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Food Ingredients company category, browse through an extensive list of international and china Food Ingredients supplier, manufacturer, exporter, agent and distributor/wholesaler from global trade directory.
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Guangzhou Yilin Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Products/Services: Compound sauces, salad dressing,tomato sauce,roast meat sauce , seasoning
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Cangtou Road,Cangtou Village,Lilian Street, Huangpu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Company added: Sep 29, 2008

DaXingAnLing Koralle Bioengineering Co., Ltd.
Products/Services: plant exract:arbutin, black soybean hull extract, capsaicin, celandine extract. natural pigment: fucoxanthin,gardenia red,gardenia blue,tomato color, carthamus red, carthamus yellow,sodium cpopper chlorophyllin, curcumin. Fruit powder, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: N0.2, YongXing Street, XiaoYangQi Town,SongLing District, DaXingAnLing City,HeiLongJiang, China
Telephone: 0086-452-6101658
Company added: Aug 29, 2008

Products/Services: Spices, Herbs, seeds ,vegetables ,Chamomile ,Basil ,Peppermint ,Spearmint ,Calendula ,Marjoram ,Henna Powder ,Hibiscus ,Thyme ,Oregano ,Sage ,Juniper , Senna Buds, Rosemary ,Lemon Grass ,Verbascum ,Chili, Coriander ,Black Cumin Seeds ,Cumin ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 26 king faysal st, Cairo, Giza
Telephone: 0020233826086
Company added: Apr 10, 2010

Lanzhou Weiri Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.
Products/Services: Nisin is a polypeptide produced by Lactococcus lactis and can be digested into amino acids by a-chymotrypsinin in human intestines and stomach. The use of Nisin will not affect the normal bacterial community, nor produce the drug resistance or ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company added: Aug 23, 2010

Classic Group Co., Ltd
Products/Services: we could supply you high quality products and service! Our product line includes omega 369 fish oil softgel, folic acid softgel, Wheat Germ Oil Softgel Capsule, lecithin softgel, Chitosan Softgel, Garlic Oil Softgel Capsule, spirulina tablet, Bee ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Building 27,ZhongHui QinLin ShanZhuang,DaLingShan,523820,DongGuan,GuangDong P.R. CHINA, DongGuan,GuangDong , China
Telephone: 0086-0769-33268971
Company added: Jun 4, 2010

Emjays exim ltd
Products/Services: Dear sir We can supply you Agro Products, Like Palm Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa powder, Maize,Fish,Salt, Pineapple, Cassava, Banana, Plantain, Groundnut,Cashew Nuts,ginger,orange,Garlic,coconut,corn oil,sunflower oil,soybeans oil e.t.c ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Abraka 22 , adabraka, Ghana
Telephone: +233266802238
Company added: Nov 1, 2010

DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd
Products/Services: plant extract,natural pigment,food additive,coleus forskihlii extract
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 10 GuangHui Road,Songling District,JiaGeDaQi Town, DaXingAnLing City, HeiLongJiang, China , Daxinganling, China
Telephone: 86-452-6166168
Company added: Nov 12, 2010

KinYe well-known tea specialty Shop
Products/Services: black tea, Lapsang Sauchong,green tea , Wild Tea Lapsang Souchong, Lapsang Sauchong black tea, oolong tea, China tea,Taiwanese Tea, Pu'er tea,Jinjunmei black tea, dahongpao tea,Instant tea, Dragon Well Tea, Biluochun Tea,Organic ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Nanning 530007, Guangxi China, Nanning, China
Telephone: 8613457997972
Company added: Dec 15, 2010

Wuxi Green year Union works Co.Ltd
Products/Services: We Supply Enzyme like:1. Acid Protease 2. Neutral Protease 3. Alkaline Protease 4. Glucoamylase5. Medium temperature alpha-Amylase6. Thermostable alpha-amylase7.Special enzyme for desizing8. Yeast
Business Type: Trading Company
Address: r.220,b#, Di Cui Road NO100, Wuxi (National) Industrial Design P, wuxi, china
Telephone: 86-0510-85102755-605
Company added: Jun 28, 2011

Huahai Biology Engineering Co.
Products/Services: allantoin; methyl paraben(methyl p-hydroxybenzoate/nipagin), ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben; sodium methyl paraben, sodium propyl paraben, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, Jiemorel-B、Jiemorel-PLUS,jiemorel NIP, ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 7/L,NO.82,North Zhongshan Road, wuhu/Anhui, china
Telephone: 13625694780
Company added: Sep 1, 2011

Huahai Biology Engineering Co.
Products/Services: allantoin, Jiemorel B,Jiemorel PLUS,Jiemorel NIP, Methyl paraben, Propyl Paraben,Sodium Methyl paraben,Sodium Propyl Paraben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea ,vitamin E oil etc
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 7/L,NO.82,North Zhongshan Road, wuhu/Anhui, china
Telephone: +8613625694780
Company added: Sep 8, 2011

Changsha Sunfull Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd
Products/Services: 1. Milk Thistle Extract 80% Silymarins (UV-VIS) 80% Silymarins/30% (Silybins +Isosilybins) 50% Silymarins/30% Silybins(HPLC) ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 18F, Jindan Building A, Longping High-tech Park, Changsha, Hunan,410126 P.R.China , changsha, China
Telephone: 86-731-82970067
Company added: Jul 3, 2011

