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List extensive product information of Electrical Toys (include Flashing Toy, Robot Toy), provided by Electrical Toy manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Electronic Toy
1) Content: orbit, 5 glass balls, 1 transformer. 2) Usage: it is battery operated. When you switch it on, the balls will roll. 3) Product size: 67 x 49 x 14cm
Company: Hangzhou Kebo Toy Factory    China

Electronic Game
This is an intelligent electronic game, looks very interesting. It can read your mind when you think about something. It will ask you some questions; just answer it with yes or no. In a few minutes it can tell you what you are thinking now.
Company: Hangzhou Kebo Toy Factory    China

Flash Santa Claus
1) 32 different blinking patterns creates fabulous light effects. 2) Melody optional. 3) Battery included. 3) Buyers' designs welcomed

Electric Train
1) Moves by chain. 2) Needs to periodically add oil and adjust the chain in time. 3) Sends out music by loudspeaker. 4) Press stop button (red) to stop. 5) Suitable for 3 - 12 years old children. 6) Diameter: 1,000cm. 7) 4 sections, 26 seats. 8) Single carriage dimensions: 245 x 120 x 180cm. 9) Weight: 1,000kg. 10) Capacity: 26 children. 11) Material: fiberglass. 12) Speed: 40 - 60m/min. 13) Power: 200W. 14) Power supply: 24V
Company: Hangzhou Kebo Toy Factory    China

Electronic Game Player
It is a challenging game. Select one of the boxes with money of USD0.01 to USD1,000,000, and judge the value of the box in your hand in the way of money in the box continuously opened and sell it to a mysterious buyer at an appropriate time. You can get success with accurate calculation, calm judge and good luck. Four players can participate simultaneously. If they have the same boxes, he who gets more wins.

Pottery Potters' Wheel Set, Hobby Crafts
1) Artiste pottery wheel deluxe 18pcs set. 2) Motorized wheel with foot pedal control includes: a) Pottery wheel with foot control pedal ; b) 2 bags of air dry clay ; c) 6 non-toxic color paints ; d) 2 paint brushes ; e) 4 shaping knives ; f) 1 cutting string ; g) 1 moistening sponge ; h) Instructions required ; i) Batteries not included

Laughing Bag
Features: 1) The material of main body is press type module, with a piece of sponge and one silk bag. 2) Will laugh like a man when be pressed. 3) Power is 3 silver oxide batteries

Roll Up Piano
New generation roll up piano, is designed in mini and compact size. That is portable. You can simply roll it up and put inside the storage bag, and you can bring it everywhere. It's ready for playing after unfolded. It can connect externally home theater and stereo and bring more joys and happiness during family parties and gatherings. 100 tones and 24 rhythms are available for products. Pianos, saxophones, harps and guitars are available for selection. It's not only for ...

Flash Spinning Ball & Dancing Ball
LED flash spinning ball is widely used in vocal concert, balls, party and so on. There are colorful lights when using. For dancing ball, it can move by itself, also with music. It is very interesting for children; also for pets.

Kiddie Ride
1) Main material and parts: fiber glass, electromotor, coin acceptor, control box. 2) Size (approx.): L100cm x W50cm x H105cm. 3) Weight (approx.): 45kg/pc. 4) Power: electric powered, 220V/50Hz, 180W. 5) With light, music and time control. The music can be changed with the cassette radio and the time can be adjusted.

163cc, 4 strokes, air cooled engine. Inexpensive to operate. 3-5 liter tank. Electric start. Engine kill switch attaches to operator's body for safety. 12 volt rechargeable battery. Headlight for night use. Speed: up to 25mph. Weight: 250kg

Combat Robot
Combat Robot, 2 in 1 combat Robot game, with 4 LED light, the robot will box each other. Function: forward, backward, turn right, turn left, attach, punch. 2 pcs in one color window box (2 pcs in one set) . 8 sets in one carton. Robot size: height: 33cm. Width: 22cm. Carton size: 69x60x60cm.

Mobile Phone Toys
Mobile Phone Toys: 1) Material: velvet. 2) Number is computer embroidered. 3) Musical device inside. 4) More designs available

Programmable LED Mini Fan
Features: 1) Attached with 80cm black safe lanyard. 2) Include insulating card for protecting battery from leak away. 3) Customers' logos are available to be printed on body. 4) Works with 3 x AA batteries

Christmas Playmat
Features: 1) Mat material: made of OPP+PE. 2) 3 modes to select. 3) 5 build in Christmas songs. 4) Adjustable volume. 5) Blinking lights. 6) Clear human voice. 7) Automatic power off system

Electric Toy Motorcycle
Specifications: 1) 6V rechargeable battery. 2) Max. load capacity: 90lbs. 3) Max. speed: 2.5mph. 1) Forward and reverse modes. 2) Working lights. 3) Storage box on back. 4) Horn sound and musical melodies

Magic Electronic Sudoku Puzzle Game Player
1) Over 1 million built-in puzzle games. 2) 5 different game levels available. 3) Direct number pad input. 4) Different sound effects for different operations. 5) Hints and answers available for help. 6) Timer function. 7) Power source: 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries. 8) Size (L x D x H): 159 x 25 x 75mm. 9) Game rules: the game is based around a 9 x 9 grid and divided into smaller 3 x 3 sections, use 1 - 9 numbers to fill in every vertical grid, every level grid, and the number of every vertical ...

