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Detailed Optical Fiber Coupler Description:

Features: 1) Optical fiber coupler. 2) Single mode, 1,310nm, 1 x 2. 3) Structure: optical fiber (corning), quartz tube, stainless steel tube, quartz powder. Specifications: 1) Type of optical fiber: corning SMF-28. 2) Package dimensions: Φ3.0 x 35mm. 3) Operating temperature: -40 to +70°C. 4) Excess loss: ≤0.1dB. 5) Coupling ratio: 1-50%. 6) Polarization dependence loss: ≤ 0.1dB. 7) Directivity: ≥ 60dB. 8) Bandwidth: ±45nm. 9) Applications: optical fiber communication networks, optical fiber cable TV, optical sensor, laboratory research. 12) We can also provide other couplers with operating wavelengths of 980nm, 1,053nm, 1,480nm or 1,550nm as well as WDM and double-window couplers

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