5) Dimensions: a) 85 x 46 x 1", 107 x 57 x 1" ; b) 2,159 x 1,168.4 x 25.4mm, 2,718 x 1,448 x 25.4mm. 6) Snooker table slate: 10' feet snooker table slate 12' feet. 7) Dimensions: a) 120 x ...

Billiard Cue
1. Available with 3 / 4-, one-, two-and three-piece models. 2. Available with various colors and designs. 3. Wood construction.

Pool Table
Table size: 96" x 60" x 31". Side Apron:7-1/2" x 15mm MDF with red wood grain PVC laminate. End Apron: 7-1/2" x 15mm MDF with red wood grain PVC laminate. Playing field:18mm MDF. Top Rain: 18mm MDF with wood grain PVC laminate. Support frame:18mm MDF. Side legs brace: 12mm PB with wood grain PVC laminate. End legs brace:9mm PB with wood grain PVC laminate. Legs: 15mm MDF with wood grain PVC laminate with leg cap. Leg Leveler:6" silver metal. Apron corner:4 each ...

One Piece Pool Cues - 006314
Material: Maple and Bombay Black Wood Tip: 12 Layers Grip: 4 Prong Maple and Bombay Black Wood Length: 57 Inch Weight: 18,19,20,21 OZ Smart Ferrule
Product Group: Pool Cue
Company: SmartCue Group International INC.    Taiwan

Two Piece Pool Cues - 006280
Material: Fiberglass and Graphite Tip: 12 Layers Grip: Black Cat's Eyes Length: 58 Inch Weight: 18,19,20,21 OZ Ferrule: Titanium Joint: Titanium
Product Group: Pool Cue
Company: SmartCue Group International INC.    Taiwan

One Piece Snooker Cues - E000866
Material: Fiberglass and Graphite Tip: 6 Layers Grip: No Wrap Length: 58 Inch Weight: 17,18,19,20 OZ Ferrule: Stainless
Product Group: Snooker Cue
Company: SmartCue Group International INC.    Taiwan

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