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List extensive product information of Network Communications (include VoIP Phone, Skype Phone, Ethernet Switch, Fiber Modem), provided by Network Communication manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Rj45 Face Plate
All types of outlet plates: 1) Single port. a) Double face plates ; b) Single face plates (thick) ; c) Double face plates (thick). 2) Suitable for keystone jack. 3) Size: 86 x 86mm. 4) Material: PC + ABS. 5) Color: white, ivory. Desktop outlet box (single/double): 1) Suitable for RJ45 module and phone module. 2) Material: PC+ABS. 3) Color: white, ivory. Floor outlet box (three-figure): 1) Fit for RJ45 and telephone jack. 2) Material: sted. 3) Color: gold.

10/100/1000M Ethernet Media Converter
OFE-855G Series 10/100/1000 M Ethernet Media Converter is designed to meet the needs for massive fiber network deployment and able to extend a legacy copper based Ethernet network via fiber cable to a maximum distance up to 120KM. Our OFE-855 series media converter is used in high request's user with low heat and high stability and quick transmission. We also have develop managed media converter and managed media converter's chassis to meet with user different requests. And our all ...

Wireless VoIP Phone
1) With the wireless Skype phone, you can call anybody, anywhere for free of charge. 2) Low noise, digital tone, exceed long distance. 3) Strong telephone keyboard to receive and dial out calls conveniently. 4) Dial hand-free, LCD glass screen night light function. 5) Automatic shake-ring when Skype call coming. 6) Adjusts the coming call shake volume independently. 7) Supports Skype contact list at the computer screen. 8) Accords with G.165 16ms echo counteract, provides the correspond tone ...
Product Group: VoIP Phone
Company: Shenzhen Netphone Technology Co., Ltd.    China

CDMA Wireless Modem
1 Based on standard of Local CDMA800MHZ, support IS95A/B, CDMA1X-RTT; 2 Separate modem from the computer, which fits for Chinese feature; 3 Easy to manage the web venture under CDMA X1 mobile environment; 4 Voice operation can store super phone number list and super lasting time to communication; 5 Message sent/received; 6 Message sent by group in whole new way; 7 Outlay,360-degree rotary and folded mini antenna, strong ability to seize signal; 8 Adapt to multi-manage system, offer WINDOWS ...

1 Channel Network Video Server
1) Format: auto PAN/NTSC. 2) Communication connector: 1 RJ45 10M port; 1 RS-232/485. 3) Transmission function: PAL: 25 frames/sec; NTSC: 30 frames/sec. 4) Alarm inputs: 1 channel. 5) Alarm outputs: 1 channel. 6) Power supply: 12V DC. 7) Power consumption: 2W. 8) Relative humidity: 50 - 90%. 9) Work temperature: -20 - 90°C. 10) Dimensions: 145 x 115 x 35mm. 11) Video recording mode: instant recording, alarm recording

Wall Mounted Cabinets
1) Standard: Comply with ANSI/EIF RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491, PART 1, DIN41494, PART7, GB/T3047, 2-92 Standard. 2) Material: SPCC quality cold rolled steel. 3) Thickness: Square hole strips 1.2mm, others 1mm. 4) Surface finish: Degrease, acid picking, rust prevertion and parkerizing pure water cleaning, static electricity plastic.

SKYPE Callbox
1) Industry standard 19" horizontal rack. 2) Supports both 568A and 568B installations. 3) Supports 150Mbps Ethernet. 4) Exceeds TIA/EIA 568 standard. 5) Termination accepts 110 punch-down tools. 6) With or without wiring management. 7) Base: UL94V-0 label holder. 8) Connector: PC UL94V-0. 9) Housing: 30% G.F PBT UL94V-0. 10) Phosphor-bronze alloy material with a minimum 10 micro inches of gold-over-nickel plating. 11) Insertion life: 750 cycles (minimum). 12) Maximum rated electric ...

Cat5e Patch Panel
1) 24 (48) ports Cat 6 patch panel. 2) ADP designed to be mounted to any standard 19" rack or cabinet. 3) Sturdy aluminum plate around RJ 45 jacks. 4) Phosphor bronze with 50 micro inches gold plated, available with T568 A and T568 ; B wiring pattern and meeting the requirement of Cat 6 standard; color coded TIA/EIA 568a (international) and 568b (AT&T standard) wiring for easy installation. 5) Termination accepts 22, 24 and 26AWG (0.64, 0.5 and 0.4) solid wires. 6) Meets or exceeds ...

