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List extensive product information of Bowling Equipment (include Bowling Bottle, Bowling Pin), provided by Bowling manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

HPL Alliance Overlay
AMF bumper bowling. AMF HPL alliance overlay. We also specialize in all kinds of bowling products such as bowling balls, bags, shoes, parts, equipment, PCB repair and bowling center installation.

Bowling Set
Bowling: 1) Two ball and six sticks. 2) Window box packing. 3) Size:26.5x18x41cm. Soft Bowling Set: 1) Pin size: 3-1/2 x 7". 2) 4" stuffed balls. 3) PVC mat size: 12-1/4 x 21-1/4".
Company: Guangzhou Xinshiyu Bowling Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Bowling Toy
The bowling kit is made by PE. It includes 10 bowling of all kits. The specification is 1cm (cabiler) * 1.8cm (bottom diameter) * 8.5cm (high). The 10pcs can be put into one PP bag.I t is safety and funny about the children.

Inflatable Bowling Pin
Features: 1) item: inflatable bowling pin. 2) materials: PVC 0. 18mm. 3) size: 8". 4) different specifications and styles available. 5) meets with CE, EN71, and ASTM standards. Our main products are inflatable, including inflatable beach balls, inflatable promotion gift, inflatable furniture, inflatable toys
Company: Guangzhou Xinshiyu Bowling Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Bowling Shoes
Bowling Shoes: 1) Private Shoes: Basic Unisex 58-109113; Rental shoes. 2) House Shoes: Red/White/Green. Material: PVC/Corium
Company: Guangzhou Xinshiyu Bowling Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Refurbished Bowling Equipment
The refurbish bowling equipments after all cleaning, partial repainting, repair, replacing damage parts, fully testing-guarantee enjoy. Currently the bowling equipments are stock at our warehouse are as follows; 1. Complete brunswick gs-98 frameworx with synthetic lanes, more than 30lanes. 2. Amf 82-90xl pinspotters and c-90 ball return systems, more than 20lanes.

Transport Carpet (Bowling Products)
AMF CARPET BELT 000-026-753. Brunswick Transport Band Belt 11-635201-000. Thickness options: 2.0mm, 2.8mm, 3.5mm

Hood, Rack & Power Lift
VIA Fastrak power lift: Features super-rugged construction and hardware. Its urethane track rails are excellently shaped and easy for traction and wear resistance. VIA Fastrak hood & rack: VIA hoods in stylish glossy contours are molded by heavy-duty fiberglass. And it connects to the rack that accommodates up to 12 balls. Extra spare rack as optional one can be added under the standard rack. The urethane guide rails of the rack provide virtually maintenance-free use, which minimizes ...

Automatic Bumper
Excite the kids and bring in family crowd with the hottest upgrade to hit the lanes. It features rugged construction and smooth-power motor controlled lifts, which can be integrated with many popular scoring systems. Also available in manual lift configuration as a lower price option

Bowling Bag
1) Bag with wheel for installing bowling ball. 2) Material: nylon. 3) Production dimension: 18-1/4" x 9" x 13". 4) Accept customers' styles, colors, and sizes

Bowling Products
Supply Plastic bowling pin, Public & personal style bowling balls. Cover stock: Polyester Fiber. Hardness: 75-80. RG max.: 2.552. RG min.: 2.526. Differential: 0.052. Lane conditions: medium to heavy oil. Weight options: 11-16lbs

Seating System
VIA Evolution series seating arrangement. The material of table is synthetic, which is fire-resistant and more durable. The seat bodies are super strong molded polyethylene.

LCD Lower Console
VIA new style of bowling console is usually installed with membrane keyboards, but available with touch screens for fast one-touch actions. Superthink LCD screen with fashionable outline will ensure it to be compatible with any line of furniture. They are developed for giving all the bowlers new feelings, for which you deserve a try.

Bowling Part
We can supply quality bowling parts in a wide range of specifications from china. AMF compatible part, Brunswick compatible part, and part for VIA serial Pinsetter.

Bowling Spare Parts
AMF Bowling Spare Parts - spotting cups. We supply most of bowling spare parts mainly of AMF, Brunswick & Dacos three world famouse brand for bowling equipment.

Bowling Shoes
Comfortable shoes. Bowling Balls. Lane cleaner. Front Management System (Server PC Scoring System, frameworks and networking). Lane conditioner. Lane duster rolls

Bowling Products
Bowling Machine Parts, General sport bags, Bowling Capital Equipment and Parts, Bowling bags, Bowling balls, Bowling shoes, Bowling accessories and all related products

LCD Lower Console
VIA Victory lower console with 15" LCD touch screen input devices can be combined with any style of overhead monitor. And the score sheet views, audio and intercom services are all integrated into one sleek in modern design

Mini Bowling
If you're cramped for space but want to whoosh your customers into a new world of bowling excitement, VIA Mini Bowling has arrived. Combining the best of bowling and billiards, VIA Mini Bowling players use a cue stick and ball to knock down scale-model bowling pins and score the way they do in tenpin bowling. It's a big and different bowling challenge. But small in the footprint department. Easy to move, easy to set up. VIA Mini Bowling. The perfect fit wherever you need a ...

Bowling Parts, Glowing House Balls
Brunswick Bowling Parts: 1) Ball Door. 2) Pin Detector Plate with pin. 3) T-Stop. Urethane glowing house balls. Cover stock: pure urethane. Construction: PC core. Weight: 6-16 lbs.

Anvilane Bowling Lane
Brunswick Anvilane Pro lane. Full-lane and lane-only options allow you to replace your entire lane and approach or provide a combination of wood approach and synthetic lane. Anti-skid pin decks reduce sliding pins and provide higher scores. Wide, textured approaches move seams away from slide area and provide consistent sliding conditions for more confidence on every shot.

Bowling Pin
USBC approved VIA glowing/non-glowing wooden bowling pins at unbelievable price. Colorful wooden pins are optional for fun.

Bowling Equipment General Contractor
Want to build a bowling center? Looking for quality equipment at reasonable prices from a reliable supplier? Congratulations! You've found it! Oasis Amusement Gaming Inc.( Bowling Equipment Manufacturers&General Contractors. Your Guide to Gaming Industry) supplies complete packages of equipment for building bowling centers .We install the equipement worldwide. Four major reasons to choose Oasis Amusement Gaming OAG. 1. good quality Major equipment in our packages such ...
Product Group: Bowling Equipment
Company: Oasis Amusement Gaming Inc.    China

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