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List extensive product information of Fitness & Body Building (include Riding Machine, Exerciser, Spin Bike, Sport Treadmill, Swing Stepper), provided by Fitness & Body Building manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Electric Treadmill
1) Voltage: 110-220V. 2) Pressure: 1-1.5HP. 3) Speed range: 1-12km/h. 4) Elevation: 1%. 5) Running belt: 2,270 x 385mm x T1.6. 6) Running surface: 1,100 x 385mm. 7) Product dimensions unfolded: 1,520 x 690mm x 1,250mm. 8) Product dimensions folded: 1,520 x 690 x 300mm. 9) Max. load: 80kg
Product Group: Treadmill
Company: Hangzhou Concord Leisure Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Skipping Ropes
1) Material: wooden handle, plastic handle + rope. 2) Specifications: total length: 240cm, handle size: 3 x 11cm. 3) Product amendment acceptable. 4) Packing change acceptable.

Household Horse Riding Machine
Power supply: AC 220V, 50-60Hz. Power consumption: 120W. Weight: approx. 37kg. User height: 150-185cm. Maximum user weight: 100kg. Dimensions (H x W x D): 103 x 52 x 85cm. Pre-set programs: 4 types (workout, waist, hips, thighs). Speed adjustment: manual 9 steps. Accessories: mat, stirrup (x2), stirrup bracket (x2). Lose weigh. Tightening waist and hip muscles. Soothe waist and knee pain. Solve problems of insufficient exercises. Advanced 3D virtual reality technology imitates. horseback ...

Smart shape, easy taken and suitable for family or public. rubber expander series adopt the synthetic rubber, better security than the spring chest pull, easy operating, suitable for men or women, young or old. Keep long term exercise to achieve for long lasting health, expanding chest and promoting skeleton grow. Massage equipments are designed according to physical theory, which are able to enhance exercise intensity and fitness your body. innovative connecting design, easy to assemble and ...
Company: Hangzhou Concord Leisure Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Pedometer: Feature: 1) Count the steps with big LCD. 2) Bottle lid shape. 3) big place for logo printing. 4) Red, blue, green, purple, black or specified color. 5) Convenient belt clip. 6) Battery: AG10 x 1pc
Product Group: Pedometer

Hula Chair
1. Massage by the microcomputer programming. 2. Nine shelves are chosen. 3. Timing function. 4. Massage mode can be adjusted to entad and forth. 5. It includes the functions of avoiding exceeded heat, current and operation

Power Shoes
1. Main body: calf wrap w/foam knee bar; plastic foot part; rubber sole part; spring; sponge. 2. Be sure to ply jumper on a flat and hard place. 3. Play it on a large, safe ground to avoid falling down on nearby obstacles. 4. Healthy, leisure, amusement. 5. The ability to jump 6 to 7 feet high in the air and run with incredible speed. 6. Especially, for kids, it can be helpful to speed up growing without trouble to the joints. 7. It can bear: 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg

Exercise and Sports Equipment
1) All styles of dumbbells are available, such as metal dumbbell, vinyl dumbbell, neoprene dumbbell, rubber dumbbell. 2) All kinds of exercise and sports equipments are available
Company: Hangzhou Concord Leisure Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Spin Bike
1) 1pc crank, ball bearing PVC saddle, 2 colors chain cover. 2) Painting: silver color on base, chrome coated seat post. 3) Seat height and handlebar adjustable. 4) Computer: with 1 big display and functions of scan, time, speed, distance, and calories.

Fitness and Body-Building Equipment
1) Product name: body-building equipment. 2) Size: 200x75x201.5cm. 3) Many size and colors are available. 4) Designed under the scientific principle of human mechanics and kinematics, has logical structure, complete functions and apparent Chinese characteristics. 5) Integrating health improvement, body treatment, recovery and entertainment as a whole. 6) Mainly used as outdoor equipment, including strength-training equipment, oxygen exercising equipment, entertainment equipment, and leisure ...

