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List extensive product information of Roller Skating & Skate Board (include In-line Skate, Roller Skate Shoes), provided by Roller Skating & Skate Board manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) Durable skateboard with different sizes (31" x 8, 17" x 5, 30" x 10). 2) Material: maple. 3) PVC, PU wheel. 4) Plastic, aluminum base and truck
Company: Xinda Sports Equipment And Material Co., Ltd.    China

Inline Skate
Inline skate set includes: 1) 1 pair of inline skate. 2) 1 helmet. 3) 1 pair of elbow pad. 4) 1 pair of knee pad. 5) 2 spare wheels.
Product Group: In Line Skate
Company: Xinda Sports Equipment And Material Co., Ltd.    China

1) Rolling smoothly. 2) An adjustment device makes it adjust to any sized shoes. 3) Adjustable combinative-assembly of various parts can be done according to your instruction. 4) Easy to carry because little and lightweight. 5) Easy to learn, skate freely and turn flexibly. 6) Put your sports shoes into skates instantly. 7) With a flexible adjustment, easily and instantly to put on and off on any sized shoes. 8) Multifunctional enjoyment, such as skating, circum gyrating can be done
Company: Xinda Sports Equipment And Material Co., Ltd.    China

Roller Shoes with Flashing Wheel
1) When you are rolling, the wheel flashes like sparks shining in the dark. 2) Requiring no battery, the wheel automatically illuminate colorful rays during movements. 3) When the wheel in rolling, the light is shining from the sole. 4) Material: PU Upper / TPR Sole + PU Wheel

Landroller Skates
1. Shoe body: PE 3A (heat resistant, cold resistant, light, fast, shock-proof). 2. Wheels: high strength aluminum + MG material. 3. Pedestal: high intension aluminum + MG material. 4. Bearing: model no. 6200. 5. Carrying capacity: 150kg. 6. Size: a. US: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-1/2, 11 ; b. UK: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9-1/2, 10 ; c. EU: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 ; 7. Package includes 1 tool and manual ; 8. Unit price: negotiate

Funny Skateboard
1) Engine: 47cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke. 2) Oil type: 1:25 petrol / engine oil mixing. 3) Tank capacity: 0.8L. 4) Driving mode: chain. 5) Starting system: pull start. 6) Wheel: 9". 7) Brake system: drum brake. 8) Max. speed: 35km/h. 9) Range: 40km. 10) Max. load capacity: 150kg

Flashing Roller Skate
1. Good quality PU flash wheel with three lights. 2. Wheel size: 7224. 3. ABCE-5 bearing. 4. Adjustable frame. 5. With a rear brake to control speed and protect rider's shoes. 6. Five colors are available: red, black, orange, pink, blue

Features: 1) Deck: 31" x 8" 9-ply maple concave. 2) Truck: PP or aluminum. 3) Cushion: PVC. 4) Wheels: 54 x 36mm PU injected. 5) Bearings: 608z. 6) Graphic: heat transfer

Bounce Shoes for Jumping
Features: 1) Keep fit by training all muscles. 2) No need of heavy-duty physical equipment or trips to the gym. 3) Rock, jog, kick, and do other tricks. 4) For both indoor and outdoor use. 5) Note: running on tiptoes is dangerous. Specifications: 1) Max. load capacity: 80kg. 2) Material: plastic. 3) Colors: blue, silver

R/C Skateboard
Specifications: 1) Battery capacity: 3 x 12Ah 36V. 2) Motor power: 800W. 3) Charging time: 3 - 6h. 4) Speed: ≤32km/h. 5) Range: ≤26km. 6) Starter: wireless remote control-E. 7) Battery input voltage: 90 - 250V. 8) Max. load capacity: 150kg. 9) Net/gross weight: 31kg/35.5kg. Functions: 1) Stepless speed change and ABS electronic brake. 2) Automatically correct code and decode, controller is suitable. to all skateboard with same model and does not interfere each other. 3) Automatically ...

Roller Skates, InLine Skate
1) Material: Cotton and mesh upper, PU wheel, aluminum or plastic structure. 2) Various styles available. 3) Excellent quality. 4) Minimum order quantity: 1500 pieces. 5) Accessories include: helmet, knee pad, elbow pad, spare wheel, road block. 6) Boot: hard boot, buckle closure. 7) Braking: rear drag. 8) Available colors: red, black, yellow, pink

Skate Boards
1) Combinative axis: high rigidity steel. 2) Deck material: PC, ABS. 3) Two Wheels: high-quality PU. 4) Color: red, blue. 5) Product weight: 3.2kg/pc

Inline Skate
Special padded liner designed. Double ended safety buckle. Strong PP frame and Upper. Transparent PVC wheels (608Z bearings). With latest size-adjustable system. Size: 28~32# ; 33~37# ; 38~42#

Skate Board
Accelerate faster. Roll farther and faster. Resist dirt and moisture better. Outlast the races, allowing them to be reused in most cases. Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant. Double Labyrinth, Non-Contact, Removable, Rubber Shields. High speed Nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed. Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible. Ultra-Low Friction. Free Bones Bearing Cleaner Kit

Roller Skating
Specifications: 1) High-quality materials are adopted to produce this product. 2) High-elasticity and durability PU or transparent PVC wheels. 3) Specially-designed brakes are available. 4) Eye-catching flashing effect while skating (because of a magnetic-generating device)will make you highlight and different from others. 5) With an adjusting design, it can be easy and fast to install and take-down on any size. 6) Rolling smoothly. 7) An adjustment device makes it adjust to any sized shoes. ...

