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List extensive product information of Clocks, provided by Clock manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Desk Clock with Vase, Photo Frame and Pen Holder
Desk Clock with Vase, Photo Frame and Pen Holder. Specification: 1) 225mm(L)*65mm(D)*100mm(H). 2) 5mm, 8mm and 10mm thick glass combinations. 3) All clear glass

Clock Head
1) Size: a) Internal: 55mm ; b) External: 74mm. 2) Color: gold/silver. 3) Without alarm function. 4) Thickness: normal.

LCD Clock with Dual Temperature
1) Time display. 2) Alarm. 3) Snooze. 4) Outdoor-indoor temperature. 5) Night light or no light function. 6) Battery: AAA x 1. 7) Dimensions: 11.6 x 13.7 x 4.3cm. 8) Material: plastic
Company: Jinjiang Dongsheng Clock Co., Ltd.    China

23" Metal Wall Clock
1) Size: 65 x 65 x 8.5cm. 2) 23 inch metal wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer. 3) Frame and dial: metal with rust finish. 4) Dial: PVC. 5) Movement: outdoor
Company: Jinjiang Dongsheng Clock Co., Ltd.    China

Alarm Clock With Musical Tune
Artistic clock made of MDF and iron materials with glossy surface. Product dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 14.5cm. Packing: giftbox, 60pcs/carton. Carton dimensions: 48.5 x 31 x 62.5cm
Company: Jinjiang Dongsheng Clock Co., Ltd.    China

Mantel Clock
1) Traditional mantel clock. 2) Hand polished case. 3) Key wound mechanical movement. 4) 1/2 hour striking. 5) Working pendulum. 6) Size: 23.1 x 52.6 x 12.9cm

Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer Clock
1) Display Date/Time, Week/ Second, 12 and 24 hour conversion. 2) Alarm clock. 3) Sleep function of 8 minutes. 4) Inside and Outside measure temperature. 5) The time of the measure temperature is :20 seconds. 6) LED be in poor light. 7) Size:14.3x3.2x3.5cm

Multifunction Electronic Clock
1) Hour, minute, second, month, date and week be displayed. 2) Alarm, hourly chime and snooze functions. 3) 1/100 second start/stop. 4) EL-backlight. 5) Golden and silver colors for choice. 6) Dimensions: 11.4 x 5.6 x 3.9cm

Wooden Clock (Mechanical Clock)
) Timber material: The case of our wooden clocks and other wooden products are made of fine solid wood, such as linden, oak, Chinese catalpa, basswood, and others. 2) Finishing color: Walnut color, natural wood color, cherry color and many other colors as your choice. 3) Movement: We can use our own brass mechanical Chinese 31-day movement, quartz movement.

Digital Clock with Siren & Signal Light
1) Alarm clock. 2) Digital clock with siren and LED signal light with easy-fix suction cups. 3) 2 x AA batteries not included

Wooden Wall Clock
1) Made of wood, cool and environmentally friendly. 2) Size: 25.5 x 25.5 x 4cm, other sizes available. 3) A large variety of models for customer's option. 4) Can be made of metal, plastic, or glass. 5) OEM orders are welcomed

LCD Alarm Clocks
1) Wake to buzzer. 2) Snooze Function. 3) Different color of backligt available (green, blue, orange). 4) Power: DC 3.0V (2pcs x UM-3 batteries). 5) Unit dimensions: a) RT-166C: 46 x 103 x 110mm ; b) RT-168C: 50 x 100 x 100mm ; c) RT-169C: 46 x 100 x 110mm

Mini Projection Clock
1) Mini design, size: 7.0*2.1*2.8cm. 2) Strong LED light, showing time and date. 3) Ideal for promotional program. 4) A lot of models available

Color Changing Clock
1) Change color automatically and continuously. 2) Change color hourly; one color for one hour; 12 colors for your selection. 3) Alarm function. 4) 12 hour mode and 24 hour mode. 5) Automatically turning off of the light 30 seconds after lighting. 6) Calendar

Digital Clock
1) Case size: 14.5 x 6.6 x 1.6cm. 2) Functions: LCD display, indoor and outdoor thermometer, min. and max. temperature record, temperature tendency, frost caution, transparent screen. 3) Battery: button cell AG13 x 2

Specialty Clocks
Moodicare-colour changing clock! Both a fully functional alarm clock with LCD display and a mood lighting centerpiece, the moodicare can be set to run through it's 12 colour variations by glowing 1 colour per hour, or through a preset lighting sequence.