Toy ( Rhythmic Piano Player )
Rhythmic piano player: Budding beethovens or beatles will have a blast tapping out tunes with rhythmic piano player. The control box has a speaker, music button with five tone-banks and a beat button. Kids slip their fingers into thimble-like terminals at the end of the tubes and tap them on any surface to create music. Includes 3 button cell batteries and attaches to the wrist with velcro straps to fit ages 6 to 60. It is easy to wear. Simply slip the finger cups over finers on either your ...

Sound Book
1) Product size: 13 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 2 1/2". 2) 32 funny sound effects and voices teaching animals, vehicles. 3) Musical instruments 3 pages for turning funny 36 harmony melodies. 4) Battery included

X'mas Toys
11. 5" singing & beating time sway x'mas penguin, santa, snow man with battery operated. Customer's designs are welcome.

Toy Cash Register Set
1) Product: toy cash register set. 2) 3 AA batteries are requested. 3) Can be used as a calculator. 4) Helps children learn money management

Electrical Toys
Space tunnel LED necklace, spinning LED light pattern creates an optical illusion, this amazing toy necklace is a fun novelty gadget. The glowing light pattern will hypnotize your friends. The various light color will change and make 3D effect.

Flashing toy
1) Different figures (duck, chick, fish, octopus, frog, penguin) 2) Material: Glycine 3) Size: around 7cm 4) Throw it in water, or touch the bottom, it will be flashing from slow to quick

Music House
Features: 1) Each side of the house has one lock, one key and one doorbell. 2) Press the doorbell for 4 different types of music

Toy Telephone
When the Walkie-Talkie is operating, it should be a vertical position. The distance between the speaker and tne mouth is 5.0cm to 7.5cm. It has a belt clip. Press the top and the botton of the Belt clip, it can connect or separate the walkie-talkie and the Belt clip. The Belt clip is easy of carrying. And the carry bag is enclosed for your attachment.

Flashing Frisbee
1) Colors: red, jade, yellow, blue and multicolor. 2) Press button on bottom of glass activates flashing. 3) Flashing style: a) For single color: Press once to active flashing, press again to turn off. b) For multi-color: Press button three times to active red, jade and blue (single color), press three times again to active red/blue, blue/jade, red/jade (two colors), and press once again for multi-color of stay on and flashing 4) Batteries replaceable

Electronic Toy
Our company main service includes: Plush toy, cloth skill product andso on foreign-style doll toy, electrically operated toy and more from china. Battery operated mini robot, it can walking, with sounds. And sound control once it stops.

Shooting Gallery / Shoot Game
Exciting shooting game. 1 or 2 players. Electronic sounds and scoring. 3 skills levels. Hangs on any door or wall. 2 target boards to choose from.

Clocky - runaway alarm clock
Clocky the runaway alarm clock. Set your alarm and as soon as it goes off the Clocky will lurch forward and then move off in random directions for 30 seconds (ensure you have set the snooze time to 0). A snooze function on the alarm. When the snooze expires the clock will launch off. A retro cream colour. Do not place Clocky on surfaces higher than 3 feet. Not suitable for use on very thick carpet. Suitable for ages 8 years+. Requires 4 x AAA Batteries (not included).
Product Group: Alarm Clock
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

USB Humping Dog
Wants to give an arid office life addition lovable atmosphere? Hey xiu the puppy U plate, does not have the storage capacity U plate, but you, so long as inserts computer's USB connection, this puppy will do hey xiu movement, regardless of who will be, as soon as will see the such lovable small gadget to be able happy to smile, the happy little thing, don't you want to have?
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Tuttuki Bako
Tuttuki Bako is probably one of the strangest electronic games I have ever seen. It has low resolution LCD screen and one button. The only way to play with it, is to insert your finger. In some sort of augmented reality way, your finger appears on the display to interact with the games. The so-called Tuttuki Bako, Tuttuki Box, features a display that shows a digital replica of your finger once you put it into the hole in the right side of the device and start moving. Users can then play ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Fun game robot rickshaw for sell
The robot rickshaw is actually modeled on the ancient manpowered rickshaw. It is an innovative kind of robot amusement equipment. The little boy is pulling a rickshaw. After you start the game, the little boy moves and sings. the high performance, safety, reliability, artistic design and high quality with low price makes them suitable to put in the open areas of shopping centres, supervised fun parks, adult sized ones could be used in more places~~! If you want more details, pls contact us ...
Company: TANGYTREE CO LIMITED    china

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