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Toy Golf Car
Features: 1) Golf car model. 2) Imitation ratio: 1:18. 3) Removable golf bags and clubs. 4) Delicate basket with function of time alarm clock, calendar and temperature. 5) Golf car dimensions: 13.9 x 7.55 x 10.30cm. It is a miniature of real golf car in the proportion of 1:18. Golf car is a four-wheeled emulational car with two-seater. Car body is made of metal coated with superior lacquer and has five colors available: blue, green, red, white and yellow. Both of the golf bags in the rear of ...
Company: Hang Wing Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.    China

Toy Racing Car
Length: 700mm. Height: 350mm. Width: 530mm. Engine: 26cc DZY265C. Remote: 2-channel. Distance: 480mm (front and rear wheel). Tire size: 190mm. Fuel type: Gasoline, 2stroke, lubricant, oil-25:1. Speed: 80km/h. Size: 800x570x330mm.
Company: Shantou Lisan Toys Co., Ltd.    China

R/C Turbo Car
1) Small and exquisited, convenient to take along. 2) Full function radio control and long remote control. 3)) Use the control key-press on the transmitter to control the car to run or perform various stunts. 4) Turbo 360o Front Axle Spins, Super wheelies and motor, Spinning Action, Blazing Speed. Forward run, Backward run, Rollover Stunts, Wheelie stunt with front wheels, Rotating clockwise, Wheelie stunt with front wheels rotating counterclockwise. 5) It's a good choice for the ...
Company: Shantou Lisan Toys Co., Ltd.    China

Toy Scooter
1) High performance. 2) Easy to control. 3) Functions: a) Forward / backward ; b) Left / right ; c) Music. 4) Model 2226: with radio or cassette. 5) Model 2227: without radio or cassette. 6) Weight capacity: 30kg. 7) Battery: 6V / 10A. 8) Power: 6V / 34W. 9) Life time: 3 - 8 years. 10) Speed: 3.4km/h. 11) 3 music types. 12) Colors: white, red, blue. 13) Body dimensions (L x W x H): 121 x 62 x 81cm
Company: Dongguan Chi Lok Bo Toys Company Limited    China

1:24 Scale Die-Cast Car
1) Alloy mag wheels. 2) Working steering system. 3) Precision molded resin trim. 4) 4-wheel independent spring suspension. 5) Precision die-cast metal replica. 6) Baked enamel finish. 7) 1:24 scale model. 8) 7 inches long

Toy Car
Features: 1) Motor: 25W x 1. 2) Age of child: 3-6 years old. 3) Battery: DC6V/10Ah. 4) Speed: 3km/h. 5) Maximum capacity: 40kg. 6) Dimensions: 94 x 64 x 51cm
Company: Shantou Lisan Toys Co., Ltd.    China

Double-seat Ride-on Jeep
Features:1. Age:3-10; 2. Capacity:50kg; 3. Battery:2*6volt/ah voltage6v=10ah; 4. Motor:2*12volt; 5. Speed:3.5-4km/hr; 6. With light and ic sound; 7. Function: Forward, backward, fast/slow speed, horn, light, music, flashinglamp, radio, step to star, electric brake function;8. With radio control function, left/right car-door could be open.

Crystal Car Model
1) High quality, reasonable price. 2) We supply plane model, ship model, building model, tower model. 3) We also can make as your design, all shape, size and color available.

Electric Mini F1 Car
Motor: 500W. Battery: 36V 12Ah. Max. speed: 25km/h. Single charger: approximately 20km. Charge time: 4-6 hours. Max. capacity: 80kg. Drive model: rear wheel drive. Transmission: chain. Brake: rear disc brake. Tire (front/rear): 10*3.5/10*4.5 (vacuum). Product size: 1230*710*500mm

Toy Car With High Speed Of 60km/h
1) Product size: 42 x 31 x 21cm. 2) Front and rear double wishbone suspension. 3) Coil spring shock units. 4) Sturdy frame. 5) Motor-driven 4WD system. 6) Runs at 50km/h. 7) Electronic speed control. 8) Powerful 590 motor. 9) Built-in front and rear bevel gear differential. 10) Double wishbone arms with adjustable width. 11) Oil filled dampers. 12) Four wheel drive system with shaft drive. 13) Full function: go forward & reverse, turn left & right. 14) Length: 17", width: ...