Floor Clock
1) Metal part: high quality copper plated with 24K gold plating. 2) Organic crystal: imported organic glass. 3) Stone surface: imported dimension stone. 4) Mechanism: machinery mechanism imported from Germany. 5) Electricalism: imported from Japan

Traveling Nature W/Clock. Calendar, wake bo buzzer or four nature sounds: ocean surf, babbling brook, birds, forest, thermometer( oC & F ),clock(12/24 hour format), Alarm clock with snooze function, Count down. Dual time. Sleep function. Power source: 4 x AAA battery

Wall Clock
1) Size: (dia.) 232 x 16mm. 2) Material: 0.23mm tin plate. 3) Various colors and embossed logos available. 4) Other size available: 400 x 300mm

Travel Clock
Travel Clock: Time display ; Temperature ; Birthday reminding ; Alarm ; Countdown timer ; Night light function ; Electric torch function ; Burglar security function ; Suitable for drop test

Skeleton Clock
1) Solid wood housing. 2) With jewelry box. 3) Mechanical movement. 4) Working pendulum. 5) On hour striking. 6) 36cm high

Decorative-Painting Clock
Description: It is decorated by different paintings. The volume can be adjusted. There is an alarm and 12/24 hour time adjustment mode. Use: Gift, bell or house decoration. Material: High density board. Size: 30cm*30cm. Packing: Carton

Timer Sand Glass
Interested sand glass timer could indicate correct brush time, avoid brushing too long or too short, plastic tube packing could protect kids to be hurt by the broken glass. Timer could be 2min or 3min according to your demand.

Crystal Clock
1) In high quality and reasonable price. 2) We can provide all kinds of shapes and colors. 3) Packing: Beautiful gift box. 4) Made from K9

Quartz Clock
Quartz wall clock. Material: plastic. Dimensions: 50 x 17.7 x 7cm. Color: antique golden, antique silver. Movement: skip movement, sweep movement

Neon Clocks
1) Voltage: 12V AC 500mA. 2) UL and CE certified adaptor. 3) Wide array of neon tube colors and frame colors to match perfectly with custom logos. 4) Can be made according to customer's requirements. 5) Sizes: a) 12.5" metal clock ; b) 15" bottle cap clock ; c) 17" tower shape clock

LCD Digital Clock Clock
Style LCD Plastic Digital Watch. Plastic ABS Case and PVC Strap. Stainless Steel Case back. Big Reverse Digits Display. LCD Module (Date & Time). HK Silver Oxide Battery. 1 color logo pad imprint on case

Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell Won't Shut up'Til You Do 30 Reps
Simply set the alarm for your usual wake up time and catch a good night's sleep. When it's time to wake up, the alarm sounds, but unlike regular alarm clocks, you can't shut it off with an uncoordinated, early morning button push. To turn off the alarm you have to do 30 reps with it. That's right, you actually have to exercise in order to turn off the racket. SHAPE UP is as environmentally-friendly as it is health-conscious. The clock comes packaged in a clear ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Disney Clock
Disney Clock 1.Item No:5203 2.Size:255x120x185mm 3.Material:polyresin 4.Parameter of products:DC-1.5v and 1XAA size 5.Packing:1pc/color gift box, 4pcs/carton, cbm/carton:0.05
Company: Zhongshan Macy Gifts Co.,Ltd    China

Disney Christmas Clock
Disney clock 1.Item No:6215 2.Size:155x65x156mm 3.Material:polyresin 4.Packing: 1pc/color gift box,6pcs/carton, cbm/carton:0.04 5.Christmas gift, christmas decoration
Company: Zhongshan Macy Gifts Co.,Ltd    China

hydraulic pump motor
"Hydraulic motor and steering contro units manufacturer in china , we design and produce Orbit motor (Disc distribution motor and shaft distribution motor )"
Company: Jining Kersen Hydraulic Co.,Ltd.    China

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