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List extensive product information of Wetsuits (include Surfing Suit, Diving Suit), provided by Wetsuit manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Adult and Childrens Surfing Suits
Adult and Childrens Surfing Suits Features: 1) 2.5mm neoprene and nylon material ; 2) Flexible in nylon material and excellent condition ; 3) Flat lock stitching ; 4) Back, zipper with slider ; 5) Adjustable velcro collar ; 6) Velcro neck closure ; 7) Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Company: Tianjin Textiles Group Import & Export Inc.    China

Full Wet Suits for Men
Features: 1) 2mm or 5mm or 7mm neoprene. 2) Made of high quality neoprene. 3) Flexible in nylon jersey or polyester or shark skin material and excellent condition. 4) Flat lock stitching or blind stitching. 5) Velcro neck closure. 6) Back, zipper with slider. 7) Adjustable velcro collar. 8) Shark skin. 9) Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Company: Tianjin Textiles Group Import & Export Inc.    China

Immersion Suits
1) Made of foam rubber. 2) Serve to prevent the loss of body heat when submerged in cold water

Surf Suit
1) Material: neoprene. 2) Various colors and sizes available. 3) Glue and blind stitching on all seams. 4) Spandex or custom fabric binding around edges.
Product Group: Surf Suit

Neoprene Men's Wetsuit
1) Nylon fabric on both sides. 2) Glue and blind stitching inside and outside. 3) #10 YKK back zip. 4) Lycra binding on all edges. 5) Reinforced kneepad

Diving Suit
1) 2.5-4mm neoprene. 2) Adjustable neck. 3) Back zipper and flat lock stitched. 4) Rubber kneepad. 5) Back: Blue, black, grey and other colors. 6) Size available: S - 3XL. 7) YKK zipper available
Product Group: Diving Suit

Wet Suit
1) Material: 2mm/3mm neoprene and nylon. 2) Flexible in nylon material and excellent condition. 3) Flat lock stitching. 4) Back, zipper with slider. 5) Adjustable Velcro collar. 6) Velcro neck closure. 7) Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Wet Suit
1) Front body: mesh titanium or other material. 2) Knee pad: PU ink printing or embossed printed. 3) Super elastic fabric used on panel of frequently bending areas such as top sleeve, under arm, and back knee. 4) Titanium can be added upon customer's request. 5) Adjustable velcro around neck. 6) Back panel with #10 YKK zipper

Surfing Suit for Woman
1) 3mm neoprene and nylon material. 2) Color: all colors available. 3) Zipper in backside. 4) Adjustable Velcro collar. 5) Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Shorty Wetsuit
1) 2-3mm neoprene and nylon on jersey. 2) Flat-lock. 3) Key pocket in the inner of the back zip panel. 4) Back panel with #8 Polyester zip. 5) Adjustable comfortable velcro on the neck. 6) The chest may change into mesh skin or smooth skin

Diving & Surfing Wetsuit
1) Material: a) Fine mesh on the chest and back ; b) Nylon jersey inside ; c) CR or SBR neoprene ; d) Plastic zipper on the back. 2) Comfortable flat lock stitching. 3) Suitable for water sports

Surfing Suit
1) 2.5mm neoprene and nylon material. 2) Flexible in nylon material and excellent condition. 3) Flat lock stitching. 4) Back, zipper with slider. 5) Adjustable Velcro collar. 6) Velcro neck closure. 7) Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Product Group: Surf Suit

Wet Suits
1) made of high quality 2mm neoprene. 2) flexible in nylon jersey or polyester or shark skin material and excellent condition. 3) flat lock stitching. 4) velcro neck closure. 5) back, zipper with slider. 6) adjustable velcro collar

Surfing Suit, Wet Suit
Material: 5mm neoprene. Waterproof, ykk zipper. Main products: Diving suit, surfing suit, neoprene glove, sports support, life jacket, slimming suit. Size: Available. Color: Black, grey. Excellent and high quality control

Neoprene Women's Full Wetsuit
1) Nylon fabric on both sides. 2) Flat-lock Stitching system. 3) The neck, cuff and ankle are folded-back. 4) Back panel with #10 YKK zip and strip. 5) Kneepads: PU ink printing

Surfing Wetsuit
1) Top and middle-end performance surfing wetsuit. 2) 3-5mm neoprene, light and warm. 3) Double over locking collar. 4) Duratex kneepads. 5) Flat locked stitched seams. 6) Rolled wrist and ankle seals

Surfing Suit
Material: neoprene with stretchy fabric to ensure the best quality. Fine mesh on chest part, windproof and waterproof

Wet Suits
Wet Suits: 1) Material: CR/SBR neoprene rubber. 2) Breathable. 3) Pressure resistant. 4) Suitable for water sports

Diving Suit
1) Material: 3.5mm neoprene with nylon fabric. 2) Excellent heat preservation. 3) Nice appearance. 4) Two pieces with long john and jacket. 5) Full blind stitching

Complete Scuba Diving Gear Package
Offer: 1) Complete gear package: including tank. 2) Buoyancy control device for diving. 3) Rigid slim-line gauge. 4) Regulator. 5) Octopus. 6) Deluxe neoprene wetsuit (2 pieces, 7mm). 7) Diving glove. 8) Standard weight belt. 9) Soft diver boot. 10) Fin. 11) Mask. 12) Silicone flex snorkel. 13) 80cu. ft. cylinder and valve

Surfing Suit, Wet Suit
1) neoprene is kind of rubber foam, can keep warm and be flexible. 2) can help to make your body slim, reduce the unwanted fat of your hip by eliminating sweat. 3) you will get better result if you wear is while having sports. 4) material: Neoprene 2.5-4.5 mm thickness. 5) product sizes: S/m/l

1) Front body: standard nylon neoprene. 2) collar and should-arm part: super strecthy neoprene which gives you most ease in surfing

Spring Suit
1) Stretchy neoprene with durable fabric construction. 2) 3mm total thickness. 3) Fine mesh panel on chest part. 4) 100% flat lock stitch. 5) For men. 6) Size: XS-XL

Surfing Suit
Specifications: 1) Material: neoprene combined with a variety of fabrics. 2) Smooth, soft, and stretchable. 3) Front or back zipper. 4) Sleeveless design for free exercise or movement. 5) Outdoor or indoor exercise. 6) Fit for all age of people. 7) S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL

Full Suit for Men
1) 6.0mm neoprene with outside nylon and inside plush. 2) 10# YKK zipper on back and cuffs. 3) Glued and blind stitching for waterproof

Neoprene Wetsuit
1. 25% ultra span. 2. 75% super light S-Neo. 3. GBS triple glued and blind stitched sealed seams. 4. Seamless shoulder and underarm panels. 5. Rubber rim. 6. Thermal mesh. 7. Prevent and contoured arm and leg panels. 8. Concealed zip with reinforced base. 9. Gridlock zips and key holder. 10. Taped stress areas. 11. Textron kneepads on K-foam. 12. Forte collar closure

Long Surfing Suits
1) Colors and thickness of the materials are based on your requirements. 2) Can be produced according to your samples and your own measurement. 3) Beautiful style and comfortable to wear. 4) Material: 3.0mm neoprene. 5) For both men and women

Triathlon Wetsuit
1) Full body: super-stretchy neoprene. 2) Shinny skin with great water-repellent. 3) Good water buoyancy. 4) Good fitness

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