Electric Skateboard
Specifications: 1) Battery capacity: 3 x 7A, 36V. 2) Motor power: 600W. 3) Charging time: 3 - 6hrs. 4) Speed: <=25km/h. 5) Range: <=22km. 6) Starter: wireless digital remote control-E. 7) Battery input voltage: 90 - 250V. 8) Maximum load: 120kg. Features: 1) Stepless speed change and ABS electronic brake. 2) Automatically correct code and decode, controller is suitable to all skateboard with same model and does not interfere each other. 3) Automatically emergency brake offer safe ...

Entertainment and body-building are the two functions of this new skateboard. There is one steel axis between 2 boards made from ABS injection molding and polished wood. Two steerable wheels are fixed on the backboard. Since all the parts are of high precision and firm, this new kind of skateboard is more agile than the 4-wheeled skateboard especially in swerving. Wag your foot and sway your body, you'll make the skateboard move rapidly.

Roller Skate Shoes
1) Automatic press lock mechanism wheels. 2) 2-wheel skate configuration to aid balance (4 wheels in total). 3) Cast PU "smooth ride" wheels. 4) These are a fine pair of children's roller shoes/trainers with the retractable wheels. 5) The wheels eject in and out so they can be worn as trainers or roller skates. 6) The amazing 2-in-1 skating shoes also referred to as flying shoes or roller shoes. 7) These shoes (trainers) are a top quality pair of 2-in-1 flying skaters shoes

Snowboard with Shoes
1) Dimensions: approx. 13cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 2.3cm (thickness). 2) Backing card: 17 x 18cm, 400 grams. 3) Material: a) Board: HIPS ; b) Shoes: non-toxic PVC which can pass phthalate test. 4) Heat-transfer printing on both sides of the board, according to your own artwork

Gasoline Roller Skating Shoes
1) Length: 19.25". 2) Height: 14.25". 3) Width: 7". 4) Weight powered skate: 12lbs. 5) Engine: two strokes, 25.65cc. 6) Horse power: 1.5@8,000rpm. 7) Acceleration via handheld throttle: 0-20mph (approx. top speed). 8) Ignition: CDI. 9) Carburation: diaphragm w/purge pump. 10) Fuel: premixed, unleaded. 11) Fuel capacity: 15oz. 12) Running duration: 1- 1.5h. 13) Max. speed: approx. 20mph. 14) Cruise speed: 10mph. 15) Max. carry capacity: 300lbs. 16) Wheel type: 77.5mm inline ...

Skate Board
We are a large skateboard-style deck with two unique trucks that each hold seven wheels fixed in an arch. The result is a skateboard that turns and flows in a different way than more traditional pin trucks with two wheels each. In fact, the feeling is so odd that you really have to try it to understand the difference. Of all the alternative skateboards that i've used, the landski (flow board, flowboard) might be the best at re-creating the feeling of snowboarding on pavement.

Land Surfboard, Vigor Board
Description: Vigor board I. User: Adult. Size of box (cm): 86*18*16. Material of body: ABS5. Loading capacity: 80kg. Torsion bar: High-ten steel. Wheel: 3" PU wheel. Wheel color: Blue, yellow, white. Board color: Red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, black. Net weight (kg): 4.10. Gross weight (kg): 5.20. Export Color Carton packing (pcs): 6. Carton size (cm): 88*39.5*51.5. Loading quantity: 948pcs/20' GP, 2220pcs/40' HQ. Accessories: Color box, CD, User manual.

Skate Roller/In-Line Skate
We can supply Skate Shoes/Skate Roller/In-Line Skate/Adjustable Inline Skate from china. This new tape skates not only look different than any skate you've ever seen before, but they will perform better than any skate you've ever tried before. You no longer need to restrict yourself to skating on very smooth surfaces, but if you do, you will experience a more enjoyable, controlled and safer ride.
Product Group: In Line Skate

Skating Shoes
It's the new street sensation with a unique, innovative design. The 2 wheeled skate fits on back of heel. Light-up wheels no batteries required. In Japan kids dance in them, figure-skating style! In Canada they glide in them to play street-hockey! And from London to St. Petersburg, they're used as alternative transportation.

1) New style board that everybody can enjoy easily with their own style. The board has a style structure that enables everybody from children to adults to board safely. You can develop your own way to board according to how you are skilled. Children can use the board as a sled. 2) It helps you to lose weight. 3) It will be a cool and healthy outdoor exercise as G-board goes forward when it's waved. You can have a both fun and hearth through the G-board. 4) Innovation board that you can ...

Roller Skates, Flashing Wheels, Street Gliders
Flashing skate wheel features as following: 1. Easily portable due to small size and light weight. 2. Easy to learn how to use: skate freely and turns flexibly. 3. A flashing function while skating is provided by a magnetic-generating device. 4. With an adjusting design, it can be easy and fast to install and take-down on any size. 5. With a safety consideration, a rear brake is designed to stop skating. 6. A safety rear-button is designed to balance the skater, and easily control braking. ...

Skate Board
1) 2-wheel skateboard. 2) Product dimensions: 85 x 23 x 13cm. 3) Weight capacity 85kg. 4) Colors: colors will be designed for customers. 5) Wheel material: PU. 6) Platform material: ABS and PC. 7) Turning angle: 360 degrees flexibility. 8) Age suitable: for both children and adult. 9) Colors: red, blue, green, yellow, bright

In-line Skate
1) Liner: ventilation mesh with 3D decoration pc. 2) Lycra slide for easy foot entry. 3) Closure: one adjustable locking buckle and a 45 buckle. 4) Chassis: aluminum. 5) Wheels: 90mm transparent. 6) Bearings: ABEC-7 chrome
Product Group: In Line Skate

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