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Detailed MMCall Signal Enhancer Description:

Introduction: 1) Signal enhancer can add the transmitting distance between the button and the host. It receives the signal from the button wirelessly and than enhance the signal to transmit to the host. It is applicable for the HY-2677A system, HY-2677B system, HY-2677C system, HY-2677E system and HY-2677G system. The installation of the signal enhancer is very simple and no signal line is needed. 2) When the site is very large (more than 2,000 square meters usually) or the signal is severely shielded in the building, several signal enhancers can be adopted to realize the no-blind coverage. Furthermore, the signal relaying function of the signal enhancer can ensure the clients with large sites to use the MMCall products swimmingly. System parameters: 1) Receiving frequency: 315.6MHz. 2) Transmitting frequency: 315.6MHz. 3) Coverage: 500 meters. 4) Power supply: 220V. 5) Antenna mode of the button: stick antenna. 6) Receiving sensitivity: -120dB. 7) Responding speed: <1s. 8) Coding mode: FM

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