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List extensive product information of Fiber Optic Equipment (include Optical Adapter, Optical Fiber Coupler, Optical Distribution Box, Optical Receiver, Optical Transmitter), provided by Fiber Optic Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Optical Adapter
1) It meets the trade standards of the optical connector, as TIV/EIV-568-A (CSA T529-95) and IEC 874-1. It is used in the optical connection. 2) It adopts qualitative material of low insertion loss and low reflect, which possesses approved optical performance. It can be mounted simply with the connector pin. 3) It is adopts high precision, bright finished and high retentive compensating pipe covering of phosphor bronze or zirconium dioxide, and with low insertion loss. 4) It is provided all ...

Optical Node
Optical node is a two way optical node used for delivering video (digital or analog) as well as high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) network terminal. This optical node combines an optical receiver working from 53 to 860MHz and an optical transmitter for up-stream from 5 to 40MHz.

19" Fiber Management Trays
1) This kind of fiber trays is a flexible platform for integrating fusion splicing, pre-termination cables and passive devices 2) Bending radius control throughout the fiber trays' inner / outer geometry and fiber storage areas make splicing and coiling extremely quick and easy 3) Pigtail fiber and incoming fiber are kept separately making the isolation circuits easy

External Power Supply Optical Fiber Modem
Specification and function: 1) The distance is 2km (multi-stand module). 2) Designed to provide the most versatile connection possible between any asynchronous serial equipment using fiber optic cable. 3) Supports RS-232 data signal and RS-485 data signal. 4) Duplex and semi-duplex RS-485 working way is available. 5) The point to lop connecting is available

Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet
1) Insertion loss: 1.31, 1.55um LD lamp-house, SM≤0.18dB, MM≤0.30dB. 2) Return loss: 1.31, 1.55um LD lamp-house, SM PC≥45dB, UPC≥50dB, APC≥60dB. 3) Insulation resistance: ≥2 x 10,000mΩ/500V DC. 4) Voltage-resistance strength: non-puncture, no arc-over under 3kV DC/1min. 5) Environment: a) Environmental temperature: -25°C ~ +60°C. b) Relative humidity: <95% (when the temperature is below 40°C). c) Atmospheric pressure: 70 - 106KPa. 6) Applications: a) The interface device ...
Company: Zhejiang Hongsheng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.    China

Optical Cable Joint Enclosure
1) Cylinder shape, made of high quality ABS, compact and lightweight. 2) Lightning strike, erosion, aging resistance. 3) Strong and logical structure, high quality silicon gel sealed, waterproof, repeatable operation. 4) With branch function, 1-in-3 out and 2-in-2 out available for model XDK08
Company: Zhejiang Hongsheng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.    China

Single-Mode Star / Tree Couplers
The Single-mode Optic-fiber Tree /Star Couplers can couple the optical signals in the coupling area, and then re-distributes the light power. The key parameters include operating wavelength, bandwidth, and excess loss, coupling ratio, PDL and so on. All-optical fused couplers are proven having high performance in applications. Features: Low PDL. Low Excess Loss. Good Directivity. Good Environmental Stability. Various types are optional. Standard, Flattened, Broadband. Tree, Star. Single-mode ...
Company: Zhejiang Hongsheng Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.    China

SC/SC Fiber Optic Patch Cord
ADP multimode (MM) simplex and multimode duplex fiber optic jumpers utilize riser-rated 1 or 2-fiber 62.5/125 micron or 50/125 micron multimode cable that meets requirements. 1) Low insertion loss. 2) High return loss. 3) Precise inspection by microscope. 4) Environmentally friendly and stable in optical performance. 5) Provides total immunity to electrical interference

Optical Fiber Coupler
Features: 1) Optical fiber coupler. 2) Single mode, 1,310nm, 1 x 2. 3) Structure: optical fiber (corning), quartz tube, stainless steel tube, quartz powder. Specifications: 1) Type of optical fiber: corning SMF-28. 2) Package dimensions: Φ3.0 x 35mm. 3) Operating temperature: -40 to +70°C. 4) Excess loss: ≤0.1dB. 5) Coupling ratio: 1-50%. 6) Polarization dependence loss: ≤ 0.1dB. 7) Directivity: ≥ 60dB. 8) Bandwidth: ±45nm. 9) Applications: optical fiber communication networks, ...

