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As a professional manufacturer and supplier, our company provide Siren, Others, Receiver, Electret Condenser Microphone, Speaker, Buzzer, Switches, New Products, Terminal Blocks, Battery Holder and Battery Clips, Fuse & Fuse Holders, DC Motors, Telecom Wires & Connectors, Plastic Moulds, PCBA & Solar Panel & Wind Power, Alarm & Sensor, and more from China.

Ningbo Best Group(FBELE) is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of electronic components. Ningbo Best Group Factory can offer quality products at very competitive price for electronic components, as well as best service, in-time delivery, and small order acceptance.

Our products line is very wide, including telephone connectors, DC micro-motors, fuses and fuse holders, relays, power relays, PCB relays, fuse clips, cell boxes, all kinds of switches, such as pushbutton switches, toggle switches, paddle switches, rocker switches, DIP switches, power switches, slide switches, rotary switches, keylock switches and tactile switches, speakers, mylar speakers, micro speakers, computer cables, buzzers, piezo buzzers, magnetic buzzers, sirens, piezo sirens, piezo alarms, piezo elements, smoke sensors, smoke alarms, strobes, auto electronics, receivers, microphones, auto wire harness, and terminal blocks.

Ningbo Best Group Factory are quite capable of developing new products. Moreover, Ningbo Best Group Factory have very big moulding center with various kinds of advanced processing equipment, designing and CAD/CAE/CAM systems, making mould shaping to process for your new product development in speciality.

our Company Advantage:

1,Reliability production
3,Large production line
4,Effective working Team
5,Aggresive Price
6,Constant New products available

Our company insists on a developing way of "motto, low cost, high quality and high efficiency". Ningbo Best Group Factory can also offer moulding directly to overseas market.

Our Products/Services: Buzzer, siren, alarm, switch, fuses, DC motors, fuse holder, telecom connectors and plastic moulds, terminal block, mould, solar panel, speaker, ceramic element, Electrets Condenser Microphone, Magnetic Contact, PIR sensor, receiver, battery holder, fuse holder, PCB jack .

  • Business Type:
    Manufacturer, Trade Company
  • Company Address:
    Jiangdong, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. China
  • City/State/Country:
    Yuyao, Zhejiang, China
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  • Contact Person:
    Ms. Jenny
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Products from this company

Switch Specification: Max. Current: 3A ; Max. Voltage: 125V ; Mechanical Life: 10000CYCLES ; SMTS-102 ON-ON 3A 125V: ...
Product Category: Toggle Switches

Rocker Switch
rocker switch Specification: Max. Current: 3A,6A ; Max. Voltage: 125V,250V ; Mechanical Life: 1 ; Color: RED AND ...
Product Category: Rocker Switches

Slide Switch
Slide Switch Specification: Max. Current: 1A-6A ; Max. Voltage: 125V ; Mechanical Life: 10000CYCLES ; KBB45-2P2W ...
Product Category: Slide Switches

Switch 2
switch 2 Specification: Max. Current: 1.5A-3A ; Max. Voltage: 125V-250V ; Mechanical Life: 10000CYCLES ; 3A ...
Product Category: Toggle Switches

Magnetic Contact
Magnetic Contact Specification: FBMC006 500mA 100VDC: Plastic white ; FBMC009 500mA 100VDC: Plastic white ; ...
Product Category: Electrical Contacts & Contact Materials