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List extensive product information of Table Tennis (include Pingpong Ball, Table Tennis Table, Table Tennis Bat/Racket, Table Tennis Net), provided by Table Tennis manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pingpong Ball
1) 50pcs packed in transparent box. 2) Multi-color red yellow blue green orange white. 3) Official size 40mm pingpong balls. 4) Spin as per 1-star quality
Company: Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Table Tennis
Outdoor Table Tennis: 1) Table Tennis outdoor; 2) Fibreglass table; 3) Liftable; 4) Table board:40mm 5) Leg:50mm*50mm. Table Tennis Specifications: 1) ABS racket + EVA foam covering 2) EVA balls 3) PP netting.

Ping-Pong Ball
1) Table Tennis Set. 2) Ping-Pong Ball. Including 2 pats,2 balls,1 net,2 sucking cups. We can supply a wide range of this kind of products from china.
Product Group: Ping Pong Ball
Company: Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Table Tennis Table
1) Specifications: 2,740 x 1,525 x 760mm. 2) Material: 15MDF, high intensity steel rim. 3) Table legs: 40 x 40 x 12mm. 4) Wheel: 80mm. 5) Frame: 20 x 30mm
Product Group: Table Tennis Table
Company: Beijing Sanwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.    China

Table Tennis bat
Table tennis bat (pingpong bat) in bag. Many models available. High quality and durability. Vivid colors and innovative design. Every design can be made into table tennis
Product Group: Table Tennis Bat

Table Tennis Racket
We can supply table tennis rackets with different levels, such as 1 star, 2 star and 3 star table tennis rackets, some suitable for offensive players, some suitable for all-round player and some suitable for defense players. 1) Two rackets. 2) Five table tennis racket balls. 3) 1 PVC pack with a hook. 4) 1 table tennis net
Product Group: Table Tennis Racket

Table Tennis/Table Tennis Table
1) Table Tennis Table. 2) Specifications: 2740 x 1525 x 760mm. 3) Material: MDF, high intensity steel rim. 4) Frame: 20 x 38mm. 5) Table legs tube: 40 x 40 x 10mm. 6) Wheels: 8 x 2.5 inch wheels with brakes

Table Tennis Balls
1) Specification: 38mm, 40mm, 44mm, 50mm, 55mm 2) Color: white, orange, red, blue, green, purple, black 3) Packing: inner box, blister card, tube, clam, polybag 4) Quality: normal, hard ball, match ball

Table Tennis Rackets
1-star Table Tennis Rackets quality standard: 1) Blade: poplar wood, 7mm thickness. 2) Sponge: 1.8mm, orange. 3) Rubber: pimple-in, not transparent, adhesive. 2-star Table Tennis Rackets quality standard: 1) Blade: poplar wood, 7mm thickness. 2) Sponge: 33#, 1.8mm, orange. 3) Rubber: pimple-in, transparent, adhesive. 3-star Table Tennis Rackets quality standard: 1) Blade: bass wood, 6mm thickness. 2) Sponge: C grade, 1.8mm, orange. 3) Rubber: pimple-in, transparent, adhesive. 4-star Table ...

Outdoor Pingpong Table
Material: steel pipe. It can strengthen heat-lung function and the lower limbs muscles. Packing with cotton and paper box.

Table Tennis Racket
2 rackets + 3 (1-star 40mm) balls + net post. Rubber: red / black. Handle: straight. Blade:5-ply. Sponge thickness:1.8mm. Packed by double blister
Product Group: Table Tennis Racket

Table Tennis Racket
1. Table tennis racket: The 7-ply blade adopts advanced absey to be the faceplate and carbon included, matched with ITTF certified double reversed coverings and advanced sponge. Hollowout handle. Quick attack and high spin. 2. Table tennis racket: Advanced aryl carbon & cypress blades, one of the most professional blades. ITTF certified double reversed coverings, advanced sponge. Easy control and quick attack.
Product Group: Table Tennis Racket

Table Tennis Table
1) Dimension: 274 x 152.5 x 76cm (L x W x H). 2) Board thickness: 1.8cm. 3) The legs adopt tubes which are bended on special bending machine And impact resistant flakes are fitted out on the bottom of the legs to provide proper shock absorption. 4) The top and legs are dismountable for easy transportation. 5) The surfaces of all steels are static epoxy powder coated after the initial treatment such as pickling.
Product Group: Table Tennis Table

Table Tennies
Table size:274x152x76cm. Material:mdf,pvc laminated. The table can print on your own logo and the table leg have some rolling wheel. The table face can folding.