Optical Distribution Box
1) 19" standard installation, adjustable position in forward and backward direction. 2) Compact aluminum body with electrostatic spraying surface, light structure and good-looking appearance. 3) 12-core integrated distribution and splicing module uses the space efficiently (FC/SC adapter usable). 4) Equipped with cable fixing kits, fit for different application, such as standard rack and network rack. 5) Fiber guiding hoops in front and rear sides protect fibers from mechanical damage, ...

PDH Optical Multiplexer
1) Dual optical interfaces, 1+1 backup. 2) Each optical interface has an ALS (Automatic Laser Shutdown/Reduction) function: 3) Provides bi-directional PDH optical multiplexer (the 2 wavelengths are 1310Nm and 1550Nm respectively). 4) Outer dimensions (W x D x H): 482 x 200 x 44mm. 5) Provides double-power supply hot backup (DC 48V, AC 220V). 6) Convenient to install and use

Fiber Optic Equipment
10 Optical path backup: with the option of 1 + 1 optical redundancy (protection switching), in which the transmission automatically switches to a standby optical link in the event of a failure of the primary optical link; E3 or E6 switch or mandatory switch of optical path can be configured to meet requirements of network of high reliability. 2) Network management: furnished with network management interface (RS485) that facilitates the realization of uniform network management. 3) Easy to ...

Net Encoder
1) Comply with MPEG-2 standard, supporting TS (Transport Stream) and ES (elementary stream). 2) Adopt 10-bit video A / D converter, with 2D 5-line adaptive comb-filter, to achieve high quality picture. 3) 1 microphone input port and 1 stereo (L / R) input port. 4) Audio gain is software adjustable. 5) Video brightness, contrast and hue are online software adjustable. 6) OSD function, with time and channel name display. 7) Video alarm, such as video loss and motion detect. 8) Inbuilt watchdog ...

Ceramic Ferrule
Applications: 1) High performance fiber optic connectors used in environments requiring durability after repeated, low insertion loss and low back reflection. 2) Fiber stub. 3) SC, FC, ST, MU, D4, MU, LC, DIN and other fiber optic connectors 4) Single mode and multimode. Features: 1) Good concentricity and size precision. 2) High strength and endurability, good anti-aging performance. 3) Low insertion loss and high pull out performance.

Optical Receiver Module
The SMO869 has an FC/APC or SC/APC Connector. The amplifier supply voltage pin connect to 24V(DC). The modules have a monomode optical suitable for 1290 to 1600nm wavelengths, a terminal to monitor the photo diode current and an electrical output having a characteristic impedance of 75Ohm

Optic Distribution Frame
1) Cabinet body features high-quality steel rolling plate. 2) Overall static coating with an attractive look. 3) Modular structure, adjustable splicing unit and distribution unit combination. 4) Suitable for ribbon, bundle and non-ribbon optical cables; FC, SC, LC, and ST adapters (ST adapter must be with flange). 5) Reliable stripping, protecting, fixing and grounding devices for optical cables. 6) Simple unit adjustment to realize upper and down wiring and distribution. 7) Clear marks make ...

Fiber Raceway
1) Selecting high grade anti-flaming plastic and shaped by molding or extruding. 2) Light weight, toughness, good anti-impact and mechanical performance. 3) Flexible fiber in and out structure. 4) Main technical data. 5) Working humidity: -5°C ~ +45°C. 6) Relative humidity: ≤85%. 7) Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa - 106KPa. 8) Uniform color, even, smooth and clean surface; no defects of bur, bubble, contraction or hollow. 9) Insulation resistance: ≥20mΩ. 10) No crack or break after low ...

