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List extensive product information of Specialty Clocks, provided by Specialty Clock manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Shower Clock
1) Shower clock. 2) Dimensions: 15 x 4.2 x 15cm. 3) Material: PVC. Water-resistant shower room clocks in shapes of fish, crab and more.
Company: Fuzhou Reida Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Suction Cup Cupule Clock
Suction Cup Cupule Clock has waterproof function, including suction cup, can be sucked on the mirror/tile. Made in china.
Company: Fuzhou Reida Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Temperature-Hygrometer Clocks
1) Big size for wall gauge, the size from 8", 10" to 12". 2) On the dial can indicates the temperature, humidity and the time at the same time. 3) Traditional design, suitable for the household hanging. 4) OEM dial design can make the gauge as a gift
Company: Fuzhou Reida Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Digital Message Clock With Caller ID Display
Caller ID name or number display with date and time. Maximum keep 20 record of caller ID at the same time. Phonebook can storage 30 telephone number with the name. Floating message up to 42 characters display at the same display. Display in double line. 4 user programmable alert message. Built-in year-round greetings message. Built-in random daily message. Temperature information adjustment. Real time clock (12 hrs and 24 hrs format) . Big digit time display. Automatic daylight savings time ...

Chess Clock
Available for Chess. Preset or revise the timing rules. Auto-counting of steps in match and auto-reading of second in I-go mode. Press the locking key, avoid the fault being made by touching the OPEN/ CLOSE key. Size: 194.0 x 130.0 x 55.0mm

Tower Clock
We manufacture big clocks for buildings, with additional functions of hour striking, illumination, and continuous running after power break, etc. All the tower clocks can be synchronized by external time receivers, such as GPS receiver. Normally the dial dimension is from 1m to 15m, other additional functions can be configured on request.

Cuckoo Clocks
Specifications: 1) Wooden case 2) Hand carved 3) Quartz movement 4) Cuckoo sings and dances hourly 5) Volume control 6) Light sensitive shut on/off

Double Projection Clock
1) Functions: double projection with time and logo display, time, date, and the sign of projection could be changed. 2) Power: AG3 x 1 + AG13 x

Radio Controlled RCC Clock with Wood Stand
1) This is a radio controlled RCC clock with a wooden stand. 2) It is a clock that can tell you what time it is now. 3) And it is a nice small decoration in your room.

Mechanical Stopwatch
Specifications: 1) 1/10 second recorder. 2) 30 seconds. 3) 15 minutes. 4) 13 jewels. 5) Case: stainless steel. 6) Start/stop: crown. 7) Reset: side button. 8) Dimensions: 77.4 x 55 x 14mm
Product Group: Stopwatch

Azan Clock
1) Size: 16 x 6 + 11.2cm. 2) 1,000 cities azan times and world times. 3) Full azan. 4) Five prayer times on screen with full azan automatically. 5) Qibla direction. 6) Hijri and Cregorian calendars. 7) Daylight saving time. 8) Delta function. 9) Volume control switch. 10) DC jack for power supply. 11) Temperature. 12) Compass

Pen Hanging with Clock
1) Time display. 2) Hanging a pen under the action of magnet. 3) Paper holder. 4) The magented etui can make small mental stationery such as clips adhere to it. 5) Makes your office life lively

LED Mirror Clock
Mirror clock, it is a mirror when the LED is off. It is also a sound control clock, when a sound reach to 80db, the LED is on to display time and date, 30 seconds later, it will automatically off. Red LED, blue and amber available. Time, date and month display recycle each 10 seconds. 12 or 24 hours format. Alarm and snooze function. Hourly auto-on alarm for one second. Mirror size: 15X8. 3cm. Unit size: 18X11. 1x4. 3cm. Powered by DC4. 5v, adaptor not included, or 3XAAA batteries, not included
Company: Fujian Jibang Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

String Watch
1) One of the latest designs of our mini clock. 2) Watch movement. 3) Ideal for promotion. 4) Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 5.5cm

Projection Clock
1) High intensity LED light beam for projector. 2) LCD time projects onto any surface. 3) Set to project seconds only or alternating month and date/time. 4) Pocket size with key chain. 5) Batteries: a) 1pc AG3 button cell for LCD clock ; b) 2pcs AG13 alkaline button cells for projector light. 7) Dimensions: 7.0 x 2.1 x 2.8cm
Product Group: Projection Clock

