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List extensive product information of Swimming (include Swimming Pool, Body Board, Swimming Cap, Surfboard, Swim Ring), provided by Swimming products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Arm Ring
These arm rings are designed for children when swimming. It is not easy take off, so they can protect children very well. Material: PVC

Swimming Pool
1) Portable, comfortable, and durable. 2) Fast and lightweight perfect for fishing in lake. 3) Unique and incredibly simple folding frame for transport.
Product Group: Swimming Pool
Company: Liansheng Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Swimming Pool Series Sand Filter
Specifications: 1) Fiberglass reinforced tank with UV resistant surface finish. 2) Internal surface of tank is finished with water resistant resin. 3) Fiberglass sand filters are essential equipment in public swimming pools
Company: Liansheng Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Form Roller/Floating Noodle
1) Material: PE. 2) Size: 70 x 150cm, 60 x 150cm, 70 x 160cm, 60 x 160cm. 3) Use polyethylene foam suit play in water or trainer assistant swimming instrument. 4) The material is very light, floating on the water well

Inflatable Pool
1) Materials: 0.5mm PVC tarpaulin, high-strength polyamide silk strengthened latitude and flame retardant. 2) Performance of low temperature: -40°C fold with no trace. 3) Attached with step and accessories for repair

Body Board
1) Light weight and easy to use. 2) Suitable for swimming and surfing. 3) Made of good quality EPS foam. 4) Supplied mainly to clients in Europe and North America. 5) We can also supply chairs, EVA camping mats and other outdoor goods
Product Group: Body Board

Children's Surfing Suit
1) Made of 2.5mm neoprene and nylon material. 2) Flexible in nylon material and excellent condition. 3) Flat lock stitching. 4) Back, zipper with slider

Swimming Caps
1) Material: 100% silicone. 2) Hydro-dynamically shaped better fit and comfort for maximum aquatic performance. 3) Non toxic and non-allergenic. 4) Highly elastic texture. 5) One size fits all. 6) For both competitive and recreational use
Product Group: Swimming Cap

Swimming Diving Web-Finger
With the high quality silicone material, this product own excellent anti-pull capacity and long time life. The principle of this product is the same as swimming webs. You can wear it on the hand when you are swimming, with the help of this product, the swimming speed will highly improve, and you also can save strength so to enjoy the leisure of the water life

Surfboard Blank
1) Material: PU foam, MDI mix with polyether. 2) Pure white, perfect density and more resistant. 3) Flexible, lighter and safer to the health and environment. 4) Length: 6', 6'1'', 6'2'', 6'3'', 6'4'', 6'5'', 6'6'', 7'2'', 7'4'', 9', 9'1'' available.

Inflatable Toys, Air Boats
We supply PVC inflatable products, such as air bed, air mattress, water bed, inflatable boat, inflatable sofa, inflatable swimming pool, swimming ring, beachball. We will assure you our best quality and competitive price.

Life Jacket
1) Comfortable soft foam with neoprene construction. 2) 2 adjustable straps. 3) 1 front zipper. 4) Flat lock stitch. 5) Not approval

Body Boards, Surfboards & Kick Boards
We manufacture body boards and soft boards which are made of many kinds of materials from china. They have many sizes. Our products also include EVA die cut and moulded kickboards and swimming boards.

This is a unique mechanical surf simulator. The movement can be remote controlled and it provides players with the sensation that they are really surfing. No fear of wipe outs either with the safe inflatable mattress surrounded by its beautifully themed walls.

Swimming Earplug
Absolute waterproof effect when swimming. Free from everyday noises but comfortable hearing of conservation. Low frequency band of conservation can be heard easily and blocks out high frequency band of noise hazardous to ear. Free size, so it fits anyone. As it is made of 100% nonhazardous silicone, it can be worn for a long time. It was designed and engineered ergonomically to dissolve alien substance feeling, stuffy feeling and pain. Wireless earphone type luxury design. material : soft ...