Fiber Optic Splice Closure
1) It is easy and fast to increase and decrease FOST. The slide-in-lock design of FOST with the opening angle 90 degree makes expansion and maintenance convenient. 2) The distribution unit can have LC, SC, ST, FC adapter front panel to meet with customers various needs. The installation is very easy. 3) Innovative design, easy installation. Based on the advanced formula, the plastic parts is made of injection-molded, high-strength engineering plastic PC. It ensures long-term reliability and ...

Patch Panel
Material: PC House, Bronze Contact Pin. Two capacity styles for choices: A: 24-Port item no.: AQ-AP5E-24P. B: 48-Port item no.: AQ-AP5E-48P. 1) Designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO/IEC11801 standards to match 19" cabinets.. 2) Designed to exceed normal requirements. 3) Distinctive color labels on the module indicate universal wiring patterns for T568A and T568B. 4) Label and inlaid marks for convenience of identification and supervision. 5) Connecting tools for single-pair ...

15km SFP Optical Transceiver
SFP Optical Transceiver 1310nm 622Mbps 15km. Applications: 622/Mb/s SONET/SDH telecom equipment. Rack to rack system interconnects. Metro / Access Networks. Switch to switch interfaces. Hub interconnects. Bus extenders. Channel extenders. Host adapter interconnects. Mass storage system interconnects. Telecom switches. Router interconnects. Features: LC Duplex optical interface. 15km reach. 622Mb/s data rate. +3.3V power supply. Low DC power consumption. 2x10 SFP MSA compliant package. Bail ...

Optical Fiber Distribution Box
1) Material: cold rolled steel or aluminum. 2) The body with electrostatic spraying surface, light structure and good-looking appearance. 3) 19" or 23'' standard installation, adjustable in forward and backward directions. 4) Suitable for being installed in different kinds of racks or cabinets. 5) Side door and upside door could be opened to arrange the fiber. 6) Optical cables can be lead in/out from rightward or leftward. 7) 12-core for FC, SC and ST adapter panels available

Video & Reversed 1ch Data Optical Transmitter/Receiver
Uncompressed video,8-bit/10-bit digital encoding/decoding. Easy installation and adjustment free. 8MHz video bandwidth, compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM. RS232, RS422/RS485 compatible data interfaces. No electromagnetic interference, no radio frequency interference, no ground current. Using APC circuit, invariable optical output power and increasing dynamic range. LED status indicators for power, optical link, video signal and data traffic. Gbit transmit and WDM technique, big capacity ...

Pigtail Patch Cord
Features: 1) Long-distance and local light transmission network. 2) Data transmission network, various kinds of testing and self-control system. 3) Realized the connection of the transmission of the fiber optical. 4) Simplex and duplex patch cords available. 5) Fan-out available. 6) Pigtail available. Main technical indexes: 1) Insertion loss: below 0.3dB (PC). 2) Return loss: above 45dB (PC), above 50dB (UPC). 3) Tensile strength: 0 - 15kg (except for Φ0.9 fiber). 4) Oscillating test: ...

64Kbps Same Direction G.703 Optic Fiber Modem
Optical Modem converts E1 electrical signal into optical data stream for transport over single mode or multimode fiber optic cables. At the opposite end of the fiber, the optical stream is converted back into electrical signals of the appropriate interface such as G.703 & V.35. This fiber optic modem extends the transmission distance up to more than 100Km. The frame format of MOD-E1 is frame/unframe for E1, so it can be used to transmit E1 signal of frame video or unframe video. The ...