Toy RC Car - RC Mini
1) Simulate the real mini copper car, real opening doors, hood and hatch. 2) Can go forward, reverse, left and right with sound and light signal. 3) 3 different speed selectable with matching engine sound. 4) Remote lock and unlock system with sound and light signal, there is engine sound when car is unlocked and indicating lights when car is locked. 5) Press the light button to activate the headlight. 6) Press the horn button to activate the car's horn. 7) 4pcs AA battery needed for ...

Battery Operated Ride-On Car
Functions: 1) The multi-functional steering wheel provides your kid with a realistic driving experience. 2) The hand gear stick controls the advance and back, making driving more convenient. 3) Light is designed in a way that looks like missile launch. 4) An additional clutch function. 5) Over current protection device available. Specifications: 1) Power supply: one 6V 10Ah rechargeable acid battery. 2) Charging power: a) Input: AC 220-240V 50Hz ; b) Output: DC7.5V 1,000mA. 3) For ages: 3 - ...

Powerful-Gas Power Remote Control Car
Engine originally from Japan. Ball bearing system for all the car. Full alloy chassis and. Four wheel driven independent speed difference design. Hydraulic pressure system to avoid shaking and anti-Roll bar available. Huge fuel box design (55cc cubage). FM Digital Radio Controlled system with 10 groups of model parameter memory and LCD monitor. 19g torque power and high speed rudder

Electric Toy Car
1) Dimensions: 70 x 44 x 57cm. 2) Flashing headlight and taillight. 3) Go forward and backward. 4) Electronic sounds. 5) Battery: 6V/4A, it can be used for 2 - 3 hours after charging 8 - 10 hours. 6) Charger: for different countries or areas, we supply different chargers

Rocking Car Toy
1) Rocking car. 2) Material: LLDPE, aluminum, galvanized steel, and plasti-sol. 3) Different colors and shapes available. 4) Adult supervision is recommended. 5) Remark: Put in coin then it will wobble and send out music via loudspeaker. 6) It is suitable for family, backyard, supermarket, and playing center use

Toys / Electric Cars
Toys/electric car/kids' toys/interesting baby toys. 1) Plastic electric toys, made of high quality and inoxious plastic. 2) Consists of small electromotor and plastic, interesting baby toys. 3) Player age: 5 - 15 years old. 4) Offer various kinds of styles, can make according to customers' samples

Radio Control Crash Car
1) Product name: radio control crash car. 2) Product size: 50 x 19 x 13cm. 3) R/C range: 30-50 Meter. 4) Charging Time: 6--8Hrs. 5) Working time : 10Mins. 6) Frequency: 27/40 Mhz. 7) Color: red / blue / yellow. 8) Light :With programed flash, headlight and reat lights. 9) Accessory: transmitter, adapter, rechargeable battery. 10) Forward / reverse / left / right / high speed. 11) The car will stop if the bumper crash obstacle. 12) Former cover and door can open up. 13) Sturdy frame. 14) ...

Toy Car
Baby Car Features: 1) Environment-friendly material, durable plastic body. 2) No battery required. 3) A toy vehicle for children, easy to handle, non-pollution, safe. 4) Suitable for body building and entertainment

Toy Wheel
Our company adopts Taiwan technique and imported materials to produce various high-class EVA foamed wheels from 4.5" to 12". There are various specifications, styles and colors which are suitable for all kinds of baby carriers, luggage barrows, shopping carts, golf trolleys and toy cars. EVA foamed wheels have the features of novel and portable style, light weight, high elasticity, abrasion resistance and preferable price.

Electric Ride-On Toy
1) Flashing light. 2) Go forward and backward. 3) Turning action. 4) Electronic sound. 5) Motor: 6W. 6) Battery: 6V/4Ah. 7) Speed: 2-2.5km/h. 8) With light. 9) Speaker sound. 10) Max. loading: 25kg. 11) For age 3-7. 12) Product dimensions: 75(W) x 41(D) x 59(H)cm

Motor 6V 12W. Working Horn 8Ω. Speed 2.5km/hr. Max. Capacity 20kg. Age: 3~7. Battery 1x6 Volts/Ah, Voltage 6V-4.5Ah. Package 67x43.5x3.5cm. Gross Weight: 7.8kg. Net Weight: 6kg. Size: 68x41x43cm

Children's Racing Car
Specifications: 1) Power supply: one 6V, 4Ah rechargeable acid battery. 2) Charging power: a) Input: AC 110-120V, 50Hz or AC 220-240V, 50Hz ; b) Output: DC 6V, 800mA. 3) For ages: 2 - 8 years old children. 4) Load capacity: 35kg. 5) Weight: 7.3kg. 6) Speed: 3.0km/h. 7) Working time for one fully recharged battery: 2 - 4 hours (depends on the load capacity and the condition of the ground). 8) Product dimensions: 102 x 60 x 39.5cm

