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List extensive product information of Remote Control Toys (include R/C Boat, R/C Car, R/C Plane, R/C Helicopter, R/C Buggy), provided by R/C Toys manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

R/C Boat
Boat length: 1,300mm. Boat width: 440mm. Propeller: stainless steel. Weight: 6.5kg. Engine (included): 26cc gas online, water-cooled. Starting system: pull start. Remote device (included): Futaba radio 2DS, 2-channel, 2 servos
Company: Hangzhou ZT Model Co., Ltd.    China

R/C Mechanical Flying Insect
1) Take off, hover and descend, turn left, right, forwards and backwards indoors under full three dimensional control. 2) 3 Channel Digital Proportional Radio Control. 3) Rechargeable Flight Battery: High capacity integral 3.7V Lithium Polymer. 4) Flight Duration: 7 minutes or more, between charges
Company: Hangzhou ZT Model Co., Ltd.    China

R/C Electric Helicopter
1) 2 Channel proportion radio control ""Pioneer"" Electric Helicopter, Helicopter Size: 56x9x22cm. 2) Includes 2 speed controllers for a main motor and a tail motor. 3) Driving 2 servos, complete left/right, up/down control (throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder). 4) The helicopter (factory pre-assembled, zero assembly time). 5) Frequency: 27Mhz or 40Mhz. 6) Suitable for indoors and outdoors. 7) Helicopter use 9.6V 650Mah Nickel-Hydrogen Chargeable Battery. 8) Color Box: ...

1/10 4WD Off Road Buggy
Features: 1) Metal bevel gear differential. 2) 15CXP engine with pull starter. 3) Dual chambered tuned exhaust pipe. 4) 2-channel radio control. 5) Shaft driven 4WD system. 6) Disc brake system for rapid braking. Specifications: 1) Engine: 15CXP with pull starter. 2) Differential type: steel bevel gear differential. 3) Drive system: shaft driven 4WD. 4) Transmission: auto, 2 speed. 5) Brake type: disc. 6) Fuel tank capacity: 75cc. 7) Chassis type: 2.5mm ALU6061-T6. 8) Radio system: RC-sport ...

Falcon 3d Rc Helicopter
Main rotor diameter: 630 mm. Tail rotor diameter: 152 mm. Length: 670 mm. Weight: 530 g. 3200kv brushless motors, with electronic brushless speed controller. 11.1v 1300mah Lipo battery, charger. Head lock gyro. English manual. Collective pitch for 3D flight. Independent gyro system. Precise gear system. Accurate tail pitch system. Tail servos mount for accurate pitch control. Reinforced carbon fiber tail rod. High intensity stainless steel shaft

Infrared Control Mini Helicopter
Battle RC Helicopters: New hot rc helicopter that can shoot infra red rays. Function: up, down, left, right, sound, shoot. Ready to fly out of the box. Colors: yellow / blue. Frequencies: infra red A, B & C. Product size: miniature 17 x 4 x 7 cm. A lightweight Lithium Polymer flight battery. A charge of 30 minutes provides 6-7 minutes flying time. Suitable for ages 8 years . Requires 6 x AA Batteries for the transmitter. Carton size 73 x 45 x 65 cm. 24 sets x 2 = 48 helicopters / carton ...

R/C Car
1) Scale: 1:5. 2) Max. Speed: 60km/h. 3) Full function: speedup, forward, steering, left and right (2-channel controller). 4) D/W: Double-wheel drive system, differential with the built-in gear of the rear wheel. 5) Brakes: Rear New Twin Discs. Characteristics Full-assembled aluminium chassis. Powerful and pull start 23cc petrol engine. Double wheel drive system (rear 2wd system). Differential with the built-in gear of the rear wheel. Fully adjustable oil-filled shock absorbers. Disc brake ...
Company: Shantou Lisan Toys Co., Ltd.    China

Radio Controlled Airplane
1) Wingspan: 64.5"/1,640mm. 2) Wing area: 755sq. in/48.7sq. dm. 3) Flying weight: 8.4lbs/3,700g. 4) Fuselage length: 56"/1,430mm. 5) Engine requirements: a) 2c: 0.60cu. in. b) 4c: 0.91cu. in. 6) Radio requirements: 6 channels, 7 servos. 7) Scale plastic spinner with aluminum backplate. 8) Functional flaps for smoother landing. 9) Pre-painted fiberglass cowling with 3-D template. 10) Detailed warbird pilot with removable helmet. 11) Pre-installed retractable landing gear. 12) All ...