Category UTP 5E Cable
1) Exceeds TIA/EIA and ISO Category 5E (Enhanced Category 5) specifications. 2) Performance characterized to 350MHz. 3) 5dB NEXT performance above Category 5E. 4) Gigabit Ethernet zero bit error rate. 5) Lead-free jacketing

Fiber Modem (RS232 / RS485 Series)
1) Auto sense serial signal rate, zero delay automatic transmit. 2) 500Kbps the highest rate. 3) Supply three interface (RS232/485/422). 4) Multi-mode 2km, signal-mode 20, 25, 40, 60, 100km. Specifications: 1) Standard: EIA RS-232, RS-48, RS-422 standard. 2) RS-232 signal: In, Out, GND. 3) RS-485 signal: D+, D-, GND. 4) RS-422 signal: R+, R-, T+, T-, GND. 5) Fiber signal: In, Out. 6) Working: asynchronism, point to point. 7) Direction control: adopt automatic send data control, auto ...

USB Phone
USB phone: 1.PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone operation; 2.Driver built-in, plug and play; 3.USB1.1 compatible; 4.No need sound card; 5.No external power required; 6.Complies with H.323, MGCP, SIP protocol; 7.Echo cancellation, noise reduction; 8.Application support: Skype, Netmeeting /Messenger, Sjphone, Mediaring, Net2phone, Dialpad, Etalk, X-PRO, X-PRO Vonage, Firefly, Eyebeam; 9.Full duplex communication; 10.Supports Skype speed-dialing function; 11.Key-in tone function.
Company: Shenzhen Netphone Technology Co., Ltd.    China

GSM Module
GSM Module Main Functions: 1.Display by large LCD. 2.Accurately calculate time and money, thumb through telephone records. 3.It indicates when busy tone. 4.It can be used together with fare register and computer fare register. 5.It displays signal intensity and working state. 6.It displays incoming telegram (it stands for DTMF telephone). 7.Controlled by automatically IP route, and it automatically dials IP to get long distance. 8.Surcharge, handling charge, call charge, call step size are ...

Wireless Lan WiFi USB IEEE Adapter
1) Comply with IEEE802.11g(DSSS) 2.4GHz Standard for wireless. 2) Enhanced Security on WEP encryption. 3) Auto-Negotiation Transfer Rate between 54,11, 5.5, 2, 1Mbps. 4) Simple Configuration and Monitor. 5) Connect to PC through USB interface. 6) Support two operating mode: Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc. 7) Support Roaming function to allow you to roam between different AP coverage areas. 8) Internal Antenna. 9) Transfer Distance up to 100m indoor, 300m outdoor.

1. Portable design, attractive and neat 2. Duplex working mode 3. With input / output ports to connect with all kinds of operating terminals 4. Channel spacing: 12.5 / 20 / 25 / 30kHz (only for one of them) 5. Channels: 8 / 16 6. Output power: 25W 7. Dimension: 282 x 40 x 91mm (L x H x W) 8. Working frequency: 136-150MHz / 150-174MHz / 350-370MHz / 370-390MHz / 400- 420MHz / 450-470MHz

PA Remote Paging System
It is a high performance 10-zone paging selector that works with emergency panel and 10-zone speaker selector, remote paging microphone console and alarm matrix for emergency notification and zone paging. The applications can be carried out with an amplifier stepping up the EMC input, MIC input and remote paging and then to trigger the speaker selector and emergency panel. Features include 10 zone paging and EMC input, two MIC inputs and two line inputs. Mute function, EMC priority, remote ...

Ethernet Fiber Adaptor
1) High stability and excellent reliability. 2) Standard optical fiber connector or cable type is optional. 3) Half/full duplex identify automatically. 4) Two LEDs indicators for monitoring Link/RxACT and Power/TxACT. 5) Plug and play installation. 6) PCI Bus Master direct memory access for high throughout and low CPU utilization. 7) Support IEEE802.3x flow control, IEEE802.1Q / VLAN Tagging, IEEE802.1 Q GVRP, and IEEE802.1P Tagging. 8) IP Multicast Packet Filtering reduces CPU utilization ...

