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List extensive product information of Martial Arts (include Karate, Judo, Taekwondo), provided by Martial Art manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

China Martial Art Uniforms, Equipments
Make and export high quality china martial art uniforms, shoes, equipments. Made in china.
Company: Shanghai Gequn Sports Go. , Ltd    China

Judo Mat
Materials: EVA. Size:1m*1m or any other size as you required. Also we can offer gym, floor mat and other kinds of EVA mat.

Martial Arts Training Equipment
Martial Arts Training Equipment. Caoutchou and latex skin. Strong spring for durability. Rounded for easy relocation any place. Flexible construction allows quick rebound. Inner are made of high strength urethane foam.

Martial Arts Shoes
We are leading manufacturer cum exporter of sports shoes like boxing shoes, martial arts shoes, kung fu shoes, fighting shoes, gymnastic shoes, soccer shoes, wrestling shoes, car racing shoes, weight lifting shoes.

Jiu Jitsu Suits
Uniform made of top quality 100% cotton, cut roomy in the shoulders, pant elastic waistband with additional drawstring. Jacket weight 480 GM. Pant " 350 "
Company: Shanghai Gequn Sports Go. , Ltd    China

Wushu Field
Wushu Field Spec: 10x16m. Characteristics: The raw materials of the mats is pure wool with even color and without static electricity after friction. No obvious distortion after distorting with pressure.

Karate Mitts
Genuine Cow Nappa leather, with combination of NEO BLEND, PRO BUBBLE & AIR MAT. Satin lining with 6 x stitches. Also available in Velcro fastener.
Company: Shanghai Gequn Sports Go. , Ltd    China

Grappling Gloves
Made of top quality leather. Hand made padding. Double wrist wrap, velcro closure, open fingers. Available in L & M size in any colors.

Karate Uniform
Karate uniforms 8-oz in 100% cotton drill white "Bleached". Pant with draw string waist with belt. Also available in elastic waist.

Martial Arts Kungfu
We are manufacturer of many kinds of martial arts goods, like tai chi swords, knives, wooden swords, fencing, dummy and others. Material: wood or steel.

Karate Suit, Martial Arts Uniform
Top Quality, Durable and Comfortable Karate Suit. Material: 100% Cotton, Rice Corn Upper, webbed Bottoms, White (Bleached) or Black, Sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL.

Dipped Head Guard
Dipped head guards w/PC transparent mask offer the best protection. Available colors: Red/ Black/ White/ Blue. Available sizes: XS-XL

Karate Belts
100% cotton color karate belts in sizes 220 cm to 320 cm. Also master karate belts & stripe colored belts are available. We can embrioder karate belts with individual logo and name.

Judo Uniforms
New frank martin produces high quality martial arts equipments from the best materials using state-of-the-art computerized technology, for professional and amateur players worldwide. Mission product line includes martialarts, judo, karate, kung fu, ninja, taekwondo, ju jutsu, boxing uniforms & accessories, boxing gloves / equipments.

Rash Guards
Rash Guard, Lycra Vest, Lycra Suit, Lycra T-Shirt, Spandex Rash Guard with the below details: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra. Short or Long Sleeves. Front: Space Coast Jet Riders, white logo. Back: blank

Hands Protector
The elastic fabric wraps the whole of hand including five fingers, therefore the gloves protect your hands. in order to prevent injury of fingers, the grip is designed that it makes players clench with their fingers. Fist, therefore prevent player to hold opponent. unlike ordinary gloves, cut the fabric from the center part of palm to wrist, so make a part of palm to expose, and Sew band with high elasticity to make better a feeling of wearing. to protect a hand from outside impacts, insert ...

Martial Arts Uniforms
Judo uniforms ; karate uniforms 100% cotton ; taekwondo uniforms ; ninja uniforms 100% cotton ; martial arts & boxing accessories

Martial Arts Shoes
Pure handcraft. Comfortable wearing, Designed and manufactured according to the requirements of Kung Fu and Martial Arts practicing. It is soft in materials and light in weight. Our shoes are hand-sewn by countrywoman according to tradtitional techniques. It has many characteristics such as soft and flexible, breathe freely, sweat absorbing, distortion-freeand stylish. It is not only disease-proof, but also health protective. They stick white cloth tier by tier with paste made by fine flour, ...

Ranking Belts
We have strong back ground in manufacturing in house, Karate Uniform, Judo Uniform, Teakwondo Uniform, Ju-Jutsu Uniform, Karate Belts, Head Guard which are related to Martial Arts uniforms & accessories.

Sanda Platform
Sanda platform. Size: 8x8m. Characteristics: The frame of free combat platform is made up of square steel with 2cm multiple layers on the frame and a 2cm flexible layer on the multiple layers. The surface is made of anti-slippery pure cotton fabric. There is a shockproof and noise lower layer between the frame and wood block. There is a protection mat with 2cm width and 30cm thickness around the free combat platform.

UV Lycra Spandex Rash Guard, Rash Guards
1. Excellent UV protection. 2. 50upf. 3. Flat locked seams. 4. High lycra neck for comfort. 5. Stop chafing under PFD or harness. 6. 12% Lycra-88% Nylon

Taekwondo Mats
1) Products available: taekwondo mat and judo mat. 2) High quality. 3) Can supply large or small quantities of customized products.

Judo, Martial Arts Suit
Top Quality, Judo Suit, comfortable and durable made from the finest fabric. Material:100% Cotton, Rice Corn Upper, webbed Bottoms, White (Bleached) or Blue/ Black.

Martial Arts Supply
We are manufacturer of many kinds of martial arts ,kongfu, wushu goods, like tai chi swords, knives, wooden swords, martial arts staffs and spears.

jduo mat
Item:judo mat Number:JM-2 MEAS : 1m x2m THICKNESS : 40mm.50mm,60mm Material : 1/Top Surface - Extra tough heavy duty smooth PVC with polyester reinforcement that is bonded to the foam core for a longer life, and a safer training surface ; 2 compressed sponge foam core designed to absorb very heavy breakfalls as well as not being too hard for novices,density:230kg/m3 or 180kg/m3 3/ Welded ...
Company: Hongtu Sports Equipment Co.,ltd    China

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