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Detailed Intelli capsule vending machine Description:

The newest patent capsule vending machine which can sell big capsule toy or gifts up to 120 mm designed and manufactured by Longlife industrial company limited. The machine with precise metal cabinet controlled by CPU main board and have electronic coin keeper and bill accepter build in.
The collectible capsule toy or capsule gift with the impressionable system that demands attention and Catch customers’ eye. The utilizes an innovative and attractive, yet simple, machine to take advantage of an under served niche in the vending industry. Before classic capsule vending is limited to cheap jewelry, gifts or toys.
With the newest system the companies can sell branded products. The brand companies can put their logo or advertisement on roof or side of the machine which enable the system be a kiosk to promote company’s

  • Model: Super Tom Ga
  • Terms of Payment: bank wire transfer
  • Delivery Time: 25-35 days
  • Products ID: 30130
  • Product Category: Others Toy
  • Product Group: Vending Machine
  • Post date: Dec 7, 2009
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Intelli capsule vending machine in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Longlife Industrial Company Limited.
Address: Panyu District
Region: Guangzhu City/Guangdong, China
Contact Person: John Wu
Telephone: 86-20-34813466

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