Treadmills with Continous Horse Power
Powerful 4.0HP DC motor. 10.4-inch TFT LCD screen, LCD display: Calories, Speed, Heart rate, Distance, Incline, laps, Time. Speed range: 0.8~20kph. Incline: 0~15%, drive by 1/10W AC motor. With total 17 shortcut keys. With total programs: 5 insert programs (10 Levels/programs). Handlebar heart rate monitoring system. Safeguard system: overload and circuit break protect, emergency stop key. 18mm high-density pre-waxed deck. Mount shock absorption system. Packing: 450(H)x2210(lL)x910(W) ...
Product Group: Treadmill

Horse Riding Fitness Equipment
Features: 1) The machine has three pre-set programs (basic conditioning mode, waist mode, hips mode) and one manual control programs. 2) It has 9 speed level. 3) Seat angle can be adjusted. Specifications: 1) Weight: approx. 37kg. 2) User height: 150 - 185 cm. 3) Max. user weight: 100kg. 4) Dimensions (H x W x D): 750 x 420 x 870mm

Leg Curl
Weight stack:5kg x 19+5kg+2.5kg. Adjustment of small weight stack=102.5kg. L x W x H:1180 x 950 x 1750 (mm). 3mm high strength big section ellipse steel tube is used in the main frame. Geometric proportion moment can, high quality imported tensile belt and deflection-proof solid oriented are adopted in the resistance driving system. Soft mat design accords with kinesics, this made the machine more solid and comfortable in use. The machine has lightly adjusting instruments, can be adjusted to ...

Body Building Equipment
1) Aparato monitor digital: scan, sport count, calorie, strides/min. 2) Material: steel pipe and special plastic. 3) Color: black. 4) Logo: we will print any logo for you. 5) With 4 functions: go up + go down, go left + go right. 6) Max. loading: 100kg. 7) Functions: lateral thigh trainer, twist and shape, this compact stepper allows you to turn your living room or bedroom into a workout area in minutes. 8) Fitting: user manual and a product disc

Mygym fitness system: Mygym is an aerobic stepper and an anaerobic strength training machine. Dimensions: 102 x 51 x 19.5cm. Including: 1pc English manual, 1pc workout DVD, 1pc exercise guide. Features: 1) Over 100 exercisers. 2) Change exercises in a rapid succession. 3) Resistance from 5 to 120 pounds. 4) Weights less than 25 pounds. Benefits: 1) Keeps your workouts interesting. 2) Supercharged calorie burner. 3) For beginners or advanced users. 4) Simple to move and store.

Crazy Fit Massage
Specifications: 1) Maximum power: 1.0HP/200W 2) Speed range: 20 levels 3) Max. User weight: 120kg 4) Extra large console with 3-led display 5) Readout: time, speed, body fat 6) 3 built-in workout programs and body fat scan 7) Overload current protection 8) Anti-jamming and anti-static 9) Dimensions: 840 x 710 x 1,180mm

Waist and Back Stretcher
1) Dimensions: 1,200 x 680 x 1,030mm. 2) Function introduction: It is good for the movement of shoulder joint and hip joint, and help to stretch the muscles of waist and back. 3) Approaches: Make your back against the equipment, keep hold of the guard bar with both hands and slowly bend your body backward. Suitable for middle-aged people and the elder

Sport Treadmill
Time, speed, distance, pulse, calorie program: Time: 1-99:59 (min.). Speed: 1-16km/h. Distance: 0.01-16km. Plus: 60-240r/min. Calorie: 1-9999. Flap area: 1,300 x 650mm. Power incline (front): 1%-15%. Max. burthen: 100kg. Specification: 220V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 50/60Hz

LTT Stepper
This kind of physical exercise device is suitable for both young and old people. It will reduce fat and shape the body when you make the two footplates move up and down, left and right. It is made of steel and plastic.

Fitness Massager
Features: 1) Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design. 2) Extra large console with 3-LED displayer deliver feedback of time, speed and body fat value. 3) 3 build-in workout program, body fat scan. 4) A wide range of speeds accommodate different workout desirous. 5) Dual steel frame painted with fashionable color. 6) High quality motor deliver smooth workout and is able to drive maximum user weight of 150kg. 7) Overload current protection, anti-jamming and anti-static. ...