Children Tricycle
Bright pink foot-to-floor tricycle for first-time riders Urethane gel wheels spin quietly indoors without damaging floors Contoured seat for maximum comfort; easy-to-hold handlebars 3-step foldable design makes trike easy to store and transport Recommended for ages 1 year and older

F1 Style Racing Karts for Kids
1) Users: for kids. 2) Engine: 4 strokes, 50 / 100 / 125cc. 3) Transmission: chain driven, hand reverse. 4) Start mode: fully automatic. 5) Fuel tank capacity: 2.5L. 6) Brake: disc. 7) Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 2,000 x 1,100 x 740mm. 8) Colors: red, blue, silver

Pedal Toy Car
This pedal car is the largest antique style car currently made. Its suits a child from 2-9 years. This car features all steel construction, solid rubber tyres, scratch resistant lead free powder coat & 5 position adjustable pedal mechanism.

R/C Gas Racing Car
1:10 scale and 1: 16 scale. Four-wheel drive system with shaft drive. Assembled chassis. Fully powerful 15CXP engine equipped with slide. carburetor and 75cc oil tank. Quipped with muffler accelerator and air filter. Different with the built-in rear bevel gear. Oil dampened double wishbones suspension system with adjustable width. Two speeds to be adjusted. 8 special oil-filled shock absorber. Disc brake system. 2Ch radio transmitter in AM 27MHz. Controlling distance: 100m. Running time ...

Mini solar car
This is a group of babay are raise theirs buttocks and also wrapped with a color of baby diapers team. Only need to gently pressed the baby`s small head organs, these little guys on the start excitedly shaking their buttocks and crawling forward. Assembly of representatives of five different meanings of the baby before they are put into different directions. When a group of small color buttocks rhythmically swaying in all directions up to the time You will can not help but ...
Product Group: Solar Car
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Toy car, model car, die cast car
We specializes in developing and manufacturer of metal die cast model and rc toys and promotion items.which are of fine craftwork and stable quality. Material:Zinc Scale: 1/64 Function:Free wheel car Size: 7*3CM Package:white box MOQ:10000PCS Customers logo will be welcome to be imprinted or embossed on our products for promotion or gift purposes.
Company: Fully Wholesales Co.,LTD    China

Die cast truck
We specializes in developing and manufacture metal die cast model and rc toys and promotion items.which are of fine craftwork and stable quality. Material:Zinc Scale: 1/87 Function:Free wheel car Size: 19*3CM Package:plastic box MOQ:10000PCS Customers logo will be welcome to be imprinted or embossed on our products for promotion or gift purposes.
Company: Fully Wholesales Co.,LTD    China

6 in 1 Solar Toy
Have tonnes of fun building six different solar toys and watch them come to life in sunlight. Learning about solar energy has never been so much fun, whatever your age! Product Feature 6-in-1 Solar Toy Best Bits build from a fun and easy kit Six solar toys in one Learn about solar energy Great for adults and children Six fun solar toys in one absorbing set! Few educational toys have the fun factor to engage an adult's let alone a child's attention span long enough to ...
Product Group: Solar Toy
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

Green DIY solar car kit
1. Amorphous crystalline solar panel 2. Can be assembled to a mini solar car,size only 5.5*3*2.1cm 3. It is with simple structure, easy to assemble, interesting with knowledge. It is the best choice for children' EP education. 4. Accessory: body*1, chassis*1, wheel*4, big gear*1, small gear*1, solar pannel*1, bearing*2, motor*1 5. Packaging:plastic box
Product Group: Solar Toy
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

1:8 rc gas car, rc nitro car
Specifications: Length: 535mm Width: 460mm Height: 285mm Track(F/R): 345mm Wheelbase: 365mm Tyres: 175 x 107mm Ground clearance: 90mm Weight: 3900g Engine: 28CXP Feature: * 3 Channel FM/AM radio system. * Two metal-geared high-torque steering servos. * Powerful 28CXP engine with race-turned exhaust. * Electric Power Starter Engine * Protable rotary starter included. * 2-speed auto shift and 4 forward speed plus reverse. * Manually selected high/low gear change ...
Product Group: Rc Gas Car, Rc Nitro Car
Company: Fangzheng craft & gift co.,ltd    China

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