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List extensive product information of Interphones (include Walkie Talkie, Two-Way Radio), provided by Interphone manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Walkie Talkie
1) 16 memory frequency channels. 2) Selection function: CTCSS. 3) More than 20 hours stay on. 4) Save model battery can be used for a long time. 5) Computer set, easy to amend. 6) Microphone with PTT function (selectable). 7) Out-put power: 4 - 5W
Product Group: Walkie Talkie
Company: Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Motorcycle Intercom
Motorcycle Intercom (Interphone) is a device for communication between driver and passenger. Features: 1) Batteries: the intercom uses two batteries (size: AAA), but not included. 2) Headsets: the speaker and mouthpiece are integrated. 3) Multi-purpose input terminal: using the audio input terminal.

Handheld Interphone
1) Sixteen channels, adopting phase-lock loop frequency. 2) Synthesis, mini-computer control, fast menu and expedient operations. 3) Thirty-eight second voice-frequency can be available for choice. 4) Multi-functions, excessive value, fashionable outline, pretty and portative. 5) Sturdiness, durable, stable behavior, high volume contemporary binding. 6) Battery, long-time-using; original sound, easy to talk. 7) Electricity-saving function prolongs the service life of batteries. 8) ...

0.5W Two-Way Radios
Specifications: 1) 22 channels. 2) Frequency range: 462.5625MHz - 462.7250MHz. 3) Output power: 0.5W. 4) Talk range: 2 miles. 5) Power on / off LED indicator. 6) VOX function. 7) Battery status bar indicator. 8) TX LED indicator. 9) LCD (liquid crystal display). 10) Ear / microphone jack. 11) Belt clip
Product Group: Two-Way Radio
Company: Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Two-Way Radio
1) Working frequency: 150 - 174MHz, 400 - 440MHz, 450 - 470MHz and 470 - 490MHz 2) Unique design, light, attractive figure, easy to operate 3) Synthesized 16 single-duplex channels 4) Transmitting output power: ≥3W 5) Built-in DCS / CTCSS function 6) SMA antenna plug, better electric feature 7) Unlock alarm, low-power alarm 8) PC programmable
Product Group: Two-Way Radio
Company: Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Walkie Talkie Watch
1) back-lit digital watch. 2) 1. 5 mile range to communicate over great distances. 3) including 22 channels (for USA) and 8 channels (for Europe). 4) 38 privacy code options. 5) vox (voice activated) operation. 6) back-lit LCD display: easy to read, even at night. 7) call alert signal button for urgent calls. 8) channel scanning with lock feature. 9) electronic volume control or headset / ear bud compatible. 10) 500mw tx power output for a stronger and clearer signal
Product Group: Walkie Talkie

1) Multi-channels: can store 99 channels. 2) High/low power conversion available: high power (5W) and low power (1W) can be convertible. 3) Voice annunciation of channel number: while switching to another channel, you can hear the voice annunciation of the current channel number. 4) CTCSS / DCS: 50 groups of optional standard CTCSS and 105 groups DCS are available (PC programmable). 5) Scramble function: built-in voice security system to avoid wiretapped. 6) TOT function available: ...

Portable 2-Way Radio
1) Frequency: VHF / UHF. 2) RF power output: 4 / 5W. 3) 16 channels. 4) 50 CTCSS. 5) 107 CDCSS. 6) VOX: 16 optional. 7) 12.5/25KHz compatibility. 8) PC programmable. 9) Voice annunciation. 10) Hi-Lo power control. 11) Squelch grade setting. 12) Low power alarm. 13) Transmit time limiter. 14) Size: 97 x 61 x 32mm. 15) Accessories: walkie talkie, rechargeable battery pack (Li-ion battery pack), charger, belt clip, rubber antenna, user's manual. 16) Optional accessories: earphone, enhanced ...
Product Group: Two-Way Radio

Cordless Interphone
1.9Key: Power, call, Menu, up, DN, Monitor, Scan, Talk, torch switch. 2. Attached: Belt Clip,4Pcs AAA rechargeable Batteries, Earphone, Charger; User manual, Register and Warranty card. 3. Colorful appearance: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Gray & Black etc. 4. Technical parameter Frequency:409.7500-409.9875MHZ. Channel:20 channels. CTCSS:38 group mode. Frequency interval:12.5KHZ. Frequency stability: +/-5PPm. Max Power:0.5W. Charger Spec:7.5V/20mA. Temperature: -10 C--+/-50 C. ...

