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Paper Toys
At your children's birthday party ,amusing paper toys and gifts ,for example, party whistles and animal masks, will make your children enjoy more interesting things.
Company: Kunshan M-Ringsun packaging material co., ltd    China

Magic UFO
1) Magic UFO, our new product, a fantastic toy, inspires curiosity, stimulates interest of study, improves ability of analyzing and DIY. 2) You will enter the fantastic world of magnetic suspending after you have the skills of rotating the disk. 3) By adjusting the weight and angle of rotating the disk, it will fly up automatically and jump up slightly to the equilibrium point then circumvolve in the air for 80-120sec due to the physical principle. 4) Size: 12 x 12 x 2cm, only for children ...

Flashing Toy
1) Flash colorfully with 32 different effect lighting patterns. 2) No need to be whipped, can be rolled only by a slim twist or shafted spring to control center and moment of force. 3) Logo printing available and different colors available
Product Group: Flashing Toy
Company: Chenghai Pengcheng Toy Ind. Co., Ltd.    China

Party Products
1) Christmas products: cap, sock, hair-button, wooden puzzle, clothes. 2) Halloween products: hair-button, hat, wooden puzzle. 3) Party hats

Crochet Artwear
1) Lovely design will bring you lots of fun. 2) We can manufacture many products: little bear, pig head, dog, radish, strawberry, tortoise and other animals. 3) We can also produce all kinds of crochet toys according to your requirements

Sponge Nose
Wearing this clown nose reflects exactly the subject name CLOWN. It makes one look like a real clown. It is made of sponge material and can fit on any nose because of it flexibilty. It is good for party, carnival and even one on one fun. Put it on at anytime to entertain your friends. Recommended for comedians and entertainers as well.

Children 's Trike
1) Materials: plastic and metal: a) Frame: steel tube ; b) One front wheel: 16' rubber air wheel ; c) Two diameter 24cm rear wheel: made from PE ; d) Seat: PE ; e) Two cover for the front wheels: PP. 2) Available colors: red, and black. 3) Product dimensions: 115 x 48 x 74cm. 4) Available colour: red, black

Vinyl Toys with Squeakers
1) Vinyl toys with squeakers, with dozens of styles, making dogs exciting, and playing for hours 2) We also can supply complete line of other pet accessories, cages and aquarium products

Toy Vending Machine
1) Round high quality oven lacquer aluminum material. 2) Fireproof board or colorful. 3) Silk-screen color lamp signboard. 4) High quality comparable or mechanism coin selector. 5) Iron coin box controller door. 6) Table type crane. 7) High quality no relay main board. 8) Reward interface. 9) Sway reward interface setup. 10) Lamp x 4, light x 2, steel oven glass. 11) MDF material high quality color deck. 12) Install ticket dispenser.

Real Cute Toys
We make the special pets same like in real life. We make our pets in very high quality fur and design. Our pets can bark, meaooo and even breath. Welcome new design for eastwer breath bunny

1) Material: wood. 2) Adopts special-purpose rubber tube, durable to resist aging for a long time 3) High quality. 4) Do not aim at people or the breakables

Seal Toys
1) Seal toys manufactured by our company feature clear printing, fast character drying, and abrasion endurance and hard dry of the oil. 2) We can provide complete varieties, including water, neutral, oil, red and printing ink. 3) Colors can be adjusted in compliance with the internationally common Pantone color guides. 4) The product shell is made of ABS materials and the printing parts use the ink absorptive pads, which can print for 10,000 times. 5) If children stain the ink on the clothes ...

LED Flash Windmill
LED flash windmill with 32 different flashing patterns. Power source: DC 4.5V AAA batteries x 3pcs.

Moody Face Toy
Moody Face Toy: 1) Squeeze the head to create different shapes. 2) Made of rubber balloon cover, contains unbleached flour.

Children Mobile Phone
Children Mobile Phone Toy: 1) Network: GSM 900 / 1800MHz. 2) Colors: black, grey, blue. 3) Dimensions: 129.5 x 47.3 x 18.8mm. 4) Cell phone for children. 5) Screen parameter: single screen. 6) Talk time: 150 - 270min. 7) Standby time: 55 - 260h. 8) Appearing time: 2000-08-00. 9) MP3 player mobile phone

Jigsaw Puzzle
The round shaped puzzle is 190mm x 244mm and it's cut by 10pcs x 11pcs. The heart shaped puzzle is 190mm x 200mm, which is cut to 10pcs x 11pcs. It's funny to reassemble such a puzzle.

Bouncing Clay
1) The clay is soft and light, safe and fun. 2) It dries naturally in a few days. 3) It's great product to get the children's brain and hands to work and improve imaginative. 4) The clay can be used for stretching, bouncing and modeling. 5) It's even more amazing to produce finger print or foot print with the clay, you can keep it as memory for ages.