Optical Fiber Equipment
Network products (eg. Ngn, xdsl, optical network and data communications products); value-added services (eg. Intelligent network, cdn/san and wireless data) as well as mobile and fixed terminals. Mstp/sdh multi service optical transmission equipment. Dual-optical-port pdh integrated service transmission equipment. Dual-optical-port pdh optical transmission equipment. Optical transmission equipment. Svpe ethernet over tdm equipment (n e1-10/100base-t ethernet interface converter). Conv1035 ...

PM Coupler
1 x 3 (3 x 3) single-mode single window coupler employs the FBT technique to produce at onetime, and it can be used in multi-end power distribution. This kind of coupler can meet the requirements of small size, good stability, low excess loss, and low PDL. It can be widely used in optical fiber communications systems, optical fiber CATV, and optical fiber LAN.

Fiber Optical Distribution Frame
1) Structure is both simple and practical, and the whole structure includes machine cabinet and integrative tray, which makes amplify capacity easy. 2) Molding is novel and artistic, and the frontispiece is glass door which coordinates with the equipments in the terminal room. 3) Under the condition of achieving in completely observe operation, more room is left for cable entering and leaping fiber optical. 4) Unique integrative tray embodies the new logos of fiber optical layout

SFP+ 10Gbps 10km Optical Transceiver Module
The EOLP-1396-10 series single-mode transceivers is SFP+ module for bi-directional serial optical data communications such as 10GBASE-LR.It is with the SFP+ 20-pin connector to allow hot plug capability. Digital diagnostic functions are available via an I2C. This module is designed for single-mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 1310 nm. The transmitter section uses a 1310 nm multiple quantum well DFB laser and is a class 1 laser compliant according to International Safety ...
Product Group: Transceiver
Company: Eoptolink Technology Inc. Ltd.    China

Optical Transceiver
product feature ● 10 digit PCM digital video program ● support hot swap ● plug and play ● Support RS232、RS422、RS485 and other data port ,set freely ● compatible with NTSC、PAL、SECAM video system ● surge protection, auto recover ● no EMI,RFI and natural current interference ● LED show functional mode ● pass Ministry of Public Security detect certification ● Industrial grade design and modularize design make usage flexible and stable ● optional ...
Product Group: Optical Transceiver
Company: Hangzhou Lihong Electronics Co.,Ltd    China

Fused SM SW Optic Coupler
Fiber Optic Couplers are used to redistribute the fiber optic light signals, they can distribute fiber optic light transmitted from one fiber to two or more fibers . Applications GPON network CATV networkPower distribution FTT Test equipment, Telecommunication. Features Low insertion loss.Low PDL.Compact package.High reliability (GR-1209¡BGR-1221 qualified). Description Grade P A Central Wavelength nm 1310or1550 Operating Broadband 1310or1550 nm +-10 Insertion Loss dB ...
Product Group: Optic Coupler
Company: Shanghai HJ Fiber Co.,Ltd    China

MM Optic Coupler
Fiber Optic Couplers are used to redistribute the fiber optic light signals, they can distribute fiber optic light transmitted from one fiber to two or more fibers. Applications CATV system, EDFA, fiber optic telecommunications, subscriber network equipments, high speed transmission systems Features Excellent uniformity, low excess loss,Humidity(packaging) low insertion loss, compact size, high directivity Description Coupling Ratio 1/99 to 50/50 Wavelength 700 to 1600 nm ...
Product Group: Optic Coupler
Company: Shanghai HJ Fiber Co.,Ltd    China

Armored Patch Cord
Our products shown below: Isolator, Coupler, Circulator, WDM. Applications: High Speed and volume Fiber Optic Transmission Systems CATV Networks LAN Fiber Optic Instrumentation Features: Gently and strong safeguard optical fibers for its material of stainless steel High tensile strength, pressure resistance, re-twist resistance, prevents bite by the rodents Electric cable-like handling and easy installation Description: Insertion loss 0.2dB Return loss 45 dB ...
Product Group: Patch Cord
Company: Shanghai HJ Fiber Co.,Ltd    China

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