Sports Pedometer for Body Building & Weight Loss
1) Maximum steps: 99,999 steps. 2) Maximum distance: 999.99km/miles. 3) Maximum calorie: 999.99kcal. 4) Weight range: 20 - 135kg, 60 - 255 pounds. 5) Stride: 0.30 - 1.55m, 10 - 60 inches. 6) With clock 12/24 hours mode. 7) Auto counting steps (walking or jogging) and calculating distance and calories burnt. 8) Battery-saving auto start and shut off. 9) Battery: AG13 lithium cell x 1 (included), 1.5V, last for 2 years. 10) Clip attaches to belt

Balance Disc
1) Made of soft, anti-burst pliable PVC. 2) With a nibbed surface on one side, and a smooth surface on the other. 3) Air filled cushions inside. 4) Designed for balance training or upper and lower body strength conditioning. 5) Great for the office or at home. 6) Can withstand 500lbs of pressure. 7) Can be re-inflated using standard bicycle pump and pump adapter. 8) Enhance core muscle strength and development. 9) Improve balance and posture. 10) Can be used standing, sitting, kneeling, ...

Swing Stepper
1) Swing side to side. 2) With handle-bar. 3) Computer monitors: scan, time, count, strides/min, calories, and pulse. 4) Assembly size: 56.5 x 54 x 136cm

Spinning Bike / Exercise Bike
This comfortable exercise bike offers a low impact workout and is one of the most popular ways to exercise. Particularly well suited for lower body toning, the exercise cycle is ideal for achieving weight loss at any time of year. The Vivotion range is designed to provide a high quality workout for the whole body. Use this product, to devise your own regime and exercise at your own pace, in your own home, whenever you want and feel a positive difference in your fitness.

Weight Bench
Base main tube: 25*1.0mm (steel). Front and rear tube: 60*1.0mm (steel). Foam pads: black, 4 pieces. Heavy block: PVC, 20g/1pc. Backrest / seat: made of PVC. Tubular steel frame. PVC/nylon parts. Foam parts. Non-toxic paint

1) Galvanized tube, size: 8 x 1.5mm. 2) Sizes: 6', 8', 10', 12', 14'. 3) Jump mat: PP, made in USA. 4) Spring: 2mm. 5) Frame cover: PE, UV. 6) Safety pad: 25mm thick PE foam with PVC covering. 7) TUV/GS certificate

Air-Wave Weight Reduction Machine
Features: 1) The first professional facial machines with medical background. 2) It has four groups of outputs, eight kinds of air-wave modes, which separately aim at different status including heated fatness, blood vas clag, high blood pressure, dropsy and toxins collection. 3) Air-wave is between -25 K/pa and time is between 0-99 minutes. 4) The touch-type control panel, clear digital LED display. Suitable people with: 1) All kinds of fat, dropsy in lower limbs. 2) Toxins collection ...

Big Trampoline
HG-019 multi home gym with 100LB weight plate. We offer full series of Fitness Products include: trampoline, gym ball, yoga mat, home gym, medicine ball, stepper, ab series, bench.
Product Group: Trampoline
Company: Shanghai KingSign Sport Company Ltd.    China

smart bracelet with accelerometer/silicone Smart Wristband/Bluetooth 2.1/4.0 Pedometer
Smart bracelet with accelerometer/silicone Model:DS-6002 Specifications Silicone Wristband Pedometer bracelet smart wristband with sleep monitor 1:OLED display 2:Sleep Monitoring 3:with pedometer Silicone Wristband Pedometer bracelet smart wristband with sleep monitor Feature: Application system:Android/ios 1:Pedometer: Can whenever and wherever possible to step, View the current training situation and remaining unfinished step number.
Company: Darling Smart Electronic co.,Ltd    China

2014 fasion Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness & Health Smart Wristband Activity tracker bluetoothKey
Key Features: 1. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission; 3. daily mode: keep record every 2 minute, count steps, calories, body fat burned, and distance; 4, Sport mode: keep record every 2 minute, detect sport type, count sport time, steps, calories, body fat burned, and distance; 5. Sleep mode;detect sleep time and quality and keep record every 2 minute; 5. Alarm function:Set up by APP; 6. Data storage for 30 days; 7. Low power reminding; 8. 4 LED indicator show working mode; 9. ...
Company: Darling Smart Electronic co.,Ltd    China

Smart wristband Personalized Signature 3D Pedometer Sensor Step Walking distance Calorie Counter
Personalized Signature 3D Pedometer Smart watch Key Features: Built-in 3D acceleration sensor with high sensitivity can catch your each small action, making more accurate pedometer. It can trace your burning calories, movement steps, movement distance, and also could set and inquire the complete of moving goal. With individual signature functions, you can enter what you want to show on the LED screen by computer, showing the personality and fashion. Strap integrated usb2.0 ...
Company: Darling Smart Electronic co.,Ltd    China

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