Pop up Frisbees
1) Material: polyester, non-woven, tyvek. 2) Diameter: 22 - 25cm. 3) Folded diameter: 9cm. 4) Packed in a 10cm pouch, both frisbee and pouch can be printed with customers' logos, designs, or letters. 5) Easy to fly

Super Tunnel Light
It is a wonderful adornment. Children like it very much. 1) It can be used as a mirror without turning on the light inside. 2) Including 8 LEDs inside and will flashing with multi-colors and there are 6 models flashing. 3) With a 33" string to wear as a pendant. 4) Size: 4.5cm in diameter and 1.5cm in thickness

Magnetic Toys
Integrating intelligence fostering with reaction, magnetic toy series are totally new environmentally friendly products for cultivating imagination and creativeness of children. Features: 1) Based on simple principle of magnetism. 2) Steel balls, magnetic roads as other units combined by magnetic force, will form, in different numbers and at different angles. 3) Children can combine them into various shapes according to their likes and imagination, which will cultivate children's ...

Craft Punches
1) Safe and easy for students and children. 2) Best DIY product for students and children. 3) Size: 3.9 x 2.8 x 2.9cm. 4) 24 patterns. 5) Smart appearance. 6) Craft punch with key ring. 7) Small gift

Solar Toys
1) It can dance when catch the enough light. 2) It is only using the solar power cell. 3) It can shake, when you are tired, looking this product you will get a good mood. 4) This product is very novelty. It is fit for promotion. 5) It is very cute. Many people look at this then they have liked this.

Galaxy Putty
Galaxy Putty: There are different colors of oozy putty in a small container, as new kids' toy, Safe and non-toxic.

Vinyl Duck
Features: 1) Ideal toys for 0-3 years old baby to catch and used as bath tool. 2) Existing size: 10 x 8 x 9cm. 3) Painting: eyes, mouth and one color logo.

Banpresto Face Bank, Feed it Coins
New FACE BANKs, even more creepy... worse than ever... BRICK & MORTOR Styles! Monkey-faced Bank eats and saves coins! Now on Strapya x Bunprest Pre-Order Sale, Your Pet Face Bank will stock your coins to make you be much better off with Joy!
Product Group: Face Bank
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Knuckle Cracking Sound Toy Ball Chain
Crack... Crack... Crack... Intimidate the people around you... Show them what you are made out of! Establish Dominance!! Why do you feel intimidating when you crack your knuckles? I don't know but you always see fighters cracking their knuckles before they start fighting, right? Well, you will at least feel like you can establish dominance upon everybody you see fit. Don't let anybody bully you around. Make a knuckle cracking noise!!
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Space warp
The space warp tellectual toys is a suit-toy which could be assembled freedom with ita base, shaft ball could run on the two lines sometimes snail and xometimes scour, This intellectual toy is adult playing indoor. How to assemble the : For the space rail intellectual toys loop-rail installed already. toys just need take little time to adjust the corner of rail to ready the rail.Toys will bring the seetness and exciting feeling of the sapce rail intelllectual toy word to you although ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Drop Game
You've no doubt heard about how nano materials are going to revolutionize our existence on earth... but frankly we've seen none of the microscopic robots and superconductive microprocessors we were promised. Fortunately Bandai Japan has stepped in to reveal that the real purpose of nano materials is to become our frivolous playthings as we continue our journey to master the universe. Bandai's amazing Aqua Drop game features an internal nano surface that causes water to ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Fun Fly Stick - Cool Science Toy
We get so many wonderful things sent to our office, but sometimes a gadget arrives and we just can't stop playing with it. Unsurprisingly, the Fun Fly Stick was one of the toys that wowed us. It's a very simple concept - one stick, 3 Mylar shapes, the stick makes the shapes float - but when it's put into action it looks amazing. Now, make sure you're sitting comfortably, because here comes the science. The Fun Fly Stick levitates a choice of five magic shapes by means ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Intelli capsule vending machine
The newest patent capsule vending machine which can sell big capsule toy or gifts up to 120 mm designed and manufactured by Longlife industrial company limited. The machine with precise metal cabinet controlled by CPU main board and have electronic coin keeper and bill accepter build in. The collectible capsule toy or capsule gift with the impressionable system that demands attention and Catch customers’ eye. The utilizes an innovative and attractive, yet simple, machine to take ...
Product Group: Vending Machine
Company: Longlife Industrial Company Limited.    China

capsule vending machine
Longlife Industrial Company Limited manufacture and sell capsule toy vending machine with various canisters. 1. Triple canister 2. Cyclinder canister 3. Ball canister 4. Square canister 5. Tower canister
Product Group: Vending Machine
Company: Longlife Industrial Company Limited.    China

Daren waves
Daren is a wave of new mini-wave projection lamp,modeling simple,easy to use;Apply to bathroom,the living room,bedroom or any space,reproduce the sparling sea at any time a glorious natural beauty,allows you to feel as immersed in the deep sea calm and the sea embrace peace,creating a romantic,leisure and cozy atmosphere of the space to achieve physical and mental relaxation effect.It is also a small stereo,allows you to enjoy the beautiful environment and music. This product use 4 AA ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

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