Home Swimming Pool Tester
Testing chlorine level: Recommended chlorine level for pools and spas is 1.2 to 1.7ppm. 1) Position the needle to your "adjustment point". 2) Holding the ET in one hand and the probes in the other, insert the probes into the water up to the black band. Wait until the middle rests for a better chorine reading. (See chorine chart on the back of these instructions for suggested levels and dosages). 3) Leave the probes in the water and proceed with instructions for testing PH. Testing ...
Company: Liansheng Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool
1) Dimensions: 6m x 4m x H1.28m. 2) Material: 0.7mm laminated PVC, high-strength and flame retardant. 3) Performance of low temperature: -40°C folding without trace. 4) Comes with ladder, pump and repair kit. 5) Size: can be made according to customers' requirements

Surfing Scuba Diving Swimming Gear Fins Flippers
Fin flippers: 1) Size: Medium foot fits range 6-8.5 inch. 2) The fin part measures length 16.5inch. 3) Patented Nature's Wing propeller fin technology. 4) Advanced composite PVC materials for ideal flex and memory. 5) Rigid side rails for increased lift and efficiency. 6) Ergonomically designed foot pocket accommodates virtually all foot sizes and boot styles. 7) Easy adjust quick-release buckles. 8) Provides greater thrust while reducing muscle fatigue. 9) Less effort and drag per kick ...

Body Board
The EPS foam core is backed by a highly abrasion-resistant laminate to increase the stiffness of the board for durability and improved speed. Ages 8 and up; adult supervision is recommended.
Product Group: Body Board

Easy Set Up Swimming Pool, Oval Quick Up Pool
The pool. frame, 2 filter pump( 7560Ltr.) ladder, supreme cover, ground cloth and maintenance kit. water capacity 80%. pool cover: an inflatable ring the middle of the cover, which keeps the pool cover away from the water, the trapped air in the middle isolates the water from the outside to prevent the heat loss. Introducing the new oval quick up pool: 1) Premium color combination. 2) The traditional round quick up poll with a semi-framed structure forms a unique oval shape. 3) Compare with ...

100% Silicone Swimming Cap And Swim fit
Material: 100% silicone. 1. Solid and multicolor caps for adult and kids, sizes: 22 x 19cm / 21 x 17.5cm. 2. Hydro-dynamically shaped better fit and comfort for maximum aquatic performance. 3. Non toxic and non-allergenic. 4. Highly elastic texture. 5. One size fits all. 6. For swimming, competitive and recreational use
Product Group: Swimming Cap

Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Ladders
1) Hand rails made from highly resistant stainless steel, diameter: 42mm. 2) Equipped with stainless steel threads guarding against slippage. 3) Supplied with escutcheons and anchor sockets. 4) Shape: standard, wall, mixed. 5) Number of steps: 2 - 5. 6) Stainless steel pipe (AISI-304) with mirror finish

Body Board, EVA Top, Slick Bottom
Body Board with EPS Core, EVA Top and Slick Bottom. Features: 1) Available sizes: 32", 36" and 40" in length. 2) With EPS core and EVA top. 3) Slick bottom surface. 4) Assorted sizes can be combined in one container. 5) Custom-made sizes and designs accepted. 6) ASTM standard, Canadian standard
Product Group: Body Board

Swimming Caps
1) Fashionable metallic/shiny surface appearance. 2) Material: neoskin neoprene + PU coating; total thickness: 0.7-2.0mm. 3) Retains body heat. 4) Weather durable. 5) Color-fastness. 6) Water-resistant. 7) Light weight. 8) Can match with triathlon wetsuits
Product Group: Swimming Cap

Leaf Skimmer
We can supply high quality pool accessories, such as leaf skimmers and vacuum heads; pool equipment such as deck ladders, stainless steel ladders and liners; water treatment equipment such as chlorine dispensers.

Wall-Mount Integral Swimming Pool Filtration Device
Features: 1) Environment protecting and high efficiency disinfection system. 2) Environment protecting and energy saving filtration system. 3) Fully-automatic electronic control system. 4) No-pump-room design. 5) Whirlpool massage jet system. 6) Underwater illumination system. Specification: 1) Dimensions: 1,300 x 800 x 1,200mm. 2) Power supply: 220V / 50Hz. 3) Power consumption: 1.6kW. 4) Filtration pump: 1 x 2HP. 5) Flow rate: 25cbm/h. 6) Ozone generator: 500mg/h. 7) Chemical feeder: ...

Eps Bodyboard
Top: Nylon fabric with print. Bottom: Weaving PE. Inside: EPS (expanded polystyrene). Packing:1 pc into foil shrink, then 6pcs packed into a carton. Attached: Small leash.. Size: 18", 24", 26", 33", 37", 41"

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