RF Coaxial 3 GHz Lightning Protector

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Detailed RF Coaxial 3 GHz Lightning Protector Description:

RF Coaxial 3GHz Lightning Protector: The Lightning Surge Protectors listed on this page may be able to refer to as: Lightning suppressor, transient protector, spike arrestor, surge arrestor, lightning arrestor, spike protector, surge protector, lightning protector, spike suppressor, rf protector. Spelling of these Product's Spec. S may also vary depending on location such as: Lightning surge the, rf protecter, lightning suppresser, spike suppresser, spike arrester, surge arrester, and lightning arrester. DC breakdown voltage:230 +/- 20% (100V/s speed). Pulse breakdown voltage: <600V (100V/s speed). AC current range:20A. Pulse current range:200A. Overvoltage protection: >150V (100mA, <150ms). Isolation resistor:1000m ohms. Transmission loss: -1.5dB. Frequency range: DC 2500MHz

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