R/C Four Channel Speed Boats
1) Powered by 380 type racing motor, produces tremendous power. 2) Professionally designed and manufactured PC twin-propeller which not only provides huge thrust, but also not easy to be damaged. 3) Vector-push design, easy to be controlled. 4) Professional high capacity rechargeable battery and quick battery charger. 5) Boat length: 72cm. 6) Ni-Cd 1700mAh, 7.2V for the boat, 6 x AA for transmitter

R/ C Gas Nitro 1 / 10 Scale Buggy
Engine Veilex Buggy XL. Engine VX 16. Engine Manufacturer Vertex. Transmission Single speed. Drive System Four Wheel Drive. Radio System Two Channel A. M. Length 400mm. Front Track 215mm. Rear Track 205mm. Overall Height 170mm. Wheelbase 270mm. Front Shock Length 85mm. Rear Shock Length 85mm. Front Tires Block Tread. Rear Tires Block Tread. Wheel Width 32mm (F) -40mm (R). Wheel Diameter 86mm. Chassis Type 2. 5mm 6061 Aluminum Alloy. Brake Type Steel Disc. Suspension Type Plastic bodied oil ...

F4U Series-Corsair R/C Plane
Features: 1.Wingspan:870mm ; 2.Fuselage:750mm ; 3.Material :EPS foam ; 4.All-up G.W.: 400g ; 5.Motivity system:370PF motor ; 6.Esc type :25A brush electric speed controller ; 7.Battery:8.4v 650mAh, Ni-MH batteries ; 8.Remote device:4 channels ; 9.Charge time: approx. 4 hours ; 10.Playing time: approx. 15mins ; 11.Flying height: more than 300m ; 12.Radio control range:approx.500m ; 13.Powerful motor makes the flight much stable ; 14.Can make perfect 3D maneuvers such as rolls, inverted, and ...

Rc Car
Specifications: 1) Length: 460mm. 2) Width: 390mm. 3) Height: 260mm. 4) Weight: 3600g. 5) Wheelbase: 305mm. 6) Tyre: 100mm x 85mm. 7) Gear ratio (1st): 8.3:1. 8) Gear ratio (2nd): 9.5:1. 9) Fuel tank capacity: 125cc. 10) Transmission: auto 2-speed. 11) Driving system: shaft-driven 4WD. 12) Brake type: disc. 13) Differential type: steel bevel gear. 14) Engine: 15CXP. 15) Radio system: RC-Sport 2PY. Features: 1) Metal bevel gear differential (front & rear). 2) Full ball bearings. 3) Easily ...
Company: Shantou Lisan Toys Co., Ltd.    China

R/C Tank
Functions: 1) Going normally and accelerate going of the tank, and can carry on omni-directional remote control to the car body. 2) Through setting up different signal tracks, many group tanks can support multi-users to operate in one place at the same time. 3) High emulation, climbing, shooting, rotating gun turret, the barrel moved from head to foot, showing information by the light, etc. 4) The inside sets up six sets of demonstrations procedures and suitable for the user to transfer at ...
Company: Shantou Lisan Toys Co., Ltd.    China

Remote Control Car
Specifications: 1) Scale: 1/5. 2) Max. speed: 60km/h. 3) Full function: speedup, forward, steering, left and right. 4) D/W: double wheel drive system, differential with the built-in gear of rear wheel. 5) Brake: rear disc brake. 6) Radius of gyration: longer than 200m. 7) Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled, 23cc. 8) Torque: 1.7N.m/10,000rpm. 9) Power: 1.5kW/10,000rpm. 10) Fuel: petrol (no. 93/engine oil mix, 25:1 ratio). 11) Fuel tank capacity: 0.6L. 12) Start method: pull ...

