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List extensive product information of Ball Toy (include Water Ball, Jumping Ball, Balloons, Bouncing Ball, Stress Ball, Rubber Ball), provided by Ball manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

PVC Ball
We can offer pvc ball. Color: many color ; Size: from 3" to bigger size ; Suitable: toys, games and Gym ball ; style: plain,massage,printing.
Product Group: Gym Ball
Company: Yixing G and S Enterprises Co., Ltd.    China

Smiling Face Ball
Features: 1) Beautiful and lovely appearance. 2) Gay color. 3) Soft and can be extruded without deformation. 4) Made of TPR material, without damage to body or mind
Company: Cixi Weier Plastics Co., Ltd.    China

Logo Ball with Multi Color Led Light
Logo ball with multi color LED light. Inside the ball there is a small ball floating. Logo always on the top. Multi color LED light inside. Bouncing ball funtion automatic on/off. Good for promotion.

Flashing Top
1) Flash colorfully with 32 different effect lighting patterns. 2) No need to be whipped, can be rolled only by a slim twist or shafted spring to control center and moment of force. 3) Logo printing available and different colors available
Company: Chenghai Fancy Toys Co., Ltd.    China

PU Balls
Size: dia. 2" to 2.5". Any color available. Promotional item: attractive toy or souvenir. Suitable for all ages. Safe material: non toxic and soft for child. OEM orders are welcomed
Company: Cixi Weier Plastics Co., Ltd.    China

Flexible Ball
1) Can turn to different shapes when you squeeze just as the cotton, and can return to the original shape easily. 2) Bouncy and flexible. 3) Different colors. 4) Material: TPR. 5) Diameter: 65mm

Water Walking Ball
1) Dimension: with diameter 2 meters. 2) Material: International standard 0.7mm TPU films which have high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 3) Accessories: suitable blowers which have passed CE/UL certification. 4) Widely used for playing center, amusement park, water games, holiday events, swimming pool and seashore scenic spot. 5) Competitive price.

Jumping Ball
1) Rechargeable ball, ball size:18*26cm. 2) For kids at ages of 8. 3) Max. loading up to 65kg. 4) With a handle. 5) Color available: red, blue, yellow, green
Company: Changzhou Uni-Sound Electronic Col, Ltd.    China

Ball Toy
We can supply rubber bounce ball, flashing bounce ball, hi-bouncing ball ,return ball in different styles from china. 1) Plain Color, Neon Color and Metallic Color. 2) Various sizes available: 27, 40, 47, 57, 63, 72, 75, 90mm.

Hi-Bounce Light-Up Slide Ball
1) Size of ball: 4.5CM; 2) with red/ blue/ green lights in the ball; 3) Hi-bounce, with slide eye inside the ball; 4) Make great fun for children; 5) Different design: eyeball, smile face ball, sport ball.

Jumping Ball/Hopper Ball
Material: high quality PVC. Usual size: 18", 22", 26". Safe to play with, to build balance, every kid should have one. Different sizes and colors available.

Plastic Ball
Specifications: 1) Soft plastic toy is a good item for children older than 3 years; it is beneficial to develop children's intellect. 2) Made of TPR material (out) water (inside), and harmless, can be use as promotion gift. 3) Lovely animal ball design

PVC balloon, PVC advertising balloon and nylon balloon. It can fly in the sky with your logo on it, so your ads flying in the sky, too. Catch more eyes.

Jumping Ball
1) Material: PVC. 2) Weight: 450g to 800g. 3) Color: red, yellow, blue, white, black. 4) Used to strengthen and tone muscles and bones of the hips, back, legs, hands, arms, and shoulders. 5) Helps develop overall body muscle, balance and coordination. 6) A great exercise alternative for any age and fitness level. 7) Washable and easy to care for. 8) Air pump included
Company: Changzhou Uni-Sound Electronic Col, Ltd.    China

Beach Ball
Add classic fun to your pool play with our beach balls and pool toys. Just toss our Beach Ball in the air and watch the fun begin. Toy Splash pool toys can liven up the pool or beach. Our beach balls and pool toys bring back simple fun and imagination to your children's pool play. Toy Splash is committed to offering our customers the very best prices of unique pool toys & beach toys.

