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BR TECH Co.,Ltd ( BR slewing bearing ), China slewing ring bearing Manufacturer, which design and manufacture slewing bearing and special bearings , diameter from 100mm to 4500mm , with inner , outer and no gear types , since 2011 .

Now BR can develop and offer new ranges of slewing bearing products as follows :

Thin section type slewing bearings

Light type slewing ring bearing ( Flange Series )

Single row ball slewing ring ( 01 , Q , HS Series )

Double row ball slewing bearing ( 02 , 07 Series )

Single row cross roller slewing bearing ring ( 11 , HJ Series )

Three row cross roller slewing bearing ring ( 13 Series )

OEM and customized slewing bearing

Slewing drive

The slewing bearings are exported to Aisa , Europe , North America Market all over the world such as Malaysia, Singapore , Irish, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates , Britain, France , Finland , Spain , USA and so on . At the same time , we have passed the quality inspection identification ( ISO Certificate ) and won great hornor from the foreign customers .

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Rotek slew rotary bearing
FAG slewing ring bearing

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