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Detailed football net Description:

MWN's football net also called soccer net. We can manufacture many sizes of it and the soccer barrier net.

Features of our football net:

1. have a great wear resistance and high shock absorption capacity.
2. the shape of nets and corner tag makes it much easier to install
3. improved weaving technology improves the appearance of the nets.
4. the netting mesh is of interlocking design and cannot be displaced.

official size of the football net:8'H x 24'W x 4' Top x 10'D

Color of the net could be: white,black or customized.
Material we mainly use:Nylon,PE,PP,Polyester
Mesh: 5"
Soccer barrier net's size we provide:
Mesh: 1 3/4",3",4",5"
Dimension:10' x 10';10' x 15';10' x 20'; 10' x 25'; 10' x 30'; 10' x 35'; 10' x 40'; 10' x 50'; 10' x 80'; 10' x 100'
Optional Information
- HS Code : 5608 Knotted Netting; Made up Fishing Nets of Textile Materials
- Payment : t/t
- Delivery : 10days
- Origin : china
- Minimum Order : 10
- Packaging : carton
- Samples : Free

football net
  • Model: MWN-FN
  • Packing: Carton
  • Terms of Payment: T/T
  • Delivery Time: 5days
  • Products ID: 34155
  • Product Category: Football & Soccer
  • Product Group: Football Net
  • Post date: Apr 28, 2010
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of football net in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Mesh Wire Netting Group Co., Limited
Address: No.388,Southern Industry Zone,Anping
Region: Hebei, China
Contact Person: Bruce Xiang
Telephone: +0086 (0)31880 65030

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