Skype Phone
1) 2.4GHz/1.9GHz, based on frequency hopping technology ; 2) 2-in-1 functionality: Internet phone line for free ; 3) Multi-handsets (6 handsets max.) ; 4) 1.4 LCM display ; 5) FSK (type I / II) / DTMF caller ID ; 6) 100 groups of phone book number (32 digits, 10 characters) ; 7) 100 groups of caller ID number (24 digits, 10 characters and time) ; 8) 50 groups of outgoing call number (32 digits, talk time and date) ; 9) 20 groups of midi and melody options ; 10) 4 level ringer volume ...
Product Group: Skype Phone

5 Port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch
1) 5 port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch. 2) Comply with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u Ethernet standards. 3) 5 10/100M RJ-45 port. 4) Support Auto MDI/MDIX. 5) Build in 1K MAC address, 2Mbit BUF. 6) Any port can be uplink port. 7) Transmission distance not less than 100m. 8) Dynamic LED indicators. 9) DC IN Power supply

IP Phone
1) Software: H.323 V4, MGCP, SIP, Net 2 phone private protocol. 2) Audio codec: G.711, G.723, G.729. 3) DHCP supports LAN or cable modem. 4) PPPOE supports ADSL or cable modem. 5) Set phone by HTTP web browser (IE 6.0) or Telnet. 6) Upgraded by FTP. 7) VAD (voice active detect). 8) CNG (comfort noise generation). 9) Dynamic voice jitter buffer. 10) G.168 / 165 compatible, 16ms echo cancellation. 11) Tone generation and local DTMF regeneration according to the ITU-TE.164 dial plan and ...
Company: Shenzhen Netphone Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Network Cabinet
1) Suitable for introducing broadband into the building, house and uptown. 2) The case body made of stainless steel, strong and anti-corrosion, with good seal performance, dew-resisting. 3) The districts inside rack as following: cable turnover fixed section, fiber distribution section, power inversion section, cable distribution section, network device section; easy assembly. 4) With a guarantee system for un-interrupted working of power to ensure working normally within 16 hours. 5) The ...
Product Group: Network Cabinet

Skype Phones
Mini and lightweight USB VoIP phone, with LCD, crystal keypad, USB 1.1 (audio) and USB 2.0 (video) compatible. Features: Completely supports Skype network telephone and SIP, H.323, MGCP and other agreements. Can dial and receive to hear network telephone through USB button. The speech sounds of high quality of Skype telephone enjoyment. Adopts the communication of duplex technology; reply is eliminated, noise restrain. USB 1.1 specifications, need not source, need not sound card, need not ...
Product Group: Skype Phone

Voip Phone
Program memory 1024kb flash memory. Ethernet interface: Two rj45 connector compatible with IEEE 802.3 10 base-t. Keypad: Besides the standard keys 0-9, *, #,12 other function keys are available for operation and setting of ke1020a/1021a. Status indicator LED to indicate working status and LCD light. Hand free function, full duplex speaker phone, dial-tone, speaker and loudspeaker, volume can be digitally adjusted independently. AC/DC adapter input 100~120v (usa, Japan etc. ) or 220~240v ...
Product Group: VoIP Phone

Outdoor Splitter Casing
1) Good water-proof performance design, aluminum alloy die casting. 2) The surface is coated for anticorrosion and antistatic after shot blast cleaning and chromate deactivation treatment. 3) The groove of the product is embedded with metal screen to prevent radio interference and has a good grounding and shielding performance. 4) The product is sealed with silicon rubber strip and has good waterproof performance. It can bear temperature as high as 200oC and as low as -80oC, with no distortion.

ADSL Modem with Build-in VoIP PBX Supports Multi Clients
ADSL2+: 1) Annex A / Annex B. 2) ANSI T1.413 issue 2; G.DMT (G.992.1); G.lite (G992.2). 3) G.992.3 / G.992.4 / G.992.5 (ADSL 2/2+) by updating the software. 4) PPPoA / PPPoE / 1483 bridged / 1483 routed. 5) Auto-adjusting rate adaptation. 6) Access: RFC1483 bridge "RFC1483 routed" RFC1577, IP over ATM "RFC2364", PPP over ATM "RFC2516", PPP over Ethernet. VoIP PBX: 1) 2 Rj-11 analog VoIP ports "SIP Registrar / SIP Proxy" VAD / CNG / SID / COS / TOS ...