Shanghai Green Leaf Perfumery Co.,Ltd
Products/Services: Natural menthol crystals/peppermint oil 50%/DMO(USP/BP/FCC)
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: RM.709-710 Far-East International Plaza A, No.319 Xianxia Road, Shanghai, China
Telephone: 86 21 62783716-89
Company added: Dec 30, 2011

suqian modern chemical co.,ltd.
Products/Services: dicalcium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, magnesium hydrogen phosphate, trimagnesium phosphate, magnesium carbonate,tetrasodium pyrophosphate, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium acid ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: No.29,Xinanjiang Road,Suqian,Jiangsu,China, suqian,jiangsu, china
Telephone: 0086-527-84466939
Company added: Jan 5, 2012

Thai Foods Product International Co.,Ltd
Products/Services: 1.TF-TIDE (Ribotide I+G) 2.Dietary supplement for person with diabetes 3.Non dairy creamer 4.Modified starch 5.High fructose syrup 55% 6.Brown sugar 7.Coconut cream powder 8.Food additives for fillets 9.Glucose powder
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 91/38-39 Suwintawong Rd, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +6621082489
Company added: Apr 23, 2011

Products/Services: we manufacture research chemicals, mercury, organic and inorganic chemicals, hdpe plastic waste, sugar, a4 paper and silicon metal
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Jalan Gurdwara (brick Kiln Road), Penang 10300, Malaysia, penang, malaysia
Telephone: 0060103659685
Company added: Feb 13, 2012

Naushie Exports
Products/Services: Also our coir fiber division one of the largest one in India . exporting huge quantities to China , Korea and Japan . to Middle east and African countries . We trust you will find our product's of interest and you will give us an ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 55,New Street,Kottar,Nagercoil, Nagercoil, India
Telephone: 914652240482
Company added: Dec 5, 2011

Xian Foreign Trade And Economic Development Corp.
Products/Services: -Pharmaceutical Raw Materials: Meglumine, Tolnaftate, Topiramate, Penethamate Hydroiodide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Calcium Orotate, Escitalopram Oxalate, Carbasalate Calcium, Lumefantrine, Artemether, Phenylephrine HCL, Pazufloxacin Mesilate, ...
Business Type: Xian Foreign Trade And Economic Development Corp.
Address: 68 mIddle Huan Cheng Nan Road, 710054, China
Telephone: +86-29-87916097
Company added: Jul 25, 2012

Products/Services: List of products manufactured by Kumar Organics Products Limited: Triclosan USP/5000 Kopnol (Hexylresorcinol usp) Koprosteine (Pro-cysteine) kopthione (Zinc Pyrithione) 50%, 40% and powder Kopirox (Piractone Olamine) Kopdil ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: #819/C, 36 main, 13cross, Jayanagar 7th Block, JSS college Circle, BANGALORE, INDIA
Telephone: 0091-80-41425832/41525960
Company added: Jun 30, 2008

Shanghai Ckchuka Inudstries Co.,Ltd
Products/Services: yeast extract, dry yeast for bread, instant yeast,yeast feed, yeast beta glucan,yeast cell wall
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Room 4F04, N0 620, Zhangyang Rd, Shanghai, 中国
Telephone: +86-21-58387713
Company added: Apr 12, 2013

Shandong Tianjiao Biotech
Products/Services: Producer and exporter of Coffee Creamer, Non dairy Creamer, Vegetable Fat Powder, Milk Powder replacer, Whipped topping cream, Soft Ice cream powder, Starch Sugar Products, Functional food Ingredients
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Qingdao, Qingdao, China
Telephone: 0086 532 85835468
Company added: Jul 16, 2013

Hainan Huayan Biotech Co., Ltd.
Products/Services: fish collagen, collagen peptide, marine collagen, hydrolyzed collagen
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: 15/F, Qiaohui Building, 21yilong West Road, Haikou, Hainan, China, haikou, China
Telephone: 0086-13687590320
Company added: Sep 24, 2013

Asia Pacific International Co., Limited
Products/Services: BOPP Film, Polypropylene film, BOPP tape jumbo rolls,BOPP adhesive tape,BOPP thermal film, BOPP flower film,BOPET film,BOPET transfer film,
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: No.004, FengXia Ave.,ShuangFeng High-Tech Zone,LuYang Industrial District, HeFei City, 230001, Anhui Province,China, hefei anhui , china
Telephone: 86-551-64687285
Company added: Dec 12, 2013

Harbin Crown Classic Co.,LTD
Products/Services: Instant Dry Yeast (Low sugar and high sugar) 1) Excellent quality with competitive price as well professional service. 2) High activity,powerful fermentation 3) With different sizes of Aluminum vacuum packing Ingredients:Natural ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Daowai Dist. , Harbin City,, China
Telephone: 8615104699693
Company added: Mar 14, 2014

Products/Services: - non dairy cream - vegetable whipping cream - pastry margarine - cream margarine - ready to use creams - chocolate couverture - chocolate compounds - spreadable cocoa creams - Dutch cocoa powder - fruit fillings - mini tart shells - ...
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: Buziasului Street, No. 36J, Lugoj, Romania
Telephone: 40256350267
Company added: Jul 31, 2013