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Detailed Video & Reversed 1ch Data Optical Transmitter/Receiver Description:

Uncompressed video,8-bit/10-bit digital encoding/decoding. Easy installation and adjustment free. 8MHz video bandwidth, compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM. RS232, RS422/RS485 compatible data interfaces. No electromagnetic interference, no radio frequency interference, no ground current. Using APC circuit, invariable optical output power and increasing dynamic range. LED status indicators for power, optical link, video signal and data traffic. Gbit transmit and WDM technique, big capacity and easy to upgrade. Transparent encoded mode, compatible with central CCTV camera manufacturer. Support lossless relay. Protection from lightning surge. MTBF>100,000hrs. Video specifications: Number of video channel:1 channel. Video connector: BNC. Video bandwidth:5Hz - 10MHz. Video input/output impedance:75Ω(unbalanced). Video input/output voltage:1.0VP - P. Differential gain(10%-90%APL): DG<1%(typical). Differential phase(10%-90%APLO): DP<1°. SNR (weighted): S/N ≥65dB. Data specifications: Number of data channel:1-4 channels simplex/duplex. Data interface: RS-232, RS-422(full duplex), RS-485(2/4 lines), Manchester, Biphase. Bit rate:0-300Kbps. Data connector: DB9/crimp type terminal. Data error rate: ≤10-9. Optical specifications: Optical connector: ST/FC. Operating wavelength:1,310nm(1,550nm). Optical fiber model: Single-mode (multi-mode). Transmitting optical power:(-8 ~ 0)dBm on average. Receiver sensitivity: <-20dBm for 1,310nm. Optical power budget: >14dB. Transmission distance:45km

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