Rubber Sports Ball
1) Used for toy, game ,party. It is solid and has Impressive bounce when you knock it. 2) Colors: plain color ,green, red ,pink, yellow. 3) Material: natural rubber. 4) Diameter: 2.8cm ,3.7cm, 5.5cm, 6.3cm, We offer OEM service for our products

Two-Tone Puffer Ball
1) Sweet scented, popular with children. 2) Rainbow flashing bouncy ball, or with two tone colors. 3) We can also put a LED light inside of the puffer ball and no battery is necessary. Puffer ball with smile face, 68g/13cm. Material: SEBS

Rolling Bouncing Ball
1) Formed by one outer ball and one inner ball. 2) Inner ball can roll inside the outer ball. 3) Different styles can be customized such as eyeball, butterfly, smiling face, ladybug, and fish. 4) Can bounce and flash when you knock it. 5) Material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber). 6) Diameter: 50mm

Small Cloud Balls
1) Smooth balls enjoy the largest sales due to their inexpensive, colorful and attractive features. 2) Colors: pearl, rainbow, other colors available. 3) Usual sizes: 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", other sizes available
Company: Changzhou Uni-Sound Electronic Col, Ltd.    China

Latex Bubble Balloon Set
Our toy is a high quality and very good gift and education toy for kids to play. 1) Colorful hand pump. 2) 260" high quality not easy to broken long balloon 15pcs. 3) Circle and flash high quality balloon 20pcs. 4) Booklet for teaching kids to make several animal molds. 5) Eye sticker for kids to create and decorate animal molds. 6) Pack in colorful blister card

Rubber Bands Ball
1) Nontoxic. 2) High temperature endurance. 3) strong, high elasticity and waterproof. 4) Funny, promote health, exercise and colorful. 5) best healthy funny gift for you and kids.

PU Stress Balls
1) PU foam products relieve stress for great fun. 2) Various sizes available. 3) Products can be customized with customers' logos or advertisements. 4) Thousands of designs and shapes for selection
Company: Cixi Weier Plastics Co., Ltd.    China

Bouncing Balls with Flashing Light and Music
Specifications: 1) When you throw it down, it will bounce, flash and play music. 2) Many colors available. 3) Various sizes available: 38mm, 49mm, 60mm. 4) Any logo printing inside available. 5) Red light flashing. 6) Different music available

Magic Magnetic Ball
You throw a pair of BUZZ MAGNET respectively into the sky at the same time, and they will together with each other when falling down because of the power magnetic. And it will bring a wonderful voice. They suit to all kinds of people including children and old men. Now we have kinds of shape and size. We can offer kinds of shape and size to you. Other shape: Olive, Ball&Round, Egg, Cobble , Heart and Star, Tube and Disc. Also, we have other size: 20MM, 25MM, 30MM, 35MM, 38MM, 40MM and 45MM.

Flash Glide Eyeballs
Features: 1) Good for clubs, night parties and Chistmas parties 2) Latest item 3) Lights up when shocking or rolling 4) Good toy for children at night

Soft Balls
1) Material: carbon steel / chrome steel / stainless steel. 2) With no heat treatment, as well as carbonized and case hardened balls. 3) Thru-hardened carbon balls are available upon request. 4) Size available: 1 ~ 30mm. 5) Applications: decorative, toy and plated

Stress Ball
1) Materials: flexible polyurethane (PU). 2) Assorted PU products and designs available. 3) Customised logo printing available. 4) SGS and RoHS test. Designed with child safety in mind. 5) Good quality with competitive price and punctual delivery time. 6) Hundreds of designs for your reference. 7) Ideal article for promotion, OEM are welcome

3D Figure Glitter Water Ball
Elastic high bouncing water ball with figure inside. Glitter swirls while playing. Ball has rebound at 75% and does not break. Used as toy balls or replace easily-broken glass crystal balls for decoration. Customized Packaging at your choice, such as bulk, hang tag, PDQ, or clam shell, etc.

PVC Balls
We have available directly from manufacturer for export of various PVC and vinyl balls such as gymnastic, massage, play, jumping and bouncing balls in different sizes, colors and finishes. Our balls are suitable to both adults and children. They are great for the purposes of orthopedic, aerobics, body-building, dances and other activities. It helps developing overall body muscle, balance and coordination, releasing pressure and fatigue, boosting blood circulation as well as training on ...
Company: Changzhou Uni-Sound Electronic Col, Ltd.    China

Bounce Balls
1) Can squeeze and stretch and no deformation after being extruded. 2) Good elasticity and can leap up when cast. 3) Gay color (pink, green, blue, yellow four colors). 4) Small and soft, can be use as promotion gift (size: 6cm). 5) Made of TPR material, can be certified no damage to the body or mind

LED Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toys Adult Toys
Fabulous quality silicone rabbit vibrator with 7 speeds and patterns, and a contoured shaft and wiggly ears that are guaranteed to make to you sing...Loudly! Click the rotation button and the head of the rabbit spins sensually, teasing the G-spot.
Product Group: Vibrators,Sex Toys For Men,Sex Toys For Woman,Anal Sex Toys,
Company: HIghtoys Industrial Co., Ltd.    china

TTT Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toys Adult Toys
Fabulous quality silicone rabbit vibrator with 7 speeds and patterns, and a contoured shaft and wiggly ears that are guaranteed to make to you sing...Loudly! Click the rotation button and the head of the rabbit spins sensually, teasing the G-spot.
Product Group: asdfa1,asdfdas2,asdfsad3,asdfdsa4,asdfasd5
Company: HIghtoys Industrial Co., Ltd.    china

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