Flying Dragonfly
Radio-controlled flying insect. With its'ultra-light, dual-wing design and "high-flex", crash-resistant structure, the dragonfly is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel. Use the dragonfly indoors or outdoors, controlling its speed, direction and height with the 2 channel digital proportional remote. Innovative flying action: Based on an ornithopter design, Dragonfly flaps its wings like a real insect. The dragonfly can take off from any smooth surface, soar, dive-bomb, hover and ...

Remote Control Battle Beasts
Each of the battle beasts has a sophisticated remote that features dual command buttons and an eight-movement direction pad. The yellow beast is designed in image of a triceratops. The red beast evokes the brutish image of a fighting wooly mammoth. Fire infrared laser weapons for long-distance combat, then engage the horn to intimidate your opponent. One on-target blast of the cannon disables your opponent for a full two seconds. LEDs indicate each creature's battle strength. Built-in ...

R/C Quad Bike
1) Product size: 24 x 15.5 x 20.5cm. 2) Frequency: 27/40mhz. 3) Color : red & blue. 4) charge time: 3 hour. 5) Operation time: 25 minutes. 6) Range: 50 m. 7) Controller: 9 V 6F22 Battery. 8) Charger: 6 pcs 1.2v rechargeable battery. 9) Function: run forward and backward, super right-left swing, super 360. coil (front wheels upwards)

R/C Car
1) Four wheel drive system; 2) Front/rear differentials with good quality bevel gears as well as 5 screws; quite easy for maintenance; 3) 6061/T6 solid anodized aluminum chassis; 4) 13.8g lightweight aluminum, flywheel allows for quick engine response; 5) Solid universal joint cup/high performance ball bearings complete; 6) Disc brake system with user replaceable pads provides quick brake response; 7) Extra large capacity leak proof fuel tank with the overflow pipe and spring load fill cover ...

Hpi 1 / 5 Baja 5b Rtr Rc Buggy
The Baja 5B is a rear wheel drive 1 / 5th scale ready to run off-road buggy that is nearly 32 inches in length! Its design is revolutionary for large scale RC Cars following the style of classic Baja buggies with long suspension arms for great ground clearance and large suspension travel. The big size allows the Baja 5B to go where smaller buggies cannot and makes the Baja 5B driving experience as close as you can get to the real thing. The Baja 5B comes ready to run with everything included ...

Infrared Control Mini Helicopter
Charge Time: about 20-30 Minutes. Flying duration time: about 6 minutes. Flying Height: about 12 Meters. Remote control Distance: about 12 meters. Key Features: Super Wide IR Control. Miniature Design for Indoor Flying. Built-in Li-poly battery For Long Flying Time. Unique Rotor-blade System for Steady Lifting-up. Durable Foam Body

RC Hobby-Gas Powered RC Boat
Specifications: 1) Length: 1,230mm. 2) Width: 650mm. 3) Weight: 7,900g. 4) Propeller: D76 x P1.6. 5) Radio (not included): Futaba 2-channel. 6) Engine type: gas power 26cc. 7) Fuel: gasoline. 8) Hull material: fiberglass (FRP). 9) Package includes: a) Budweiser 1,300 GS260 ; b) Futaba 2ch transmitter ; c) 2 x Futaba 3003 servos ; d) Receiver ; e) Propeller D00 x P0

Remote Control Speed Vintage Classical Racing Car
Feature: 1) Hot toy car. Unique speed classical racing jeep outlook design. 2) Real working interior flashlights. 3) Silicone wheel and solid plastic construction. 4) 6 ways function with forward/backward run, left/right turn and reverse. 5) Use remote controller charges the car when run out of energy. 6) Suitable for all of children loving remote controlled car. 7) Good idea as a gift for children. Remote controller: 1) Transmitting frequency: 27MHz. 2) Two buttons for move control. 3) ...

Remote Control Car
Functions: 1) Forward, backward, turn right/left. 2) Working headlamps, car light, taillights and interior lights available. 3) The car door and the windscreen wipers can be controlled by remote control. 4) The tail door can open manually. 5) The controller with LCD or not. Specifications: 1) Battery: 9.6V Ni-CD rechargeable battery pack. 2) AC charger included. 3) Frequency: 27 / 40MHz. 4) Colors: red, white

Mini Remote Control Helicopter
1) Coaxial structure ensures helicopter has flying stability and ease of use (this model is the best choice for beginners). 2) 2 x 180 brush motors provide powerful drive that is suitable for various flight courses. 3) Built-in standard gyro assures accurate flight. 4) Integrated circuit board is lightweight, thus reducing weight and assuring reliable flight. 5) 3-in-1 receiving circuit is capable of servo extent adjustment and built-in gyro sensitivity adjustment; which offers you with ...