Intercom Kit for Bank Window
1) The substation is thin and compact, while the appearance is handsome. 2) Easy to install, there is only one wire for master station and substation connection. 3) Volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately. 4) With recorder jack, can connect record external equipment

Motorola Talkabout
Compatible with all other FRS & FRS/GMRS Radios. This auction is for the Motorola T8510TPR 3 Pack 3 18 mile 2-way radios with a bunch of extras. Three rechargeable battery packs, You are bidding on three radios sealed in one package, three belt clips, three rechargeable battery packs , three a/c adapters, three charge bases, and three ear unit with mic.

Specifications: 1) Category: handset. 2) Frequency range: 409.7500 - 409.9875MHz (may set range as required). 3) Channel spacing: 12.5kHz. 4) Communication range: 3km. 5) Channel number: 20 channels. 6) Power output: 0.5W. 7) Battery talk time: 12 hours. 8) Battery type: 3 x AAA. 9) Dimensions (H x W x D): 115 x 50 x 28mm

USB Skype Phone
As a mouse : 1.5m USB cable (USB1.1). 800 dpi optical sentor. As a Hi-Fi Speaker : Crystal clear sound quality. 48 KHz sampling rate. Supplied earphone to protect your privacy. As a VoIP Phone : Auto detection between mouse and VoIP phone. Seamlessly integrated with Skype, VoipButser, VoipStunt, VoIPCheap, VoipDiscount, SparVoip, Internetcalls, poivY, WebCallDirect, VoipCheapCom, FreeCall and NetAppel. Seamlessly integrated with X-TAPI Lite/Pro. Monochrome 128*64 pixel LCD with backlight. ...
Product Group: Skype Phone

Two-Way Radio Earphone
1) Soft and environmental friendly ear hanger. 2) Unique design earphone, wear comfortable. 3) Different kinds of plug for different two way radios. 4) Driver dia.: 15mm. 5) Frequency response: 20 - 20kHz. 6) Impedance: 32 ohms. 7) Sensitivity: 105 ± 5dB. 8) Max. input power: 10mW

Video Door Phone
Specifications: 1) Luminosity: 0.1 lux. 2) Brightness discrimination rate: 7 scale. 3) Picture overtaking: 80%. 4) Angle: 92 degrees (CCD), 78 degrees (CMOS). 5) Dimensions of indoor section: 228 x 192 x 70mm. 6) 2, 4 wires of CCD and CMOS available

0-2M TTL Transceiver
1) SC/ST/FC receptacle or FC pigtailed single mode or multi-mode optical interface. 2) Single +3.3V /+5V power supply. 3) Standard TTL data output with signal detect indication, compatible with CMOS level. 4) 1 x 9 package. 5) Operating wavelength 1310nm or 850nm. 6) Super low power consumption design, applied to some special requires. 7) Optional transmission bit rate with down to 0bps and up to 10Mbps

Quality Walkie-Talkie Toy
Large space for AD. Two 9V batteries operation. Push to talk, release to listen. Communication distance: approx up to 500 meters. Box size (L x W x H): 188 x 88 x 65mm. Carton size (L x W x H): 57.7 x 34 x 37.6cm
Product Group: Walkie Talkie

Radio Transceiver
Specifications: 1) Output power: 4W. 2) Communication range up to 4km. 3) VHF136 - 150MHz / 150 - 174MHz, UHF 400 - 420 MHz / 450 - 470MHz. 4) Dimensions: 108mm x 54.2mm x 37.4mm. 5) Weight: about 273g. 6) 16 channels (15 + scan 16th CH). 7) Palm size, compact design. 8) CTCSS and DCS built-in. 9) 6V / 1,200mAh Ni-MH battery. 10) Battery saving function. 11) Low battery alert. 12) Time-out timer (TOT). 13) Priority scan. 14) Carrier-operated scan. 15) Time-operate scan. 16) Search scan. 17) ...

Frequency scope:400-420/450-470 MHz. Full redesign , special broadband incept circuit, sensitive scope ≤1 dBm. special broadband modulate circuit with frequency warp ≤1 dBm. Radio-frequency output power≤5W. Built-in setting CTCSS function. Computer. Accord to America army standard that testing support by MIL-810C/D/E rainwater humidity, dust and vibration impact. Standard spec(HLD-3207(S)). receive part. Sensitive scope(12dB SINAD)≤0.16 uV. ncept bandwidth ±7 kHz. Border upon ...

Counter Service Intercom
The newest automatic gain sound recording and output at the same electric circuit with the sound recording and output same port terminal. It may record the voice with direct connection television monitoring equipment. Loaded with shutting-sound inside and outside switch prevents the information unauthorized biography. Ultra thin outside auxiliary machine, small volume, artistic outlook, outside microphone built-in the auxiliary machine, there is only a connection between inside and outside ...

