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Detailed Fiber Optic Equipment Description:

10 Optical path backup: with the option of 1 + 1 optical redundancy (protection switching), in which the transmission automatically switches to a standby optical link in the event of a failure of the primary optical link; E3 or E6 switch or mandatory switch of optical path can be configured to meet requirements of network of high reliability. 2) Network management: furnished with network management interface (RS485) that facilitates the realization of uniform network management. 3) Easy to configure: combination of main system board and various function modules can produce 4/8/12/16E1 optical multiplexers and multiple optional traffic interfaces to meet requirements and customized demands of different users 4) Various function modules: user interface modules (N x 64K V.35, V.35, FXO/FXS, E/M, RS232/RS485); service telephone module, network management module (RS422/485, RS232, 10BaseT interfaces), RS232 data channel module, warning leading-out terminal module, switching value channel module. 5) Complete functions of alarm indication: DHODT-E is capable of monitoring alarm status of local and remote equipment. 6) Various functions of loop-back test: each E1 channel can complete local and remote loop-back independently. 7) transmission distance of 30 kilometers without relay (80-kilometer remote transmission equipment is prepared for your selection). 8) Modular and compact design of the complete appliance (19" 1U structure is used). 9) Convenient to extend capacity: DHODT-E has preliminary cascade interface, which facilitates cascading (equipment stacking) to optical multiplexer with higher E1 capacity when necessary

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