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Ali Brothers Amusement Rides is a considerable power and influence of amusement park rides manufacturer in Chinese central plain area. The company specializes in producing and selling a variety of amusement park rides. Our main products: self control plane,carousel horse,sliding dragon coaster,mini ferris wheel,pirate ship,swimming pool bumper boat,bumper car,double flying chair,ect.

Our Products/Services: amusement rides,amusement equipment,amusement park rides

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    Trading Company
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    NO. 170,Nanyang Road,Huiji Dist,Zhengzhou,Henan,China
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    Zhengzhou, China
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Products from this company

Fish Ride
Fish ride is very popular among children and teenagers, which is a kind of rotary type amusement equipment. There is ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

flying UFO
The flying UFO, which is also know as flying disc, it is newly developed by our company. There are 24 seats on the ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

Big pendulum
Big pendulum is a popular game in recent international amusement park. It takes gorgeous shape, scientific design ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

Disco Tagada
Amusement machine disco turntable is large amusement equipment which could turn round at high speed like a ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

flying chair
Amusement rides flying chairs ,a suspension-type game facility with rotating and elevating/dropping chairs, is ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

Pirate ship
Pirate ship is the horizontal axis reciprocating swing amusement equipment. It is exciting and entertaining. With ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

Mini Ferris Wheel
The kids ferris wheel is very modern and popular rides in amusement park and playgrounds. Passengers can ride on the ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

Sliding Dragon Coaster
Dragon roller coaster is a small gravity coaster with a nice track design.The ride is made up of five cars housing ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

carousel horse
Carousel Amusement equipment is attractive in appearance and vivid in color. It is welcomed by young people. When ...
Product Category: Amusement Park

self control plane
The self control plane is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, it is very firm and durable, the passengers in it ...
Product Category: Amusement Park