Handheld Terminal
1) Battery: 6,600mAh. 2) Short massage sends and receives. 3) Compatible with PC and digital equipment, exchanges data by USB. 4) Calling transfer, calling wait, caller ID. 5) Position function: exactitude position, showing coordinate, orientation, direction and speed information. 6) Color map: downloads city map through CDMA1x. 7) Break resistance and waterproof. 8) Function: a) PDA function ; b) CDMA1x function ; c) GPS function ; d) GIS electronic map ; e) 800M digital cluster ; f) IC ...

Skype Phone
Functions: 1) PC to PC, and PC to Phone dialing capabilities. 2) Compact, stylish and, portable for notebook PC users. 3) H.323, SIP and MGCP supported.4) Compliant with ITU-T G.723 speech compression. 5) Full duplex audio, echo cancellation. 6) Pierce through all private networks and NAT. 7) Rings on an incoming call. 8) Keypad for easy dialing. Electric parameter: 1) Conformity to USB Audio Device Release 1.0. 2) Conformity to USB HID version 1.0. 3) Voltage: 4.5 - 5.25V DC. Network system ...
Product Group: Skype Phone

Frequency: 136-174mhz 350-390mhz 400-470mhz. Three colors back light. Clock function. Dtmf encoding & decoding. Group call & selective call. 128 memory channels with 1 group emergency channels. Vox function. Voice guide. Wide / narrow bandwidth selectable. Scrambler function. Ptt ID (ani) function. Power output: 4w for UHF, 5w for vhf. Ctcss / DCS function. Li-ion battery. FM radio function. Busy channel lock out. Stop watch. Hi / lo power selectable. PC programmable

Two-Way Radio
Features: 1) 16 half-duplex channels of frequency synthesis. 2) Transmitting output power 4-5W. 3) Large-capacity lithium battery. 4) Built-in QT function and DQT function. 5) Voice controlled functions for handsfree operating. 6) Computer controlled frequency selection. 7) Setup for squelch grade. 8) Low battery voltage alarm. 9) Waterproof and shock-proof. Specifications: 1) Models: VHF, UHF. 2) Frequency range: 136-174MHz, 350-470MHz. 3) Channels: 16. 4) Frequency band: 25kHz. 5) ...
Product Group: Two-Way Radio

1) Working frequency: 136 - 174MHz / 400 - 440MHz / 440 - 480MHz 2) Unique design, light, attractive figure and easy to operate 3) Voice prompt channel number 4) Built-in VOX function, hands-free talking 5) Prior scanning, in-time answer for multi-channel 6) In-built CTCSS / DCS functions 7) Programming key to set, personalized function 8) 500mW audio output 9) With 1,500mAh Ni-MH battery, 14h for talking duration 10) Compatible with American Military Standard MIL-STD810C, D, E tests, such ...

Walkie Talkie 0.5W And 2W Auto Switch
1) 0.5W and 2W auto switch. 2) Up to 8 miles talking range. 3) 22 channels for USA. 4) 38 CTCSS codes. 5) Low battery indication on LCD. 6) Four level voice activation adjustments for "VOX" use even with background noise. 7) Auto squelch, monitor, page/calling button. 8) Beep tone for confirmation of key and key beep on/off selectable. 9) Beep tone for confirmation of transmit. 10) Key lock on/off selectable. 11) Alarm clock on/off selectable. 12) Scan channel to setting basic ...
Product Group: Walkie Talkie

providing the voip phone ywh602
• Performance and features Support SIP,IAX2,H323 protocol NAT, Firewall. It can register two SIP account and one IAX2 account in the same time. All there 3 account can be used as called anytime,and for the caller,it can be slelected by setting different dial prefix. DHCP client and server. Support PPPoE, (used for ADSL, cable modem connecting). Support major CODEC. VAD,CNG. G.711 u/a; G729, G7231 5.3/6.3 audio Codec G.168 compliant 32ms ...
Product Group: Voip Phone
Company: zhengzhouyunengcommunication    China

For Sell: Brand New Apple iPad Wifi + 3G - 64GB
General Product Type Web tablet Width 7.5 in Depth 0.5 in Height 9.6 in Weight 1.6 lbs Processor Processor Apple A4 1 GHz Memory Flash Memory 64 GB integrated Display Display Type 9.7" color TFT - LED backlight - Multi-Touch TFT Technology IPS Display Resolution 1024 x 768 Video Output Max Resolution (external) 1024 x 768 Supported Digital Video Formats MPEG-4 SP (up to 640x480), H.264 Main Profile Level 3.1 (up to 720p) Audio Audio Output Speaker(s) ...
Product Group: Apple IPad 64GB

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