4ch R/C UFO
1) Gyro stabilized. 2) Indoor and outdoor. 3) All factory assembled. Easy and ready-to-fly. 4) Unique electronic control system. 5) Remote control distance: UP 100m. 6) Flying hihe:100M. 7) Flying time:4-5minutes. 8) Charger time:20-25minutes. 9) Battery: 8

Servo. Dimensions:40.2x20.2x43.2mm. Stall torque: 3.1kg/cm(4.8V), 4.5kg/cm(6V). Operating speed: 0.17sec/60 degree(4.8v), 0.4sec/60 degrees(6V). Operating voltage: 4.8-6V. Temperature range: 0--55°C. Dead band width: 20us. Weight: 38g

Indoor Mini R/C Hovercraft
Great and especially when you get to use them from the comfort of your arm chair. Normally it’s RC helicopters that we write about here, but this time the RC mini hovercraft is getting a mention. The mini RC hovercraft measures just 10.5CM in length which means it can fit in the palm of your hand. The hovercraft is available in four different colours being blue, red, black and orange. Although I said it was an RC (radio controlled) hovercraft, it actually works with Infra-red meaning it ...
Product Group: Hovercraft Toy
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

R/C Redio Remote control 4 channels Pirate(A/B) airplane
Wing span:970 mm Overall length: 870mm Flying Weight:485g Plane Motor:370A Reduction gear power system Electric Power System(ESC):9.6V/40A Receiver:FM(PPM) 6 channels SERVO:8g 0.11sec/60° Torque/0.80kg Battery(NI-MH):AAA 650mah/9.6V Propeller:10.5*47 (254X119mm) FM 4-channel proportional radio control device(with V-type mixed controller) Radio control distance:300M
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

R/C Redio Remote control 4 channels Thunder airplane
R/C Redio Remote control 4 channels P-47 Thunder airplane Wing span:830 mm Overall length: 730 mm Flying Weight:490g Plane Motor:370A Electric power system(EPS) Electric Power System(ESC):9.6V/40A Receiver:FM(PPM) 6 channels SERVO:8g 0.11sec/60° Torque/0.80kg Battery(NI-MH):AAA 650mah/9.6V Propeller:10X47 FM 4-channel proportional radio control device(with V-type mixed controller) Radio control distance:300M
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

R/C Redio Remote control 4 channels F-15 airplane
R/C Redio Remote control 4 channels F-15 airplane Wing span:745 mm Overall length: 916 mm Flying Weight:780g Power system:twin EDF 55mm fan with blushless motor Charger:Balance charger SERVO: 9g servos ESC:twin 18A Radio control: 4 channel FM transmitter and 8 channel receiver Flying time very long,Easy to control,Easy to take-off and landing Can fly with high speed and also slowly Packing: 4 pcs/ctn 96*56*66cm
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

R/C Redio Remote Control Hovercraft
Features: 1,Maximum speed:20km/h on ground or 5km/h above water surface 2,Can run on water and land 3,Battery:one remote controller 006P(9.6V) ;One battery pack(9V Ni-Cd) ;One special charger 4,Operating frequency:27Mhz,49Mhz,40Mhz 5,Charging time:3-4 hours 6,Operating distance outdoor 60m Indoor distance:40m
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Remote control ship, R/C Gas Boat
Features: Professional large torsion propeller and powerful speed motor The boat is powerd by 380 type racing motor,which produce tremendous power Professional high-capacity rechargeable battery and quick battery charger make the boat running at high speed for a long time Remote distance:Around 200 meter Running time:About 10 minutes Battery:Radio transmitter requires 6 AA batteries(exclude) 8.4V 1800 MAH Ni-Cd chargeable battery Professional charger Charge time:4 hours 2 ...
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

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