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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide and more from China.

Guangzhou Baofeng Bio-technology Corporation, located in Guangzhou, China, is specialized in manufacturing daily wash, personal care products and cosmetics, including toilet soap, toothpaste, face cleanser, moisturizer cream, sunscreens, body shower, body cream, body lotion, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair relaxer, hair pomade and gel, disinfectant, etc.

As a professional cosmetics manufacturer, Guangzhou Baofeng Bio-Technology Corporation have an R&D laboratory and many senior engineers. Guangzhou Baofeng Bio-Technology Corporation can develop production formula according to the detailed requests or original samples from our customers.

To ensure good quality and competitive price, Guangzhou Baofeng Bio-Technology Corporation make many kinds of packaging, such as bottles, paper boxes, cartons, etc., and Guangzhou Baofeng Bio-Technology Corporation are in close cooperation with internationally high-quality raw material suppliers, such as BASF, Ciba, Dow Corning, Bayer, Cognis, Noveon, etc. and fragrance suppliers, such as IFF, Firmenich, Givaudan, etc.

Our main products are listed as bellow:
Daily wash products:
Laundry soap
Toilet soap
Hand wash products
Anti-septic disinfectant

Face care products:
Face cleansers
Exfoliator/scrubbing products

Skin Whitening products
Skin Anti-age products
Anti-acne/pimple cream
Skin pore minimizing products
Skin redness removing products
Skin anti-dark spot products
Skin anti-allergy products
Eye treatment (crow's feet, puffiness and fine line) products
Lip treatment products
Sunscreen/sunless tan products

Hair care products:
Hair shampoo (anti-dandruff, blacken, moisturize and anti-hair loss)
Hair conditioner
Hair masks
Hair cream
Hair pomade and gel
Hair regrowing oil
Hair color/dye cream
Hair perm
Scalp itch treatment products

Body care products:
Body shower cream/gel
Body scrubbing products
Body cream
Body lotion
Body oil
Body slimming products
Breast enhancing and tightening cream
Body hair removal cream
Stretch mark removal cream
Sunless tan lotion/spray
Deodorant (roll-on; body spray)

Make up products:
Eye shadow
Eyeliner pencils
Eyebrow pencils
Lip gloss
Lip liner pencils
Nail Polish
Make up remover

Any inquiry of private labeling, OEM, semi-finished product content and small quantity orders are all very

Our Products/Services: Cosmetics, body cream, body lotion, hair shampoo, shower bath, face cream, lightening cream, lightening lotion, hair cream, shower gel, facial cleanser, facial toner, rosewater, hair relaxer, shower cream, hand wash, hair dye, oil sheen, body spray, body powder .

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