Table Tennis Net & Post, Bat
Table Tennis Net & Post: 1) Table Tennis Net & Post. 2) White Steel post + Blue Net. 3) Used for training & family. 4) Economic style. Table Tennis Bat: 1) 5 stars or 4 stars. 2) Short handle or long handle. 3) In-two sides rubber or long and in rubber.

Table Tennis Robot
1) Specifications: 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz with UL listed 12V transformer. 2) Features: a) Recycling net, remote control, oscillation control, head angle adjustment, spin selection. b) Pin/speed range: 1-10. c) Frequency range: 1-10. d) Ball capacity 40mm: 120pcs. e) 40mm balls included 48pcs. f) Videotape, accepts both 38 and 40mm balls

Ping-Pong Table
1) 2400x1200x690mm. 2) 18mm table face. 3) Blue or green. 4) Frame: 30x20mm. 5) Foot: 40x40mm. 6) Foldable, indoor only

Table Tennis Racket
1) Single pack. 2) Long handle or short handle, assorted design. 3) Suitable for beginner, student, and family

Table Tennis Table
Specifications: 1) Dimensions: 274 x 152. 5 x 76 cm. 2) Board: 22mm MDF (medium density fibreboard. Frame: 40 x 20mm steel tube. Leg: 40 x 40mm steel tube, internal feet are equipped with brake wheel. 3) . Packing: in carton

Indoor Table Tennis Table
single-folding table tennis table specifications: 1) Specifications: length: 2,740mm (1,370mm x 2); width: 1,525mm; height: 760mm. 2) Board: MDF board (the thickness is 16mm). 3) Board frame specifications: 30 x 20mm. 4) Leg specifications: 25 x 25mm square metallic tube

Table Tennis Racket Set
1. Table tennis racket set: For family use. Heatronic packages. Inner with two bats and three 40mm training balls. 2. Table tennis racket set: Inner with two bats, three 40mm balls, and one set of posts and one net. Heatronic packages.

Table Tennis Set
We can supply high quality table tennis sets, including table tennis balls, table tennis nets, table tennis rackets, table tennis bats and table tennis posts from china.

Table Tennis Post and Net & Score Board
1. Yaping four digit score board: The measurement of carton is 65 x 48 x 41cm. 2. six digit score board: The measurement of carton is 56 x 56 x 30cm. 3. cassette score board: The measurement of carton is 52 x 52 x 46cm. 4. Common post: screw shape. The measurement of carton is 34 x 31 x 25cm. 5. High-grade post: clamp shape. The measurement of carton is 57 x 50 x 31cm

Table Tennis Racket
1) Table tennis racket: One side with glutinous reversed covering, the other side with non-glutinous reversed covering, matched with gourd and silver gray handles. Hollowout technic makes very strong backhand. 2) Table tennis racket: For T.T. lovers, it is a good type for training. Matched with ITTF certified coverings and the best combination of one side with glutinous covering and the other side with non-glutinous covering. Easier to attack & defend. 3) Table tennis racket: Adopt gourd ...
Product Group: Table Tennis Racket

table tennis table
Products:table tennis table Item:TT-1 Material:MDF and steel Packing:1pcs/carton Carton size:(LHW) 2750x760x1550(MM) Quantity of container:78/20"ft 140pcs/40"ft 160pcs/40 HC FOB(ningbo/shanghai)PRICE:USD 120-200/pcs Minimum order number:10 pcs Specification of table: single folding rainbow table tennis table color of table top:indigo blue color of supports:white Lead time:20 days Payment:T/T or L/C Attention:the price always change,please feel free to contact us for ...
Company: Hongtu Sports Equipment Co.,ltd    China

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