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Detailed Pigtail Patch Cord Description:

Features: 1) Long-distance and local light transmission network. 2) Data transmission network, various kinds of testing and self-control system. 3) Realized the connection of the transmission of the fiber optical. 4) Simplex and duplex patch cords available. 5) Fan-out available. 6) Pigtail available. Main technical indexes: 1) Insertion loss: below 0.3dB (PC). 2) Return loss: above 45dB (PC), above 50dB (UPC). 3) Tensile strength: 0 - 15kg (except for Φ0.9 fiber). 4) Oscillating test: <0.1dB (5 - 50Hz, 1.5mm swing). 5) Environmental temperature: -25°C ~ +55°C

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