Islamic Prayer Calendar Clock
1) 2000 cities around the world azan and time. 2) Daily alarm (weekend optional). 3) Qibla direction for 2000 cities around the world. 4) Compass for north direction. 5) Automatic fair alarm. 6) HIJRI & Gregorian calendar. 7) Full screen EL-light. 8) Automatic change day of the week

Multifunctional Clock with Weather Forecast
1) Material: ABS. 2) Product size: 12.5 x 5.5 x 1.9cm. 3) Weather forecast: sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, and raining. 4) Temperature display:-10° ~ +50°C. 5) Humidity display: 20% - 90%. 6) 100 years calendar. 7) Clock, alarm clock. 8) Battery: 2 x AA

Gate-Ball Clock
30 minutes countdown. Alarm when countdown to 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 0 minute. 10 sec. countdown, alarm when countdown to 3 sec., 2 sec., 1 sec., 0 sec. 7# (R03 AAA) Battery. Size: 229.0 x 149.0 x 21.5mm

Temperature Clock With Temperature Probe
1) Wired/ outdoor Thermometer with Radio controlled clock. 2) Indoor Temperature. 3) Wired Outdoor temperature sensor. 4) Calendar. 5) Time Zone setting. 6) 12/24 Hour mode

12" Plasma Clock
12" Plasma Clock: 1) Size: 30 x 30cm. 2) Input: AC 12V, 1,000~1,250mA. 3) Requires one AA battery for clock movement

Travel Clock
1) Time display. 2) Temperature. 3) Birthday reminding. 4) Alarm. 5) Countdown timer. 6) Night light function. 7) Electric torch function. 8) Burglar security function. 9) Suitable for drop test

Tide Clock
Tide clock is simply set the hand to the high tide position at exactly high tide for your chosen location. It meet fisher to see tide time then throw away your tide table.

LCD Clocks with Moon Phase and Wireless Doorbell
Features: Table standing or wall-mounted calendar. 1) Moonphase: displays the periodic moon phase variation. 2) 12/24 hour display. 3) Calendar and beep alarm / snooze. 4) Indoor temperature display, Celsius & Fahrenheit selectable. 5) 6 different languages selectable for day display: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. Wireless doorbell: 1) Individually encodes and decodes to avoid interference. 2) Screw or adhesive mounted for remote controller. 3) With name tag ...

Gun O'Clock shooting alarm clock - New style
Every morning you can wake up to one of three games. When the alarm goes off, the Gun O’Clock target pops up, and you have to grab the gun in time to shoot it to turn the clock off! It’s a great way to bring you to your senses when the snooze button simply isn’t an option. The set features three game modes for when the alarm goes off: In Quick Shot mode you have to pull off five perfect shots within 3 minutes. Time mode is a battle for speed each morning to see how quickly you can ...
Product Group: Gun Clock
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

JT128 Remote Controller Spy Desk Clock
This product is a HD 30-frame( 640* 480 )remote camera monitoring clock with external TF card memory and a new high-tech multi-functional product integrating video making,sound recording,auto-camera,network chatting,electronic alarming clock and storage. Features: Pixel: 2.0M CMOS Resolution: VGA 640* 480 Video format: AVI Frame number: 30 fps Storage consumption: 1GB/ 40 minutes Battery capacity: 2200MA, can provide successive video making over 12 hours and successive sound ...
Product Group: Spy Camera
Company: Guangzhou XF Poker Cheat Co.,Ltd    China

Flying alarm clock
I'm always on the lookout for cool new alarm clocks, because I can never find one that totally works on me. A punch to the face, a shotgun blast, ten thousand angry yowling cats and a dunk in ice water may barely stir me from my slumber, then again, maybe not. The only thing that can usually wake me up is a simple telephone ring. I wish they would just make an alarm clock/phone that has a built-in wake-up call. I found another new alarm clock that probably won't work for me, but ...
Product Group: Alarm Clock
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Pole Dancer Alarm Clock
Pole Dancer Alarm Clock is innovative which wakes you up to a spinning pole dancer, music and flashing light effect. Product Specifications: LCD screen display with backlight Easy to use clock and alarm set functions Snooze and backlight For main power compartment: 3pcs AAA batteries (Not included) For the clock power compartment: 1pc LR44 batteries (Included) Size: 220*120*101mm Weight: 335g Packages: Pole Dancer Alarm Clock User guide
Product Group: Alarm Clock
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

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