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Detailed Robotic Dog Description:

Ever think of having a pet listen to music with you? This is no longer a dream! iDog not only listen music with you, it also dances with rhythm as well as compose song. This is the latest hot release by SEGA. When you place it in front of speakers or plugging it into a headphone of any hand-held music player, its face lights up and it moves its head and ears. It is the loveliest speaker as well. There are 7 LED lights in different colors on its face which flash with strength of rhythm. It is compatible with most portable music devices such as Discman, iPod, or Rio MP3 players. Robotic dog moves and grooves to the beat. Expressive face with 7 multicolored lights. Pleasing design details; works with most portable music devices. Communicates through fun flashing lights, movement, and sounds. Its face will light up and its ears and head will wiggle and sway in sync with the tune. Can also be moody and will express its moods independently of the music. iDog is Music-Loving puppy. Let's feed him music. iDog will compose and play lovely music for you depending on your mood. Changing the music tone by your hand screening on the face. Hook iDog with music through jack, iDog will dance according to the rhythm of music.

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  • Product Category: Electronic Pets
  • Post date: Aug 15, 2008
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