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Detailed Simplex Fiber Cable(GJFJV) Description:

Optic fiber cable simplex
1.RoHS compliant
2.serious precessubg art
3.building Cabling
Indoor Multi Core Fiber Optic Cable for telecommunication:

Indoor multi corer distribution fiber optic cable use several diameter 900μm flame-retardant tight buffer fiber as optical communitcation medium, the tight buffer fiber wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strenght member units, and the cable is compieted with a PVC or LSZH (Low smoke, Zero halogen, Flame-retardant ) jacket.

1. Tight buffer fiber ease of stripping.
2. The jacket anti-corrosion, anti-water, anti-alltraviolet ratardation, flame retardant and harmless to environment etc;
3. Excellent flame retardart jacke and anti-torsion
4. Soft, flexible, easy to splice, and with big capacity data transmission;
5. All dielectric structure protect it from electromagnetic influence
6. Scientific design with serious processing art.

1. Multi optical fiber jumper, patch cord, pigtail cable;
2. Indoor any purpose cable distribution;
3. Backbone building distribution cabling.
4. Installation: wall, interlayer, pipe, trough, duct

Order Optional Information:
l Jacket material: PVC (Environmental lame-retardant polyvinylchloride), LSZH (Environmental low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin), or other customerized material.
l Jacket color: blue, orange, green, brown, gray, red, black, yellow, and violet, pink, aqua.
l Fiber type: B1-G.652, B1.3-G.652.D, B4-G655, A1-50/125μm, A1b-62.5/125μm, M1-Maxband 150, M3-Maxband 300, M5-Maxband 550, E1- EasyBad G.657, E1.1- EasyBad Plus G.657, etc.
l Cable Dimension: the nominal cable dimension, or other constomerized dimension;
l Fiber Count: total number of fibers in the cable
l MOQ: 1km~2km, or other customerize

  • Model: Simplex Fiber Cable(GJFJV)
  • Packing: PVC & Carton
  • Terms of Payment: T/T & PayPal, etc
  • Delivery Time: 10 days
  • Products ID: 134065
  • Product Category: Fiber Optic Equipment
  • Post date: Mar 25, 2013
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Simplex Fiber Cable(GJFJV) in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: ASION Technology(HK) Company Limited
Address: 2F, Block 6, Xinyuan Industry Zone, Xili Town, Nanshan District
Region: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Contact Person: Trevor
Telephone: (86 755) 86501736 Ext : 805

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