VoIP SIP Gateway
1) Network interface setup wizard for DHCP, PPPoE, or fixed IP network environment. 2) Auto configuration support (plug-n-play operation - requires no user setup when network access is available). 3) Smart firmware management support (no need for manual firmware upgrade). 4) Compatibility in multi-vendor open architecture VoIP networks. 5) Dynamic DNS (DDNS) supported for the use of domain name instead of IP address. 6) NTP and redundant DNS server supported. 7) NAT/firewall traversal ...

1X8 PLC Splitter
Single-mode PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuits) splitters are developed using silica glass waveguide circuits and aligned fiber pigtails, integrated inside a miniature package. PLC splitters provide low-cost solution for optical signal distribution, with small form factor and super reliability. Applications FTTX application CATV network Wavelength division multiply Testing equipment Local Area Network Features Low insertion loss and high uniform Low polarization relevant ...
Company: Shanghai HJ Fiber Co.,Ltd    China

19 Rack Mount Planar Lightwave Circuits Splitter
Single-mode PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuits) splitters are developed using silica glass waveguide circuits and aligned fiber pigtails, integrated inside a miniature package. PLC splitters provide low-cost solution for optical signal distribution, with small form factor and super reliability. Applications FTTX application CATV network Wavelength division multiply Testing equipment Local Area Network Features Low insertion loss and high uniform Low polarization relevant ...
Product Group: PLC Splitter
Company: Shanghai HJ Fiber Co.,Ltd    China

DLX-850G series 1000M Ethernet Fiber Media Converter
DLX-850G series 1000M Ethernet Fiber Media Converter is a kind of stand-alone type media converter that includes one main board of fiber converter and different kinds shell and can be centralized control by chassis. It is used to translate the data between 10Base-T twisted-pair and 10Base-FL optical cable or between 100Base-TX twisted-pair and 100Base-FX optical cable or between 1000Base-T twisted-pair and 1000Base-FX optical cable. And this equipment can extend the transmission distance ...
Product Group: Fiber Media Converter
Company: Dailianxu Engineering Co.,Ltd    China

Digital Fiber Optic Repeater
Digital Fiber Optic Repeater with Large Coverage Range and High Compatibility, Z-stone digital fiber-optic repeater system, including donor unit and remote unit. Donor unit receive the signal from base station, converse the frequency by downlink, process the signal by baseband, send the signal to the remote unit after CPRI or OBSAI frame format The remote unit process the signal by baseband, converse D/A and converse the frequency to RF signal and send to coverage area. Stable ...
Product Group: Fiber Optic Repeater
Company: Z-Stone Tech Co.Ltd    China

Openbox x590CI
Openboxseries:openboxF300,openboxF500,openboxX800,openboxX810,openbox X820,openbox X730,openbox X750,openbox X770.openboxS7HD.openboxx590CI.openbox x540 FEATURES: - Mpeg-1, 2/dvb video and CD quality sound- Convenient OSD with 256-color- Easy installation for multiple satellites- High-speed transponder support: up to 45 million symbol/ sec- Scpc/mcpc receivrale from C/KU-band satellites- Positioning by DISEQC 1.0/2.0, DISEQC 1.1 DISEQC 1.2 and USRLS- Blind scan search function- Scaling ...
Product Group: Openbox x590ci,openbox590,Openbox 590ci,x590ci,openbox810

Features: 1.Card Reader:Conax Embedded 2.4000 channels 3.Multilanguage OSD 4.Numerical LED Display 5.DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 6.Frequency 950-2150Mhz 7.EPG-Electronic Program Guide 8.Favorite lists 9.Parental control 10.PAL/NTSC 11.MPEG-2/DVB-S compliant 12.Pause 13.3 games 14.1 x SCART 15.4 x RCA 16.RS232 17.RF-Modulator 18.TNK card compliant 19.Black 20.Main processorType:ALI
Product Group: GLOBO4160CX,Opticum4160,Orton4160

providing the voip phone ywh202
Performance and features Support SIP,IAX2,H323 protocol NAT, Firewall. It can register two SIP account and one IAX2 account in the same time. All there 3 account can be used as called anytime,and for the caller,it can be slelected by setting different dial prefix. DHCP client and server. Support PPPoE, (used for ADSL, cable modem connecting). Support major CODEC. VAD,CNG. G.711 u/a; G729, G7231 5.3/6.3 audio Codec G.168 compliant 32ms ...
Product Group: Voip Phone
Company: zhengzhouyunengcommunication    China

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