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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide and more from Australia.

VVRS Australia Pty Ltd has a recognised global presence in commodity trading, with a strong focus on Agricultural products and related goods. Specialising in legumes and pulses, the company has significant sourcing strengths from Australia, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. With its customer oriented philosophy, the company is always investigating new opportunities where it can supply its markets efficiently and with quality guarantees.
The company is an active participant in trading the following products of varying grades according to customer requirements:

Barley, EdibleOils, Legumes, Peas, Spices, Beans, Fertilisers, australian Lentils, Pulses, Steel,Bird Seeds, Grains, Oats, Rice, Sugar, Dairy products, Grass Seeds, Oil Seeds, Seeds, australian Wheat, soya bean, Organic Soybean, Non-gmo soybean, High-protein soybean, Yellow soybean, Soybean for sprout, double-green bean, white kidney bean, black bean, mung bean, red kidney bean, broad bean

Our Products/Services: Australian Barley, Beans & Peas, Bird Seeds, Australian Dairy products, Edible Oils, Fertilisers, Grains/Pulses, soya bean / soy bean oil, Australian Legumes, Australian Lentils, Oats, Oil Seeds/ Grass Seeds, All kinds of Frozen Food, Chicken feet / chicken Parts, Rice, soy bean / soya milk/soy milk powder/soybean oil, kidney bean/black kidney bean/mung bean/black bean, Spices/, Sugar, Australian Wheat .

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    Manufacturer, Trade Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
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    7 / 871 Boundary Road, Coopers Plains
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    Queensland-Brisbane, BRISBANE, Australia
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    Mr. Velmurugan Vaidyanathan
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Products from this company

Unhulled Buckwheat
Unhulled Buckwheat Specification: Type: Buckwheat ; Type: Buckwheat ; Unhulled Buckwheat Specialty - Whole Grain ...
Product Category: Buckwheat

Long Grain White Pakistani Rice
Long Grain White Pakistani Rice Specification: Type: Rice ; Kind: Basmati Rice ; Color: Jasmine ; Shape: Long ; ...
Product Category: Rice

Buckwheat Kernel
Buckwheat kernel Specification: Type: Buckwheat ; Style: Dried ; Packaging: Bulk ; Drying Process: AD ; Color: Brown ...
Product Category: Dried Grain Products

Australian Brown Rice Long Grain
Australian Brown Rice Long Grain Specification: Type: Rice ; Kind: Brown Rice ; Variety: Long-Grain Rice ; ...
Product Category: Rice