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Beverages company category, browse through an extensive list of international and china Beverages supplier, manufacturer, exporter, agent and distributor/wholesaler from global trade directory.
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Beijing Huiyuan Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.
Products/Services: Juice, Juice Concentrate, Puree Concentrate, Puree, Nectar,Juice drink
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Beixiaoying Town, Shunyi, Beijing, China
Telephone: 0086-10-60483388
Company added: Jun 24, 2008

Chongqing Vegconcept Beverage Co., Ltd.
Products/Services: Fruit and vegetable mixed juice, fruit juice, vegetable juice, beverage, Juices Concentrates, Juice drink, Green tea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Yanjia Industrial Park, Chongqing, China
Telephone: 86-023-67727940
Company added: Sep 29, 2008

Charmway International Holdings Ltd.
Products/Services: Fruit Juice Concentrate. Fruit juice, Fruit Puree, Tomato Paste, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
Business Type: Trading Company
Address: no.132,22nd Alley,Madani2 St., Orumieh, Iran
Telephone: +98 441 2229439
Company added: Sep 16, 2008

Produit Naturel
Products/Services: achieving healthy weight, increasing your energy, maximizing nutrition or nourishing your skin and hair
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: PO Box 3333, Montreal, QC, Canada
Telephone: 514-223-5588
Company added: Sep 4, 2009

KinYe well-known tea specialty Shop
Products/Services: black tea, Lapsang Sauchong,green tea , Wild Tea Lapsang Souchong, Lapsang Sauchong black tea, oolong tea, China tea,Taiwanese Tea, Pu'er tea,Jinjunmei black tea, dahongpao tea,Instant tea, Dragon Well Tea, Biluochun Tea,Organic ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Nanning 530007, Guangxi China, Nanning, China
Telephone: 8613457997972
Company added: Dec 15, 2010

Selling-Out Manufacturer and co ltd
Products/Services: corn starch nuts and kernels fruits pepper grain beans
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address:, Akwa, Cameroon
Telephone: 77498892
Company added: May 19, 2012

Naushie Exports
Products/Services: Also our coir fiber division one of the largest one in India . exporting huge quantities to China , Korea and Japan . to Middle east and African countries . We trust you will find our product's of interest and you will give us an ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 55,New Street,Kottar,Nagercoil, Nagercoil, India
Telephone: 914652240482
Company added: Dec 5, 2011

Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd
Products/Services: 1.TF-TIDE (Ribotide I+G) 2.Dietary supplement for person with diabetes 3.Non dairy creamer 4.Modified starch 5.High fructose syrup 55% 6.Brown sugar 7.Coconut cream powder 8.Food additives for fillets 9.Glucose powder
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 91/38-39 Suwintawong Rd, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +6621082489
Company added: Apr 23, 2011

Qingdao Amed commercial refrigeration equipment Co.,LtdĀ 
Products/Services: Supermarket refrigeration, beverage cooler, beer dispenser and ice cream freezer manufacturer and supplier-China Refrigeration solutions provider
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Room 1408,Sheng he #2 building, No.58 shan dong tou road, Lao shan district, Qingdao, China
Telephone: 86-532-81920511
Company added: Apr 27, 2014